Humane Ways to Get Rid of Gophers

Gophers Gotta Go!

best on how to get rid of gophers humanelyGophers, despite being small in stature, can cause big problems for homeowners and their yards. Destroying flower beds, vegetable gardens and lawns are just some of the deeds these creatures do. While there are many rodent poisons on the market, many people don't want to use these because they don't want to kill the gophers and they don't want to risk other animals or pets ingesting the poison. Instead, they look for more humane ways to get rid of the pesky critters. Fortunately, several methods are available.The most obvious way to get rid of gophers humanely is to trap them. One can either buy a live animal trap themselves or hire a pest-control or wildlife removal company to do the job. Traps are made so that when the animal walks inside the door closes behind them, thus trapping them. They can then be safely transported to another area and released back into the wild.

Building a barrier around a yard can discourage gophers. Gophers cannot climb, so building a solid fence that's 1-2 feet high will usually do the trick. Just remember to bury it about a foot deep into the ground to make sure gophers can't get through. Repellents that make the grass and other gopher foods taste bad to them are also effective. All use non-toxic ingredients to make sure gophers have nothing to snack on in a yard or garden. Most can be applied by attaching them to a garden hose and wetting down the problem area.

amazing way on how to get rid of gophers humanely

Gophers have very good hearing and are very sensitive to the slightest sounds and vibrations. Installing sonic repellent units in the ground can make gophers want to hang out somewhere else. The vibrations are very low, so while they bother gophers pets such as dogs pay them no mind. These devices can run on batteries or solar power, and can cover areas up to 14,000 square feet. Birdcall units that imitate the sounds of gopher predators such as hawks and owls can also be used. These act on motion detection, so they should be placed where gophers emerge at night.

Whatever method is chosen when deciding how to get rid of gophers humanely, any of them should lead to a peaceful solution to whatever problem a person is having with the pesky but cute critters.