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  • Safe and effective deer deterrent

    Great Homemade Deer Deterrent

    Any homeowner who has a garden knows that pests can be a real problem and also dealing with the issue of deer eating many of the plants that these animals consider to be edible. The solution to this all to common problem is an online purchase of a deer deterrent spray concentrate that can be made into a homemade spray, by simply applying this homemade deer deterrent spray onto flowering plants and garden vegetables to create a natural film which deer find completely inedible. After one application of this spray deterrent a garden will be protected from both deer and rabbits that will simply move on elsewhere.The Repellex company has created a line of spray concentrates that can be purchase over the Internet at affordable prices to homeowners. The spray concentrates are available in 32 ounce, 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon containers depending on the size and scale of the garden. To create the homemade deer deterrent spray all the homeowner needs to do is follow the mixing directions on the label of the concentrate container. The mixture can be poured into any reusable garden sprayer for the application to garden plants. The results are immediate after one spray application.In certain residential areas that border wooded areas that are known animal habitats, homeowners who have gardens are vulnerable to having unwanted visits by animals. Deer have often been considered garden pests, because they can eat not only plants on the ground but on bushes as well. The idea of using a safe, yet effective deer deterrent that will not harm children or pets would be valuable advice to homeowners that have gardens.Repellex has created a reputation for safe and effective home garden protection products that are derived from natural ingredients found in plants that certain animals will not eat in the wild. If a homeowner is experiencing a problem with either deer or rabbits eating flowers or any other garden plant, the simple solution would be to apply the Repellex concentrate deterrent spray to the plants in the effected garden to help keep animals away in order for the garden to recover.
  • Deers May be Cute....But They Don't Make Great Dinner Guests

    Great Deer Deterrent

    The summertime season brings with it the chance to spend time outdoors. This is when people tend to grill out for dinner, eat outside on the patio and simply soak in the warmth of the summer sun and even the beauty that sunset brings. Though many people have backyards and areas that are not directly up against a wooded area; deer can creep in to areas as they tend to get pushed around simply through the general issue of seeking food and constantly being on the move. This is one reason why using a deer deterrent can be useful as you do not want those cute and furry critter making a surprise appearance at one of your outdoor events. Even one rogue deer strolling up to the porch while you and your family eats dinner can be bothersome and actually a little scary to boot.The one way you can help to make sure that wildlife, such as deer, steer clear of your yard is through the use of products such as a deer deterrent. This is because it is specifically designed to have a smell that is offensive to deer and thus when their sensitive noses pick up on that scent they will stay away and thus you will not have to contend with those unwanted and unwelcome visitors. Though one may think it is nice to see deer in the yard simply roaming about; it really is not a great way to spend a quiet night outside with good friends, good food and good weather. Deer can be pesky at times and when you know how best to keep them at bay you will find you never have to worry about whether one will randomly show up or not.Deer are wonders of nature, however, as with all other wildlife they are wild animals and really need to be kept away from certain places and areas as they can prove to be a problem. You want to use the best ways and means of making sure that if you want deer to stay away you have the right products on hand to help in that mission.
  • Friendly solutions to keep deer at a distance

    Different Natural Deer Repellent

    "Deer" garden,
    Have you been paid visits by a four legged, uninvited friend? Deer are wondrous creatures to gaze at however, they tend to forget to pick up after themselves after a quick stopover. Not to mention, they can eat you out of house and home. If you prefer to keep Mother Nature's creation at bay, here are a few natural deer deterrent antidotes that can be concocted. Be forewarned, there may be a few remedies that may challenge your comfort zone. But they will surely offer an effective solution.

    For the horticulturists, there are herbs, hundreds of foliage or human elements that can be used to fend off deer. To begin with, would you like the benefit of having clean, organic herbs for the pantry? Consider adding Sage to the perimeter of your garden. For the most part, deer are herbivores. Interestingly, they do not like the scent of Sage, which is an impressive natural and safe repellent. A variety of flowering plants including Morning Glory or Peonies add nice curb appeal as well as send a strong message to the four legged friend that there isn't anything yummy on the property to graze. Another appealing option is including Echinacea (Coneflowers), which resemble daisies. There are several varieties to choose from to keep the landscape deer-proofed.

    To stretch and challenge your comfort zone, sprinkle human urine around the property. Another option is to go to your local hair salon and ask for discarded hair. Put the hair in a pair of socks or cute little nylon bags and hang around the perimeter of the forbidden area. For you non-daredevils, deer are not very fond of soap. Chop of bars of soap and hang around the property.

    We live in a beautiful world filled with peaceful animals, such as deer whose daily goal is survival. Hopefully you will be able to find just the right natural deer deterrent that will benefit both you and the worlds furry friends. They provide many health benefits from lowering blood pressure, healing depression and providing a cure to loneliness. Let's learn to co-exist in a harmonious fashion.

  • Using Plants to Get Rid of Gopher's Before they Destroy Your Land and Gardens

    Great Gopher Repellent Plants

    With over one-hundred types of rodents in the United States you can almost bet that you will encounter meet one or more of these types of rodents. However there is one specific and destructive one and that is the gopher and it will tear up the your property, landscaping, garden, and flowerbeds.Gophers identified by their size of five to nine inches, brown and soft fur, long hard front teeth that are noticeable, really small ears which are hard to see and they have small eyes with short tails. Sound to cute to do so much destructive well that is all that gophers may offer and that is their cute attributes. Otherwise, the gopher is nothing more than a destructive underground rodent.Being that the gopher is a vegetarians you can bet that your yard, garden, and flowerbeds is their meals from their vegetarian appetite. They will eat roots, trees, shrubs, grass, plants, flowers and their roots and other vegetables planted in the garden. Additionally, if you have gophers you will know because you are going to see their impact on your yard and other areas named above.This is why so many people are fighting to rid the gophers as they are responsible for ruining your lawn, killing your trees, destroying gardens and leaving your vegetable and flower gardens empty from the gophers eating them. They will build underground tunnel systems making it difficult to rid your lawn from the gopher. This is why it is important to know how to help yourself get rid of gophers and you can do this by using gopher repellent plants.If you had never heard that plants can help rid your problem with gophers year after year now you know that certain plants help get your yard back as well as all other areas be ruined from the rodents.

    One of the gopher repellent plants to use and believed to work great. This plant is the castor bean plant, ( Ricinus communis). Studies show this is a great way to quickly rid the gopher off your property. Plants that are for the outdoors and have alkaline within it is a good gopher repellent plant. Although, there are plants that carry the alkaline, but make sure it is safe for children and animals. Otherwise you will need to set the plant where it is not reachable; yet used into the holes of the gophers.

    Getting rid of these vegetable, flowers, and plant-eating rodent which leaves mounds of dirt and eating tree barks and roots. Get the castor bean plant at any of the local plant nursery. Although, this seems as the favorite plant to use to get rid of the gophers the other plant many people use is the Gopher Purge ( Euphoria Lathyrus). These two plants are both digested and will rid the gopher from the home. As no more than one gopher will be at work around your gardens and yards it does make it easier by using the plants. You will not see two gophers underground at any given time.

  • Keep Those Cute But Pesky Critters Out of Your Garden By Planning Well

    Great Natural Gopher Repellent

    The spring and summer months for many people mean gardens and planting. This is the time of year when people love to spend their time outside and enjoy their surroundings. For many, this means enhancing their outdoor area with gardens filled with flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. This creates a serene and beautiful environment that is simply lovely to enjoy during warm weather days and crisp evenings. One thing, however, that can impact the gardens you take the time to plant, cultivate and care for are critters and small animals that come to visit and perhaps snack on some of your well cared for plants. This is why you want to plan well so that you can keep those animals at bay and thus maintain your gardens in the right way so that they flourish all throughout the spring and summer.

    One of the top pests that tend to invade those areas that have plants are gophers. Though they may seem cute at first; they become a nuisance as they munch and chew their way through your plants and leave you with a torn up garden. This is why you need to make sure to have on hand, at all times, a good quality natural gopher repellent so that you can make sure the gophers that live near you get the message that they are not quite welcome in your garden.

    The best way to use such a repellent is to opt for a natural version. This is because a natural gopher repellent is ideal for those areas where you are growing foods that you eat or when you have pets or small children who tend to play in and around the areas you are trying to protect. The repellent will work wonders in helping to keep gophers away and thus you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor all throughout the warm months and truly enjoy those gardens you work so hard at maintaining. No one wants to wake up one morning to find that weeks of planting, growing and work has been eaten away so using a natural repellent is a great option to make sure that does not happen.

  • Solar Zappers

    RepelleRepRGreat Gopher Repellent

    Solаr mole repellents аlѕo repel othеr rodents lіkе gophers, voles, ground squirrels, аnԁ shrews. It іѕ а humаne option for thoѕе who ԁo not wаnt to kill thе pests, but јuѕt kеeр thеm off thеir property. It іѕ importаnt to remembеr thаt іf уou uѕе thіѕ type of pest control, thе moles аnԁ othеr rodents wіll ѕtіll bе reproducіng аnԁ mаy cаuѕе а problem еlѕеwhеrе on уour property. You wіll wаnt to mаke ѕurе thаt уou hаve еnough ѕolаr mole repellents to kеер thеm аwаy from аll аreаs thаt thеy cаn cаuѕе destruction. Solаr mole repellents аre humаne bеcаuѕе thеy ԁo not kill or іnjure thе troubleѕome rodents аnԁ thеy аre environmentаlly friendly bеcаuѕе thеy uѕе ѕolаr energy. The eаsy to іnstаll repellents аre аn excellent choice to tаke bаck уour yаrd from moles, gophers, voles, аnԁ shrews.

    Solаr Gopher Repellent

    A bаsic ѕolаr mole repellent wіll consіѕt of а stаke, а jаck, аnԁ а bаttery. It works bу uѕіng thе sun to chаrge а bаttery. Once аssembled, thе repellent wіll produce а high pіtched ѕound or vibrаtion іn thе ground еvеrу 30 seconds. The ѕound ԁoesn't bothеr houѕеhold pets, јuѕt unwаnted rodents. The аssembled stаke іѕ thеn іnserted іnto thе ground. Eаch repellent wіll cover аbout 7,500 squаre feet.

    Instаllіng Solаr Mole Repellents

    When іnstаllіng thе repellents to rid уour yаrd of rodents, уou wіll wаnt to fіnd sunny spots ѕo thаt thе repellent wіll bе аble to chаrge eаsily. The bаttery іѕ long lаstіng аnԁ moѕt bаtteries cаn store еnough energy to repel rodents for severаl dаys wіthout rechаrgіng. Grаss аnԁ othеr plаnts аround thе stаkes wіll nееԁ to bе kерt trimmed to prevent overgrowth thаt cаn cаuѕе shаԁows аnԁ іnterfere wіth thе ѕolаr chаrgіng.

    It іѕ recommended thаt уou dig а hole to іnsert thе stаkes іf аny of thе followіng аre present іn thе аreа thеy wіll bе uѕеd іn:

    Hаrd clаy-lіkе ѕoil

    Soаkіng thе аreа wіll mаke іt eаsier to іnstаll thе stаkes or diggіng а hole for thе stаkes. You wіll wаnt thе stаkes to bе low еnough thаt а lаwnmower cаn eаsily cleаr іt іf уou аre іnstаllіng іt whеrе thеre іѕ grаss.

    Lіfespаn of Solаr Mole Repellents

    A ѕolаr gopher repellent cаn lаst uр to а yeаr аnԁ а hаlf. Some lаst longer іn mild environments аnԁ whеn thеy аre removed durіng hаrsh wіnters. The іnternаl Ni-MH bаttery, whеn fully chаrged wіll store еnough energy to power thе repellent for аbout two dаys wіthout nееԁіng to bе rechаrged. It wіll run throughout thе night on thе stored energy. After removаl of thе stаkes, іt mаy tаke rodents uр to thrее weeks to return.

  • How to Eliminate Moles and Save Your Garden

    Best Way to Getting rid of moles garden
    You may have been wondering how to eliminate moles in your property and keep them from coming back. When moles infest a property, most people get frustrated and tired of trying to eliminate them. If you have infestation of moles in your garden or lawn, you need to do something about it. You shouldn't have much difficulty getting rid of moles garden if you follow a proven method. You need to use a method that will get rid of the moles effectively.It's not a good feeling waking up in the morning to see how much damage these nasty things have done to your lawn or garden. Sometimes you feel like you're fighting every day to destroy the infestation and still getting nowhere.Getting rid of moles can be a fruitless chore unless you know how to do it correctly. There is a lot of information out there on getting rid of moles garden. People have used various techniques ranging from smoke bombs to vibrating devices as well as dangerous chemicals to destroy the moles in their lawns andIf you have tried some of these methods and techniques and are still not successful at getting rid of them or you simply don't want to waste your time with ineffective methods, then you should contact a professional. A professional pest control service or exterminator is trained in pest extermination. Exterminators and pest control services have the proper knowledge and skills to do pest extermination properly, moles included.Before you hire a pest exterminator, it's important that you do proper research. Take the time to find a reliable professional who can get the job done right. There are many pest control services available, but you need to do some background check on any exterminator you are considering hiring for the job.

    You can go online and perform this essential research. The Better Business Bureau is a good office that can provide helpful information about any company you want to know about. You can visit their website to find out if the exterminator you are researching is in good standing with this office. Another good source of helpful information review websites. You can visit these sites to read the posts about various extermination services and see if the name of the one you are investigating pops up.

    After completing your research of various exterminators, you can then choose the exterminator or pest control company you want to hire to get rid of moles in your property.

  • A few tips on getting rid of moles pests

    Ways of Getting Rid of Moles Pest

    Moles are shy and timid animals that have the ability to terrorize your garden or backyard. These timid creatures are seldom seen, but what you see all the time are the unsightly mole hills that they produce. Getting rid of moles pest can be very difficult that some people would think that professional help is the only way to get rid of them. Fortunately, with new innovations and DIY mole removal kits, getting rid of moles is possible without the need for hiring expensive professionals.

    Information is your best weapon against moles infestation and your best ally if you are interested in getting rid of moles pest. One must have basic behaviors and characteristics of moles to effectively remove them. This article will focus on a few methods of effectively removing moles in your garden or backyard.


    One of the best ways of removing moles is to smoke out their tunnels, or also known as fumigation. Usually, the fumigation agent is based on castor oil. Earthworms are a major part of a moles’ diet. In fact, they will leave an area if they think there are no earthworms to feed on. When you are fumigating their tunnels, the castor oils will form a coat in the tunnels that prevents them from feeling or detecting the earthworms around their tunnels. The moles will be then fooled that there are no more earthworms to feed on, thus they will leave the area to find a more sustainable area.

    Sonic Bursts

    These are one of the newer technologies when it comes to removing moles. Sonic bursts devices emit powerful bursts that vibrate the earth and frighten the moles. Moles are very timid by nature, and are easily frightened. If the sonic bursts continue to frighten them, the moles will leave to find a better area. One thing to take not of though, sonic bursts work well with a solid soil structure because this kind of soil structure is better at transmitting the sonic bursts vibrations. Loose soil structures are poor when it comes to transmitting the vibrations, thus it is not recommended.


    This might sound old school but the truth is traps are still effective when it comes to removing moles in an area, especially the newer traps that are efficient when it comes to trapping the moles. If you prefer to trap moles, then it is better that you choose a claw trap.

  • Few Methods Of Getting Rid Of Moles

    Best way of Getting Rid of Moles

    Moles can really be a nuisance that seems to terrorize your garden or backyard. They can be very difficult to get rid of that some people think that the only way to get rid of them is by hiring a professional. Fortunately, with new technology and DIY mole removal kits, getting rid of moles by yourself is very possible. Moles are naturally timid creatures that are rarely seen by the disgruntled homeowners. What are always visible are the unsightly molehills that they produce.

    Since you rarely see the moles, the first signs of infestation are usually the presence of molehills that they produce. These molehills are usually made up of loose soil that is very unsightly. On top of that, the loose soil provides perfect breeding grounds for unwanted weeds. This article will focus on a few ways it comes to getting rid of moles.

    The first method though removing moles on your back yard or garden is through fumigation. Earthworms are a major part of a moles’ diet. Moles love to stay in areas if it is rich on earthworms. If you choose the method of fumigation, then you need to smoke the holes with a Biofume, which is mostly made of castor oil. The castor oil coats the tunnel that prevents the moles from feeling and smelling the earthworms around their tunnels. The moles would then think that there are no earthworms in the area that leads them to leave to go find a better area. The method is safe and does not kill the earthworms, which are also beneficial for the local garden ecosystem.

    Another method of eliminating moles is through the use of sonic repellents. The idea behind this on our repellents is that it transmits a burst of sonic vibration that frightens the moles. Moles are timid in nature, and are frightened very easily. If the vibration keeps frightening them, they will most likely leave fearing for their lives in search for a better area. However, there is one thing that you need to know if you are thinking using sonic repellents. Sonic repellents are best used on gardens and backyards with solid soil structures. This is because solid soil structures are ideal when it comes to transmitting the vibrations.

    A third method of removing moles is through trapping them. It may sound traditional, but it still does work especially with the new kinds of traps. If you choose this method of forget the bridge of your pests, then it is best that the use claw traps rather than mole tunnel traps.

  • Good Bye Little Critter

    Great Natural Mole Repellent

    For reasons known only to a mole there are certain yards that a mole enjoys making their home. The mole crawls underground making several entrance ways and exists causing all kinds of problems for the person who owns the yard. People begin to get angry at the problem the mole is causing, but no matter how angry a person becomes, the mole takes no notice and continues digging underground.

    To take care of the mole problem without hurting the mole it is best to check out a natural mole repellent that will encourage the mole to leave the yard and make their home somewhere else. By using a granule type of repellent the smell alone is not pleasant to the mole and will convince the mole to leave immediately. The entrance and exist areas are the best places in which to put the granules. There can be numerous moles in one yard, but despite the congestion of moles they usually do not socialize with one another.

    Homeowners who might be thinking of selling their home and have a mole problem will have to take care of the situation by using natural mole repellent before putting their home on the market. It would not go over well with prospective buyers if they are aware of a mole problem in the yard.

    There are certain vegetable and flower plants that moles do not care for and by planting these certain vegetables and flowers will keep the moles away and also drive the moles away that are already in the yard. Daffodils and lavender flowers are two types of flowers that keep moles away. These flowers not only keep away the moles they add color to the yard of blue, white, pink and yellow. The mole does not like the smell of these particular flowers and will either leave immediately or not enter the yard at all.

    Planting a garden with onions and garlic will also keep the moles out of your yard and are also good to add in cooking or baking. Soon you will be saying good bye little critter and hello to a mole free yard.

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