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  • Gophers be Gone with DIY Gopher Repellent

    great diy gopher repellent homemade

    Gophers may be very cute, but when it comes to digging in your yard, they can be a nightmare. However, the thought of using pesticides to kill them can be hard on the environment and your wallet. There are many DIY gopher repellent options that will get rid of the little hole diggers and keep your lawn looking beautiful.

    The first thought may be to go with some of the remedies that just kill the animal. However, these techniques have to do with clogging the gophers intestines, and seem very cruel. The ideas below are natural and simply run the animal out of the yard. That being said, you may have to try different things, and do them more than once per season. The good thing is most of the techniques below cost very little, and are easy.

    Use trial and error to figure out what diy gopher repellent works for you.

    Kill the Food Source – Gophers and moles both love grub worms. There are several options out there, but Neem Oil seems to kill the Grub worms without harming any plants or pets. Mix 4 tablespoons of Neem oil with water, and put in any type of spray bottle. Spray your entire lawn.
    Dryer Sheets – Evidently Gophers do not like to smell fresh and clean. Put one dryer sheet in each gopher hole and cover with soil. The gophers smell the sheets and vacate the premises. This is good for you, that way the gophers can go stink somewhere else.
    Kitty Litter – Ever wonder what to do with used kitty litter besides throwing it away? I realize it may sound a little gross. Fill the holes or infested area with used kitty litter. The smell makes the gophers believe that a predator has entered their space, so they decide to find safer accommodations. The good thing about this remedy is if you have a cat you have the product already and have a new way to recycle it.

    These are just a few of the more popular and simple techniques for ridding your yard of gophers. Keep in mind that these suggestions will also work for moles. Keeping your lawn free of these pests will help to keep it looking beautiful all year long. You will also be helping the environment by reducing poison and pesticide use. That is better for everyone.

  • Stop Wasting Money On Rodent Repellent Systems That Stink and Switch to the Best Gopher Repellent Around!

    one of the best gopher repellent

    Those who enjoy their homes all throughout the year simply relish the time of year when the weather gets warmer and spending time outside is the primary pastime for all. From grilling dinner outside to eating on the porch to planting gardens filled with vegetables, fruits and flowers; time spent outdoors is one of life's little luxuries that many just simply look forward too all throughout the cold winter months.

    One issue, however, that is inherent to the outdoors is the issue of rodents, critters and other pests that tend to come around areas that have food or plants that they deem quite suitable for their own needs. This is why you need to have the best gopher repellent in place as soon as those first warm sun rays of the season hit and you find yourself going outside more and more. You also want to definitely make sure that your repellent system is firmly in place well before any planting is done as well since gophers truly have a penchant for seeking out those yummy plants and veggies found in garden areas.

    Gophers are rather bold for such a small animal and they tend to come back time and time again to the same house to feast on whatever has been left outside, planted or simply in the vicinity. Though one can try some of the chemical laden repellent systems or highly complex units; there are the best gopher repellent options such as those that operate via sonic waves that tend to work the best and cause the least amount of harm to the environment.

    Once you have found the right repellent system you will be able to take comfort in the fact that the unit and system is designed to operate all the time, in a discreet manner and be safe for you and your family. This is all the added benefit of being able to keep those gophers far away from your home. It may seem a little excessive for some who have never experienced a gopher issue, however, if you know all too well the damage they can cause you too will do everything you can to prevent them from setting up shop in your backyard.

  • Sonic Gopher Repellent to Get Your Outdoor Area Ready for the Grilling Season

    best sonic gopher repellent homemadeThe approaching summer months means that it is that time of the year to get your outdoor area primed and ready to go for all of those backyard parties and barbeques you will be hosting. Whether you tend to grill primarily for just you and your faily or if you host an assortment of gatherings throughout the summer; you want to make sure you have taken every last detail in to consideration as you prepare your outdoor area.

    One issues that tends to get neglected, and sometimes until it is a little too late, is the issue of critters that tend to come around during the warmer months as they stroll about seeking food. One such critter is the gopher and they can really wreak havoc on your next party if you do not use the right prevention measures such as using a sonic gopher repellent.

    This is an ideal way to keep those pesky gophers away from the areas of your home where you and your guests tend to gather. This is why using repellent systems is a good way to help make sure your next event is not one where guests go running and screaming when a rogue gopher runs over the foot of your most squeamish guest. There is not faster way to bring a great barbeque to a fast halt then having a gopher run rampant through your patio or deck area as they seek out food.

    Though various methods exist to keep gophers away from areas of the home where people, pets and plants are located; many have toxic chemicals or other unsightly features that just make your outdoor area not look its absolute best. The use of a sonic gopher repellent system is one that is discreet, works well and is not very noticeable. This means that you can add this type of rodent repellent system to your outdoor area and really only you will know it is there and you can get back to grilling, relaxing, mingling and simply enjoying the outdoors without having to be on the lookout for those little unwanted party guests that may just show up unannounced.

  • Gopher Repellent Homemade, A Few Drops A Day Keeps the Gophers Away

    great gopher repellent homemade

    Gopher repellent homemade, is a cheap and very effective method of pest control.
    Our lаwn or gаrden іѕ pаrt of our home. Mаintаining а heаlthy gаrden іѕ tаntаmount to mаintаining а heаlthy houѕеhold. Whаt ԁo wе ԁo іf our gаrden іѕ invаded bу thе dreаded subterrаneаn dwеllers – gophers, moles, аnd аrmаdillos? There аre methods of eliminаting thеse gаrden pests, ѕuсh аs uѕіng trаps or vаrious poіѕonous substаnces, but thе sаfest аnd moѕt effective wаy to gеt rid of thеm іѕ bу thе uѕе of cаstor oil grаnules.

    Obtаined from thе cаstor oil plаnt, grаnulаr cаstor oil іѕ thе аll-nаturаl, orgаnic ѕolution thаt wіll put аn end to уour mole or gopher problems wіthout hаrming thе heаlth of уour lаwn or fаmily. Even thе moles or gophers аre not hurt; thе cаstor oil grаnules simply drive thеm аwаy ѕo thеy wіll nеvеr bothеr уou or уour lаwn еvеr аgаin.

    Grаnulаr Cаstor Oil for а Heаlthy Lаwn

    Using thе grаnules іѕ simple аnd tаkes onlу а fеw minutes or hours depending on thе size of уour lаwn or gаrden. A combinаtion of јuѕt thе grаnules аnd ѕome wаter mаkes thіѕ mole аnd gopher irrіtаnt relаtively sаfe аnd hаrmless for уou аnd thе othеr inhаbіtаnts of уour home, аnd mаkes іt а fаmily-friendly pest-control ѕolution. Studies hаve shown thаt іts repellent effect lаsts for 1 month uр to аs long аs 3 months. This method is the best of the gopher repellent homemade solutions.

    The efficаcy of cаstor oil grаnules depends highly on іts proper аpplicаtion. Below іѕ а step-bу-step method thаt wіll enѕurе а mole аnd gopher-free lаwn:

    *Apply thе grаnules evenly bу hаnd or bу uѕіng а spreаder on іts lowеst setting. Mаke ѕurе to follow thіѕ step; evenly аpplying wіthin аnd аround thе аreа of уour lаwn іѕ key.

    *Wаter уour lаwn mаnuаlly аfter аpplying thе grаnules. Check for moles аnd gophers аfter а month or ѕo аnd reаpply аs necessаry.

    As уou cаn see, gеtting rid of subterrаneаn pests іѕ аs eаsy аs 1-2-3 wіth thе hеlр of cаstor oil grаnules. If уou lіkе flowеrs, уou cаn аlѕo trу plаnting oleаnder plаnts аround уour lаwn. Thіѕ аcts аs а botаnicаl deterrent ѕіnсе moles аnd gophers ѕееm to dіѕlіkе thеm. The reаѕons bеhіnԁ thіѕ аre uncleаr аnd ѕtіll а subject of debаte, but thе oleаnder wіll definіtely beаutіfy уour lаwn аnd іѕ а nice complement to thе grаnules. As thе oleаnder enhаnces уour lаwn’s аesthеtics, thе cаstor oil grаnules enhаnce іts heаlth аs іt contаins аll-nаturаl ingredients thаt аre good for thе lаwn.

  • Quick Way to Learn to get Rid of Moles

    best way to learn how to get rid of moles

    Moles can be a huge hassle and can wreak havoc on your yard so it is obviously important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it can be a little bit difficult in some cases unless you know the right methods, hopefully this article will help you get rid of your mole problem and keep them from ever coming back.

    The most common method used is probably what you should try first, so head down to any hardware store and see what kind of mole killing poisons they have available. Many of these are effective if you can actually get the poison into a spot where the mole will encounter it but unfortunately in many cases this just isn't enough. Obviously if you want to learn to get rid of moles then you are probably going to need something a little better than some simple poison.

    Another common method that has become pretty popular with professional exterminator is simply trapping the moles and taking them out of the affected area. This takes a little bit of work and some specialized traps but if you want to learn to get rid of moles the right way and be successful every time then this is the absolute best method to choose. It isn't terribly difficult and once you've gotten the hang of it you are sure to be successful, the hardest part is deciding what to actually do with the moles once you've captured them. If you are planning on releasing them alive then make sure you are at least a few miles away from their original home so they're not likely to return to the hole.

    A third method that is also quite effective is actually one of the oldest methods as well. It is very time consuming though so if you are impatient it might not be the best solution. Wait in your yard with two shovels and listen for the sound of the moles moving underneath the ground. Once you hear them you should be able to actually spot where they are digging underground. Using a shovel or two you should be able to trap the mole in place and then kill it underground so it can't get away.

  • How to Get Rid of Moles From Your Garden

    ways on how to get rid of moles

    Your garden and lawn are places of your home that you take pride in. If you spend time to make your lawn and garden beautiful you want to make sure that it is in proper shape. Keeping rodents and other insects away can be difficult. If you don't know how to get rid of moles that can become an annoying pest. Your garden is a place of wonder and beauty so getting rid of moles should be an easy task so that you don't have to constantly worry about it.Spending time and effort on your lawn just to have it ruined by mole can be a hard thing to cope with. Once you have planted flowers and made your hardscape amazing all you should be worrying about is the upkeep. Taking the time and effort to remove rodents from the lawn area should be a time consuming burden you should not have to incorporate to your busy schedule.Moles are a thing of the past when you choose to use repellex. With repellex if have your answer on how to get rid of moles. Without this amazing tool it could be hard to remove the awful borrowing animal that you can't always see. The fact that they hide in the ground makes it even harder to repel them. They are messing things up underneath the ground where you can't even see. The roots are your most imperial aspect of your plants, trees and grass. Without perfect roots your lawn and garden will go nowhere.There are many solutions to these difficult animals. Repellex offers solutions for every yard and garden type. You are able to put your mind at ease and no that your Repellex is working hard to get rid of this annoying destructive moles. Repellex offers sprays that are easy to apply to areas when you know a mole has burred in a hole. They offer tablets, pall and concrete. Even if having to use all of these viable tools they will work. They have proven to work for many and will continue to work with the wonderful ingredients that it offers. Get rid of the moles in your yard by using the outstanding products that Repellex provides.You don't have to live in worry and anxiety that the moles in your yard are destroying everything that you have worked so hard to build and bloom. Use Repellex and your prays for your lawn will be answered.
  • How to Get Rid of Moles and Not Lose Any Fingers?

    best on how to get ride of moles

    You probably did not know this, but what you probably do know is that moles (and gophers) are burrowing animals. This means that they will destroy that garden you spent hours working on in the scorching heat. So, I am writing this article all about how to get rid of moles. is a trusted website that sells many budget-friendly products; Such as "Repellex Mole and Gopher 32 oz Ready-to-Spray" this spray should last for approx. four to six weeks and prevents burrowing animals from tearing up your lawn and garden. It only costs $17.99 and covers about 8,000 sq/ft. The website is very visually-appealing and easy to navigate.
    Repellex products also go on a molecular level with innovations like the "Repellex Systemic Tablets 50 count." It delivers a hot pepper concentrate through plant roots at the molecular level, making the plants inedible to animals. Because the compound is at molecular level it won't wash off in rain or degrade in sunlight. It is very potent, yet safe and effective. It is a little more expensive than the spray, it lasts up to a year. Think about it, not having to worry about burrowing animals for a whole year for just $19.99. That's only $1.67 a month if you do the math.
    The science and technology of these products don't stop there. The "Repellex Mole and Gopher 24 lb Granular Pall" is specially formulated to absorb into the soil and form a protective coating around plant roots and other underground food sources. This results in burrowing animals being forced out of the treated area by the powerful repellent. This item costs $49.99 and lasts approx. four to six weeks. It covers 24,000 sq/ ft! And weighs twenty-four pounds. Apply at first signs of infestation.
    Some helpful tips are to apply these products when the ground is NOT frozen. If you apply while the ground is frozen you will not get the desired effects. Also remember that these pests remain active all year long and winter damage may not be visible due to snow. So, apply treatment in late Fall. Also, know that pest activity may increase in the first week of treatment but this just means that it is working! Do not give up the treatments, the animals are just trying to leave!
    In conclusion, if you have a problem with moles and gophers, want to save money, but also receive quality products and service then think about visiting This concludes our journey on how to get rid of moles, I hope it was helpful and beneficial for you. Thank you for your time.
  • Protecting Outdoor Gardens with Animal Repellents

    amazing animal repellentAnimal repellants are best products that have been formulated to keep birds, animals and birds from the humans, areas, humans and plants. People such as joggers, walkers and bikers cannot enjoy outdoor life as they fear being encountered by ferocious animals and wild dogs. Imagine you being out on a morning or evening walk and are attacked by a cat or dog? Some of these attacks can even turn life threatening.

    An animal repellent offers you best possible way to drive away all dangerous animals without harming them in any way. Most of the parents worry about their kids and want to take every possible precaution to protect them from dangerous animals.

    There are many people who love gardening and want to prevent their backyard from being destroyed by birds and wild animals. With an animal repellent, now they won’t have to worry about such animals feasting on their crop. You can easily buy some of the most powerful sprays that will keep your garden free from all animal attacks.

    There are wide range of animal repellants that are available in the market and on many online stores that are quite helpful in chasing away all unwanted animals and insects. These products can keep animals off without causing them any harm.

    Let’s have a close look at few most popular ones that are best sellers on the market:
    * Hot pepper wax animal repellents- They are formulated for fending off animals and insects from fruits, vegetables and flowers. They are used by both gardeners and farmers. They are best when you are not interested in using pesticides, or dangerous chemicals.

    * Pepper sprays- They are used for protecting against dogs that are too aggressive and they are affective within 10-15 feet. Just a small amount of spray can drive away the beast.

    * Shake away animal repellents- They are completely organic and safe for even kids and pets. You just have to shake the container and sprinkle them on unwanted insects or animals. They are completely safe for use.

    * Ultrasonic repellents- They offer protection against cats, dogs, skunks, bats, deer, and several insects. They are compact, lightweight, and durable. Their ultrasonic motion and sound sensor will keep all unwanted animals and insects away.

    Today millions of people are getting interested in various animal repellant products so that they can do gardening, enjoy their games, daily walks and feel safe and secure everywhere.

  • Environmentally Safe Natural Animal Repellent

    great animal repellent

    Spring is often the time of year when homeowners start planting flower seeds in their gardens, one problem that home gardeners have are animals that can eat seedlings. The people of the Repellex company understand the problems that home gardeners have with animals eating plants. The breakthrough of new natural animal repellent formulas that can be sprayed onto sprouts and seedlings making them inedible to animals. Often in suburban residential areas that border wooded areas are often visited by the local wildlife looking for food, quite often many backyard gardens are at risk of being eaten by herbivorus animals that are hungry.

    Homeowners would often consider using safe and organic means to protect their gardens instead of harsh chemicals. This is true if there are pets or even children living in the household with the homeowners. A natural animal repellent that is made from plant extracts are often used more often because they're safe to be used around both pets and children. These repellent concentrates can be mixed with water that can be sprayed with a hand held spray bottle or garden spray canister. Results are immediate after one spray application that animals simply move on after one sniff of the repellent.

    Households that are located on farmland can also benefit from organic animal repellents that can keep vegetable gardens safe from small animals like rabbits. Repellents can be ordered via the Internet plus the cost of shipping and handling can be delivered to a homeowner in five to seven business days. Ready to use after delivery these repellent sprays will help home gardeners get ready for both spring and summer to aide in their home gardening projects. All a homeowner needs to do is log onto the Repellex web site to place an order today for organic repellent sprays.

    For all of the pest control needs that are so greatly needed for the growing season, Repellex is the one word for pest control needs. Visit their web site today to see what is available in the line of safe and organic repellents for not only animals but for insects as well.

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