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  • It Blows, Getting Rid of Moles! Use Electronic Mole Repellents

    Get Rid of Moles Safely!

    Great Electronic Mole Repellent

    Having moles in the yard can be quite a problem. They can quickly destroy an entire lawn, and in addition to those unsightly mole hills, when the moles expose soil by burrowing, this enables weeds to quickly take root. Moles also feed on earthworms that help keep one's lawn healthy. If one has a mole problem in their yard, it can quickly escalate, and it may seem next to impossible to overcome. Chemical treatments are inhumane and can cause other "good" critters to become ill or die.

    Children playing on the lawn may become sick, as well. Many people have resorted to various old wives tales such as smoking moles out or flooding their yards. They quickly discover these methods just do not work.

    It may seem that there is just nothing out there that will work in the fight of moles versus the yard. However, there are some relatively new products on the market that are both humane, cost effective, and safe for the environment. These items are called electronic mole repellents. These work by placing in intervals throughout the yard where moles have been noticed. They emit eletronic high-frequency vibrations that repel moles out of yards. They are very cost efficient, and the only thing that needs to be replaced are batteries every once in a while. The electronic mole repellent devices are very easy to install. Just insert the batteries, and push them into the ground.

    Safe Electronic Mole Repellent

    The best part is they are safe for the environment. The moles are not harmed. They simply will go elsewhere, away from the vibrations they don't like. Once the moles are gone from the yard, simply check the batteries in the repellents to keep the moles from returning. Many brands of electronic repellents have a small battery indicator on the top, so it is simple to know when to change the batteries. Once the yard is mole free, it is easier to mow, plant, and maintain a beautiful yard. The damage a mole has created can be repaired, but only after the moles are completely gone.

    Remember installing an electronic mole repellent is a safe, cost efficient, humane choice in mole removal.


  • Use Repelles Gopher Traps to get Rid of them Once and for All

    Use Repellex And Your Gophers Are Gone

    Great Gopher traps

    Having gophers on your property can be a problem. These 6 to 13 inch long rodents can be devastating for property owners because they burrow between 6 to 18 inches under the ground to make tunnels to sleep, store food or give birth. They leave unsightly mounds of dirt around a property and cause irrigation problems and erosion which can destroy lawns. Gophers also feed on grass, shrubs and trees often eating entire plant roots and all. The can do serious damage in no time at all. But getting rid of gophers can be easy and safe without using gopher traps if you use the products on has a wide range of products that are both effective and environmentally safe. They include Mole and Gopher repellent in a 32 oz. ready-to-spray size and a 1 gallon concentrate. The mole and gopher repellent is also available in granular form in 7 lb. and 24 lb. sizes. They also offer Repellex Systemic Tablets in 50, 150, 300 and 500 count packages. All of these products quickly get rid of gophers without doing any damage to lawns, flowering plants, shrubs and vegetable gardens. These products are not only environmentally safe, effective and fast-acting, they're available at surprisingly low prices.

    Solutions with Gopher trapsApplying the Mole, Vole and Gopher Repellent is easy. Simply spray, shake or place the product on the grass or soil. The active ingredients, garlic and castor oil, quickly soak into the soil and form a natural barrier which dissuades the gophers from digging, feeding, sleeping or giving birth there. Gophers can breed in as little as one year after birth and 60 or more gophers can live on one acre of land. Once you apply Repellex Mole and Gopher repellent the entire family of gophers will quickly leave your property in search of a new place to live.

    One effective way to use the gopher repellent is to spray the liquid and use the granular form for follow up treatments. The liquid absorbs quickly and the granular form lasts a long, long time. Repellex mole and gopher repellent are safe for use around children and pets. However it is important to let the liquid dry so your children and pets do not end up smelling like garlic and castor oil. Do not apply the repellent directly on the plants. In no time flat your gopher problem will be just a memory.

  • What Do Gophers Eat? Are you Missing Vegetables?

    Missing Vegetables?

    What do gophers eat food

    What do gophers eat? Gophers are vegetarians. They will eat your vegetables. Also grasses, farmers' and ranchers alfalfa, trees (especially the decorative greenery that you paid the landscaper to plant), just about anything that grows green. Gophers are cute, cartoon character-type rodents with buck teeth and pop up heads that you occasionally see above the holes that lead to their underground chambers. That's where it gets un-cute.

    Gophers dig extensive networks of underground tunnels that lead to their subterranean bunkers where they take the food they have "liberated" from their hosts and spend most of their time eating and enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at your expense. You never really know where that cute little head will turn up, but the danger is in the holes from which they emerge to forage. The holes are fairly large, large enough to catch a foot or hoof. Gophers are a serious danger for farmers, ranchers or people who have a large animal or two on their property. Legs can be broken from stepping in the gopher holes. The loss of an animal companion, valuable livestock, or just the other problems that arise from the digging and burrowing can be avoided by urging the gopher to relocate to a place where the food supply is more to their liking.

    See What do gophers eat

    Using a chemical deterrent that is safe, natural and will leave no toxic remnant is an essential means to deal with these cute pests. There are violent methods to deal with them but there's collateral damage, shooting is often a problem due to their evasive nature and second sense of danger not to mention stray rounds. Gophers spend most of their time underground consuming their ill-gotten gains and dreaming about getting more so your solution has to be waiting for them to take the bait. Safe non-toxic Repellex is the best choice.

    If you have vegetables, greenery or grow alfalfa and hay or store it nontoxic Repellex will leave no traces for your taste buds or those of your livestock, gophers just don't like it. When the food doesn't taste good, gophers move. If they show up next door, tell the neighbors what you learned, they'll thank you.

  • Technology at its Best: Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    Man and Technology vs Deer and Hunger

    Great Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    Damage of crops, shrubs, and ornamental trees due to deer ranges in the millions of dollars every year. As people move from the cities into the suburbs and rural areas, they displace the deer and plant expensive shrubs where deer used to eat. Hunting laws, quotas, and discharge laws make it difficult to thin the herd. What can a person do to keep deer away from their yard and their shrubs? What can a farmer do to keep their crops from being destroyed by deer? One of the more humane ways of protecting the shrubs and crops from deer damage is with an ultrasonic deer deterrent.

    These pest repellents are available thru local home repair stores and also online. They operate by emitting ultrasonic sound waves in order to annoy or scare off deer and other wildlife that might destroy your plants. If the repellent is operating on 120cAC, they operate constantly. Many can also be run on battery, but then they would operate using a motion detector in order to save the battery.
    There are advantages to using the ultrasonic deer deterrent. There are no harmful chemicals being sprayed to hurt the environment. They can be used to protect edible plants, where many sprays cannot. Protective fencing can be unsightly and get complaints from your neighbors. Encouraging more hunting in the area can result in accidents, complaints from neighbors and may not adequately thin the herd.

    Helpful Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    There are some drawbacks to this remedy. The ultrasonic waves will only cover a limited area, so if the area you are trying to protect is large, multiple overlapping ultrasonic deer deterrents will have to be used. If you want them operating constantly, you will also need a power source for each repellent. Although they emit an ultrasonic sound wave that is not supposed to be heard by humans, some people have reported hearing an annoying noise. They may also disturb your pets. Your dog or cat may not want to come into that area, or it may disturb them while they are in that area.

    Whether they protect your shrubs, trees and crops is also undetermined. Different reviews show that some people have success with keeping the deer away and others are disappointed. Sound waves may be blocked by structures, trees and lawn ornaments. Deer may be hungry and just ignore or get used to the annoying sounds. The ultrasonic deer deterrent may also emit stronger sound waves when plugged into 120vAC, so they may not be as efficient when working off batteries.

  • Different Ways to Get Rid of Voles

    Voles out, veggies in!

    Great ways to get rid of voles


    Are you ready to learn ways to get rid of voles? You are about to read about some steps you should take to completely get rid of voles.

    Check for tunnels.

    Tunnels in your yard are a good sign that you have voles in your hard. In some regions you might be confused with other animals. However, noticing tunnels will greatly increase the possibilities of finding out what it is and eliminate what it is not.

    Inspect your garden for any damage.

    Damage to your garden, especially artichokes and Brussels sprouts (see Wikipedia for more information on these stats). Just like you, enjoying a nice and fresh grown vegetable, so does the vole.

    Identify the pest as being a vole.

    Several small animals take the ridicule that comes with being confused with a vole. A gopher might be pinned for doing damage to your yard by digging holes that were done by a vole. You might see a vole and think it is a mouse. However, if you try to set a trap for a mouse with cheese or peanut butter, you may not get the vole, but attract mice to your yard.

    To repel the vole

    Not all chemicals work, make sure you have the correct ones. There are some repellents that can be sprayed on food, but probably designed more for insects. So instead of hosing down all the vegetables that you are going to eventually eat, read the labels or get advice from a professional.

    ways to get rid of voles


    Live trap

    A vole can be led to a baited trap just as easy as being led to your garden. By place the trap alongside a tunnel that you have identified as being one of the voles you are sure to catch the pest. When releasing the vole make sure you as far away from your home as possible. If you do not, it might be destined to come back.

    Introduce predators.

    Outdoor cats are an excellent and alternative way to remove small animals, like the vole. Cats are known to hunt mice and similar rodents.

    What is important to you when thinking of ways to get rid of voles? You should always get the advice of an educated professional if you want to completely eradicate a vole from your yard. Too many assumptions can be made when trying to do it yourself.


  • Home Remedy Gopher Repellent to Rid Yourself of Gophers and Other Garden Pest

    Get Rid of Gophers and Other Garden Pest Naturally Without Chemicals

    awesome home remedy gopher repellent

    Even animal lovers can't stand when gophers start digging up their landscaping. These furry little buggers, while adorable, can quickly destroy a lawn or garden. Even a single gopher alone can wreck a garden in a weeks time. Dealing with a gopher infestation quickly is essential if you don't want to have to start your garden over from scratch. There are plenty of commercial gopher repellents out there, but they are often filled with harsh chemicals and can hurt the gophers. If you prefer a more natural approach to your garden, then you probably want a home remedy gopher repellent. Lucky for you there are actually quite a few effective gopher repellents that you can make at home that is much more natural than the stuff you would buy at a store.

    Dryer Sheets

    The dryer sheets that many people toss in with their clothes for soft, nice smelling laundry actually make great gopher repellents. Gophers really dislike strong scents like those in dryer sheets. This is an inexpensive, but quite effective solution to your gopher problem. All you have to do is stick a couple of dryer sheets into the gopher holes in your yard and them cover them well with soil. If you don't want to leave the dryer sheets buried in your soil, you can remove them in a couple of weeks after the gophers have moved on.

    great home remedy gopher repellent

    Portable Radio

    This gopher repellant often surprises people, but it really does work. Take a battery powered portable radio and seal it in a Ziploc bag to keep moisture out of it. Leave it on low volume wherever the gophers are causing the most trouble. This will usually clear them out within a couple of days. If they ever come back, just put the radio back out.

    Coffee Grounds

    If you drink coffee, then you already have everything you need to get rid of gophers, and this option will also improve the health of your garden. Simply take the spent coffee grounds from brewing your coffee and put them in the gopher holes and cover them well with soil. Also spread some grounds around all over the garden. They will drive off the gophers and fertilize the soil at the same time so you will not only have a pest free garden, but a beautiful one too.

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