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  • Repellex Those Pesky Deer Away Today

    great way on how to keep deer out of your garden

    The summer is here and you have spent the better part of your days planting flowers and shrubs and mowing your lawn. Your seeds are sowen and plants are growing and producing lots of fresh vetables. Time for you to sit back and enjoy your garden. But wait, here come the deer. Now the question is how to keep deer out of your garden?

    Repellex is safe and easy to use with all natural ingredients such as garlic and other essential oils so it will not harm you or the deer. The deer will take a nibble but get a bad taste in their mouth rather than the usual delicious taste of vegetation they are use to. This will discourage the deer and make them believe that there is nothing edible to eat and leave you with a flourishing yard and garden to enjoy.

    Also available are repellents with predator scents that are only detected by deer. This will then keep the deer away from the area. These products will not damage any of your ornaments, or plants, nor will they do any harm to you or the deer themselves. These products are a great solution on how to keep deer out of your garden and yard.

    There is no mess, no stress, just simple and easy to use formulas of your choice. Premixed sprays are used for coating the leaves and wood of your trees and shrubs that last for ninety days of protecting your plants. Tablets are absorbed through the roots of your plants that will protect through the whole of the growing season. All the products come with easy to follow instructions. Specially formulated sprays for vegetables and fruits are available that will keep your produce safe for you to eat. The formulas will not be washed off by rain or effected by sunlight so there is no need to reapply until the time required on the bottle.

    If you are looking for a safe, easy and natural way for keeping pesky deer away from your shrubbery, flowers and vegetables, repellex is the brand for you. Repellex those pesky deer away today.

  • Ways on How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

    ways on how to get rid of moles in your yard

    Moles are found infrequently in a garden, but the harm it makes in the aftermath is noticeable. Insectivores have poor vision and it lives in subterranean burrows. Moles are card carrying insectivores enjoying a lawn's buffet of grubs, ants, and earthworms. A property can be destroyed by a family of moles quite fast. One mole can dig up to 15 feet per hour.

    An adult male is a gray or brownish color. The length is from 6 to 8 inches long. Moles does not sleep and will penetrate under the freezing line in the winter. Insectivores reproduce each spring, giving birth three to five hairless small infants.

    Get rid of the evildoers

    How to get rid of moles in your yard that are hard to remove once it lives in the garden. Use an insecticide to remove the food source, but in addition it kills earthworms. Moles are trapped in Have-a-Heart traps. It releases about 1,000 miles away, however this is hard because someone has to use an insect or slug as a lure.

    Get rid of your grubs once the temperature reaches 55 degrees releasing valuable nematodes into the yard. These teeny predators will damage unwanted pests: flea larvae, grubs, and June bugs. Water it into the lawn immediately following sunset, and the nematodes will get rid of those grubs in the garden in a couple weeks. Castor oil sends moles to the neighbor's yard. Most garden centers carry ready-made castor oil repellant products in granular and spray form.

    Mix castor oil repellent with two tablespoons of the oil filled with one gallon of lukewarm water and add a couple of drops of dishwashing detergent. Stir and sprinkle constantly on the area that is infested. Apply when the weather and yard are dry. Repeat a day or two later, if it rains heavily. If not, reapply once per month until no more tunnels are noticeable.

    Whenever someone plants spring bulbs to protect tulip and crocus bulbs, fill the holes with sharp rocks. To avoid harm to small trees, ensure that someone trims the grass close against the trunk to remove moles hiding places. It is valuable particularly to do this before winter sets in. How to get rid of m oles in your yard is to protect a garden from all burrowing animals, sink the fence two feet into the earth.

  • Moles, and the family dog


    ways on how to get rid of moles that is safe for dogs
    Getting rid of moles in a way that is safe for dogs

    If you’ve ever known anyone with a mole problem, you have probably heard many horror stories about how “once they came, they never left”. Or that if you have a dog you can’t get rid of moles because it will hurt your dogs. It is true that left untreated, a mole infestation will very quickly grow. However, there are many natural approaches to getting rid of these vermin that will not harm the family pets. If handled correctly there is hope! You can get rid of them. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money on pricey exterminators to do it.

    Identify the problem

    First, you want to make sure that the problem truly is moles. Often time’s, moles can be confused with voles (Also known as field mice). They do look similar, but the difference between the two is the diet. While voles are likely responsible for the loss of fruits and veggies (If you have a lot of potatoes missing then you may in fact be dealing with voles) Moles do not eat vegetation. No, they are meat eaters. They love a nice hearty feast of grubs, earthworms, and bugs. Earthworms play a big part in the growing of vegetation so if the problem gets out of hand your crops will show it.

    Eliminate the Problem

    So now you know that you are definitely dealing with moles. It’s time to take action. Of course we want to be sure the dogs are not hurt by this treatment so a mostly natural approach works best. Getting rid of moles in a way that is safe for dogs is possible. To make it you start by mixing ½ cup dishwashing liquid, ½ cup castor oil, 2 Tablespoons cayenne pepper, and 1 cup of warm water in a spray bottle. Bring this outside, along with the hose. Find any tunnels, these are usually quite long and can branch out in several directions. Spray the mixture into any openings and over any tunnel areas you can find. Use the hose to flood any openings you find, and force lots of your castor oil liquid inside. When the mole goes into the tunnel, it will get covered in your mix. The dishsoap will cause the castor oil and cayenne pepper to stick to the vermin’s skin, causing burning and itching. The vermin will quickly go away from the offending area to avoid further contact. If your dogs happen to roll in this it may cause them to itch as well (though it won’t be bad) you can bathe them and wash any of the remaining mixture off of them and causing the itching to stop.

    It can be easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with vermin but by using this approach they will leave. If after the first treatment you still notice them then you should re-treat as necessary. Good luck!

  • Homegrown Tastes Best

    amazing animal repellent

    Finally, the last frost has come and gone. Spring is fast approaching and the long awaited moment has arrived. Time to put those seeds and seedlings in the ground. Already anticipating the harvest that will be reaped by the hard work and efforts that go into cultivating the perfect home garden.

    The seeds were started indoors weeks before. The ground has warmed to an acceptable temperature to begin the process that will soon deliver weeks and even months of delicious produce to be enjoyed by all.

    As the days pass and the plants begin to show signs of the fruits they will soon bear, a sudden all too familiar thief rears its ugly head. The wildlife has discovered a new diner and is beginning to partake of the generosity of others.

    The closed sign should have been in the window, but it is not too late to use a natural animal repellent for gardens. Repellex offers a safe solution to rid the garden of unwanted critters, while ensuring the safety of children and pets.

    A non-toxic and biodegradable ready to use spray available in two sizes. The 32oz. spray bottle will protect an area of 500 sq/ft, while the 1 gallon container will protect an area of 2000 sq/ft and one application lasts 30 days.

    The Repellex brand natural animal repellent for gardens main active ingredients are putrescent eggs, mint, cinnamon, rosemary and garlic. Simply saturate the plants, but not dripping. Allow to dry for 24 hours without watering and you are protected for 30 days from most all animals. The plant extracts are all natural and safe for the environment as-well-as pets and children. The repellent may be applied up to time of harvest. Rinse vegetables off at time of harvest and they are safe for consumption.

    Gardens are a source of produce for many in a time when providing for the family is more difficult than ever. The only way it is cost efficient to grow vegetables at home is if the loss of produce due to animals and pests is kept to a minimum. Make sure plants are protected with a proven all natural safe product from Repellex.

  • Simple And Useful Home Remedy Mole Repelents

    great home remedy mole repellent

    An infestation of moles of one’s yard can be an extremely frustrating experience. The moles themselves, who are relatively harmless to gardens, are not usually the root of the frustration. The tunnels that moles dig are the problem because they allow for other pests to enter one’s yard and cause some serious damage. It can become an annoying issue, not to mention the fact that a bunch of nasty holes in one’s yard can be pretty unattractive. So, how can a gardener expel moles from their yard? There are a few ways to do this, but one of the best ways to get rid of these pests is via a home remedy mole repellent.

    It is important to remember that home remedies are not foolproof, but they can definitely work. One of the most basic methods of mole removal is by creating a homemade repellent. Because the main ingredient in a mole repellent is castor oil, it can be a great base for a home brew. An excellent mix for a repellent is by mixing 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 6 ounces of castor oil, and one gallon of water. This will create a concentrate that a homeowner can use on their lawn. This is a useful home remedy mole repellent, and should be applied to the lawn after it is watered as well as after it rains.

    Mulch is another straight forward solution to mole infestations. Because moles cannot stand the smell of mulch it can be helpful to fill each tunnel or hole with it, in hopes that these rodents might run from the scent. Much like mulch, smoke can be used to scare off moles. The pests can, to put it simply, be smoked out of one’s yard. This actually has a great advantage because smoke will not produce chemicals that harm pets or plants. Smokers can be found in hardware stores and are definitely a safe and effective way to expel moles.

    These are some simple and useful ways to repel moles from ones yard, but they are not always full proof and one should always remember that there are also store-bought solutions that can be used as a backup plan. The home repellent, mulch, and smoke methods are all home remedies that have been used by many people over the years could definitely help out those who fear the devastation that tunnel-digging pests can cause.

  • Repellex: Magical Mole Repellent

    great natural mole repellent

    The creators of Repellex® have formulated an all natural mole repellent using the combination of an emulsifier, cinnamon oil, and garlic, pepper and castor oils. This formula is humane to any mole, vole or gopher to come into contact with it, as well as being non-toxic to humans, pets, and plants. Several products are available in granular or liquid form depending on long or short term relief from burrowing garden pests.

    Repellex® natural mole repellent works in several ways. The liquid form is fast absorbing when applied to the area effected by voles, moles, or gophers, whereas the granular form is more long lasting. A popular use of both methods is applying the liquid form first to get a quicker fix, and then use the granular form as a follow up treatment to focus on longer lasting effects.

    On a chemical level, Repellex® products are a safe and effective way to detour unwanted attention away from a gardener's valued plants. Systemic Tablets carry concentrated hot pepper to the roots of those plants, which are a common snack for moles. When the moles go to eat these roots, they are deterred by the taste and quickly learn that food is no longer available in that area. Repellex® products are not harmful to the animals because they are made of all natural ingredients and work to make the voles, gophers, and moles move somewhere else in stead of killing them like a trap or poison would.

    A common question is if the repellent is safe to be used around edible plants and areas where pets and children play. Repellex® gopher and mole repellent is made with ingredients that come from nature, and are environmentally safe to use on plants. It is recommended that the liquid form be allowed time to dry to avoid any allergic reactions to ingredients, or coming into the house smelling of garlic and castor oil. Also recommended is caution in spraying the repellent directly onto the leave of plants. This can cause the oils to magnify the light hitting the leaves and effectively "burning" them. There is yet to be a report of the repellents flavoring any foods such as potatoes, but it is advised to use your own better judgment while applying these products to your garden.

  • How to Keep Deer Away and Still Have the Garden You Deserve

    way on how to get deer out of your garden

    Gardening is often considered a pleasurable pastime for many hobbyists. The joy of it is unexplainable. The fresh blossoms and aroma of honeysuckles catch the quietest creatures off guard.

    These creatures in-particular are called deer. Deer prowling in neighboring backyards have become a huge problem within many communities. This issue has sent many individuals scrambling in search of ideas on how to get deer away from garden and out of their lives for good. However, this problem is not simple as it sounds to solve.

    It’s a known fact that deer have been around forever and their scavenging nature have cost homeowners a great deal of money. The estimated cost is around one hundred and fifty dollars per household. It’s very shocking and upsetting to know that your garden has become a dining room for deer’s. It may sound blunt, but getting to the bottom of things is crucial. In fact, getting rid of the gardening deer is extremely crucial if you are reading this article and wondering how to get deer away from garden editorial.

    Did you know that deer creep around for a reason? Deer just don’t keep your address and say I’ll hang out. They are there due to uncontrollable situation in their environment. During the spring, young plants are at risk and are very attractive to lurking deer. The reason is because the forest still grip tightly to the winter roughage and has not greened up. As a consequence, the deer still have to graze for food. However, as food become plentiful, the deer may gravitate back into the fields.

    Learn How to Deter Deer

    Early detection will save you some money and headache. Deer will browse around leaving tracks and scats which are easily to detect. The next stage is nibbling, this is a good place to jump in and deter their actions before it get out of hand. Another option is to grow plants that are unattractive to deer. Check around at nurseries and landscaping companies for a list of plants that are deer resistant. Impatiens are said to be irresistible to deer in any season, avoid at all cost. Fencing, plant covering, electric fence, and protect trees are all solutions for how you can get that deer away from your garden.

  • Keeping Your Home or Business Under Your Control

    great natural animal repellent

    Appearance means everything to numerous individuals. Several take extreme care of whatever they own, such as their homes, to make sure that it looks presentable to onlookers. Observing a beautiful lawn can create awe in the eyes of those who may view it. But, keeping up a lawn requires hard work. Landscapers and homeowners can do everything possible to make a property look beautiful. Unfortunately, in some scenarios, multiple animals can come along and destroy what has been produced from strenuous work.
    Animal repellents in some cases work, some work magnificently. The bad alternative to some of these repellents is that they kill many animals. They contain chemicals that are occassionally deadly to animals once they approach them. Gardeners and landscapers want the outside of the land they are working on to look nice, but some do not want to kill animals just to have a presentable piece of land. Therefore, these individuals wonder if there is another alternative, such as natural animal repellents that do not contain dangerous chemicals, to keeping a nice outside appearance without having to kill animals. Repellex is the answer. Repellex is a natural and oragnic based animal repellent that keeps deer,rabbits, moles and other animals away. In fact, this product gives buyers more than one option in keeping animals away. Ready-to-use sprays, tablets and repellents made from concentrate are just some of the options available to best suit the buyer.
    Cats and dogs, along with gophers and squirrels are some other animals than can affect someone's property. So, in cases like these, for example, if a cat or dog was to come onto your porperty, Repellex Dog and Cat ready-to-use spray keeps them from destroying what you have worked hard on. Dogs and cats tend to dig and eat whatever is drawn by their senses. By spraying your lawn or fruits and vegetables with Repellex, these animals are restricted and drawn away, not drawn to what has been planted.
    Repellex has natural animal repellents that can be used by all who are trying to keep up the outside of their home or business. If someone is new to gardening, using products produced by Repellex will help them to have a satisfying experience on their first go round. In conclusion, Repellex is the best alternative to keeping pest away naturally and organically while keeping your home or business under your control.
  • Turn Up The Heat On Pesky Pests


    great natural rabbit repellent

    Real results for raving rabbits.

    Nothing is worse than spending weeks and weeks in your garden during the beginnings of spring, only to have pesky critters come in and eat all of your hard work, literally. Too bad everyone can't just call in the turtle man to remove those fuzzy beasts without hurting them or all of the results from your hard work. Luckily, for those of us who have to take care of the problem ourselves there is a natural and harmless way to do it. Natural rabbit repellent comes in the form of tablets that you bury in the ground and let it seep into your plants through the root system, thus rendering the plants inedible by pesky rabbits. It has to do with the red pepper in the tablets that make the plant unpalatable for the animal, not poisonous. They simply won't want to mess with your foliage anymore because it doesn't taste good, and they will move on down the street and bother your neighbor. Hey, no worries. You can't share all your secrets, right?

    If you don't want to worry about burying the natural rabbit repellent tablets around your plants, then there are even more harmless ways to take care of the bad little bunnies. You can purchase a ready made concentration that, once sprayed will coat your garden with a scent that will make those critters believe that the plants are predators to them. This is a great way to stop those naughty nibblers in their tracks. I mean, who would walk into a buffet if they thought that they would be on the menu? This also will have them running for the hills and away from your gardens. Don't worry about this being toxic, because it isn't. It's not even harmful to rabbits, they will just think it is.

    Quit fretting over what to do about all those pesky critters eating your greens. The solution is here and it is absolutely harmless to use. Nobody wants to hurt little bunnies, and now you won't have to. You can be just like the turtle man and help rescue your garden, and the little animals in it.

  • Vex Those Vexasious Varments!

    awesome home remedy gopher repellent

    A Natural Reppelent
    Moles, gophers,and Voles oh my! Those pesky, vexasious critters can put a huge dent in your lawn, vegetable garden and flower garden. Suddently seeing huge mounds of soil in your yard or garden? Those would be gophers or moles; voles are much smaller but will demolish your vegetables and fruits like the big boys.Using a home remedy gopher repellent can put your mind at ease, when it comes to your kids and pets. You don't want to take a risk of the kids or pets getting ill from those chemical reppellents. Repellex is a safe and natural pest control option for you and your family.
    Reppellent Usage

    Burrowing animals, moles, gophers and voles can be ferociously hard to get rid of. There are solutions from Repellex, which don't use harsh chemicals or pesticides and are safe. Take back your garden and yard with several variety's of our home remedy gopher repellent. This reppellent is made from plant based materials so your children are safe from chemical side effects of other pesticeds or reppellents.

    You can use this reppellent as long as you spray it directly on the plants and leaves. Be sure to read and follow directions for use exactly for your garden. There are liquid and granular forms of this reppellent. Decide which is best for you; both items are equally as powerful. The only difference is the liquid absorbs faster than the granular. Always l;et liquid dry completely before allowing you kids or pets to play where you applied the reppellent. You may want to start with the liquid and do follow- ups with granular.

    The p.h. level of the liquid and the granular reppellent is between 5.5 and 7.5; so it's fairly neutral which is great for your any type of soil. There are no worries about your gopher repellent adding too much acid to your soil, which can make some plants slightly willty.

    Getting rid of these varments can be tricky is you don't what to use. So go with the safe home remedy reppellent you know will do the trick. Take your yard back, grab that hammock and start relaxing in the sun!

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