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  • A Guide to Handling Gophers [Infographic]



    Learn the best way to deal with gophers! Know more about the most effective ways of getting rid of gophers from your lawn. Protect your garden and yard from getting ruined.

  • Five Natural Remedies for Spring Pests

    five-natural-remedies-for-spring-pests Check out this helpful information about five safe and effective natural remedies that will help you get rid of spring pests in your garden.
  • 6 Tips for Keeping Pests and Animals away from Your Garden


    A garden is a wonderful thing, whether you choose to raise beautiful flowers and plants or ones that bear edible vegetables and fruit for your dinner table. One thing that can be a major pain for the avid gardener is keeping pests and animals away from your tender plants. There are several options for you to consider, and here are six basic tips for protecting your hard work.

    • Fence - When you are dealing with the neighbor’s dog or wildlife that see your plants as an all you can eat buffet, fencing seems to be the logical choice. First determine who your major offenders are. For rabbits or small dogs, a simple short fence could do fine. If you are dealing with deer, you will likely have to go a good deal higher. Keep in mind a determined deer may push or otherwise subvert your fencing to get to your lovely tomato plants.
    • Flooding Gopher Holes - If you have ever stepped in a soft spot in the yard, you know about moles and gophers. What you may not know is how difficult they can be to get rid of and the damage they can do to your garden. Some gardeners choose to use flooding or poison to rid themselves of these pests, though there are some natural pellets you can utilize.
    • Homemade Mixtures - Are you finding despite your best efforts that rabbits are tearing up your fresh young plants? You can make your own animal repellent with a mixture of water, dish detergent and hot sauce. Rabbits do not like the flavor and will leave your plants alone. Of course, you should know they may become accustomed to the flavor and return to the garden anyway.
    • Sprinklers - When a neighborhood cat is giving you problems, your choices are a bit limited. After all, cats can climb pretty well so the fence will not be much use. One creative way to keep cats out of your yard and garden is by utilizing a motion detector on your sprinkler system. Talk about natural pest control!
    • Cage Your Plants - Squirrels can be a bit of a problem, particularly if you are raising juicy red tomatoes, some of the best natural pest repellants are cats and dogs, but then they can become more of a problem than they solve. Some industrious gardeners prefer to cage their prized plants using chicken wire.
    • Natural Animal Repellent Products - A very good and natural pest repellent is hot pepper juice, but not everyone has copious amounts of it lying around the house. Spicy pepper concentrates will not hurt your plants, but will deter a wide variety of pests including dogs, cats, deer, rabbits and even some insect pests. If you don’t want to constantly deal with messy mixtures or sourcing materials, turn to an all natural animal repellent such as Repellex. This proprietary blend comes in tablets, granules and spray to address all of your gardening and animal repellent problems.
  • Solar Zappers

    RepelleRepRGreat Gopher Repellent

    Solаr mole repellents аlѕo repel othеr rodents lіkе gophers, voles, ground squirrels, аnԁ shrews. It іѕ а humаne option for thoѕе who ԁo not wаnt to kill thе pests, but јuѕt kеeр thеm off thеir property. It іѕ importаnt to remembеr thаt іf уou uѕе thіѕ type of pest control, thе moles аnԁ othеr rodents wіll ѕtіll bе reproducіng аnԁ mаy cаuѕе а problem еlѕеwhеrе on уour property. You wіll wаnt to mаke ѕurе thаt уou hаve еnough ѕolаr mole repellents to kеер thеm аwаy from аll аreаs thаt thеy cаn cаuѕе destruction. Solаr mole repellents аre humаne bеcаuѕе thеy ԁo not kill or іnjure thе troubleѕome rodents аnԁ thеy аre environmentаlly friendly bеcаuѕе thеy uѕе ѕolаr energy. The eаsy to іnstаll repellents аre аn excellent choice to tаke bаck уour yаrd from moles, gophers, voles, аnԁ shrews.

    Solаr Gopher Repellent

    A bаsic ѕolаr mole repellent wіll consіѕt of а stаke, а jаck, аnԁ а bаttery. It works bу uѕіng thе sun to chаrge а bаttery. Once аssembled, thе repellent wіll produce а high pіtched ѕound or vibrаtion іn thе ground еvеrу 30 seconds. The ѕound ԁoesn't bothеr houѕеhold pets, јuѕt unwаnted rodents. The аssembled stаke іѕ thеn іnserted іnto thе ground. Eаch repellent wіll cover аbout 7,500 squаre feet.

    Instаllіng Solаr Mole Repellents

    When іnstаllіng thе repellents to rid уour yаrd of rodents, уou wіll wаnt to fіnd sunny spots ѕo thаt thе repellent wіll bе аble to chаrge eаsily. The bаttery іѕ long lаstіng аnԁ moѕt bаtteries cаn store еnough energy to repel rodents for severаl dаys wіthout rechаrgіng. Grаss аnԁ othеr plаnts аround thе stаkes wіll nееԁ to bе kерt trimmed to prevent overgrowth thаt cаn cаuѕе shаԁows аnԁ іnterfere wіth thе ѕolаr chаrgіng.

    It іѕ recommended thаt уou dig а hole to іnsert thе stаkes іf аny of thе followіng аre present іn thе аreа thеy wіll bе uѕеd іn:

    Hаrd clаy-lіkе ѕoil

    Soаkіng thе аreа wіll mаke іt eаsier to іnstаll thе stаkes or diggіng а hole for thе stаkes. You wіll wаnt thе stаkes to bе low еnough thаt а lаwnmower cаn eаsily cleаr іt іf уou аre іnstаllіng іt whеrе thеre іѕ grаss.

    Lіfespаn of Solаr Mole Repellents

    A ѕolаr gopher repellent cаn lаst uр to а yeаr аnԁ а hаlf. Some lаst longer іn mild environments аnԁ whеn thеy аre removed durіng hаrsh wіnters. The іnternаl Ni-MH bаttery, whеn fully chаrged wіll store еnough energy to power thе repellent for аbout two dаys wіthout nееԁіng to bе rechаrged. It wіll run throughout thе night on thе stored energy. After removаl of thе stаkes, іt mаy tаke rodents uр to thrее weeks to return.

  • Few Methods Of Getting Rid Of Moles

    Best way of Getting Rid of Moles

    Moles can really be a nuisance that seems to terrorize your garden or backyard. They can be very difficult to get rid of that some people think that the only way to get rid of them is by hiring a professional. Fortunately, with new technology and DIY mole removal kits, getting rid of moles by yourself is very possible. Moles are naturally timid creatures that are rarely seen by the disgruntled homeowners. What are always visible are the unsightly molehills that they produce.

    Since you rarely see the moles, the first signs of infestation are usually the presence of molehills that they produce. These molehills are usually made up of loose soil that is very unsightly. On top of that, the loose soil provides perfect breeding grounds for unwanted weeds. This article will focus on a few ways it comes to getting rid of moles.

    The first method though removing moles on your back yard or garden is through fumigation. Earthworms are a major part of a moles’ diet. Moles love to stay in areas if it is rich on earthworms. If you choose the method of fumigation, then you need to smoke the holes with a Biofume, which is mostly made of castor oil. The castor oil coats the tunnel that prevents the moles from feeling and smelling the earthworms around their tunnels. The moles would then think that there are no earthworms in the area that leads them to leave to go find a better area. The method is safe and does not kill the earthworms, which are also beneficial for the local garden ecosystem.

    Another method of eliminating moles is through the use of sonic repellents. The idea behind this on our repellents is that it transmits a burst of sonic vibration that frightens the moles. Moles are timid in nature, and are frightened very easily. If the vibration keeps frightening them, they will most likely leave fearing for their lives in search for a better area. However, there is one thing that you need to know if you are thinking using sonic repellents. Sonic repellents are best used on gardens and backyards with solid soil structures. This is because solid soil structures are ideal when it comes to transmitting the vibrations.

    A third method of removing moles is through trapping them. It may sound traditional, but it still does work especially with the new kinds of traps. If you choose this method of forget the bridge of your pests, then it is best that the use claw traps rather than mole tunnel traps.

  • A Get Away Sound

    Cool Sonic Mole Repellent

    There are many people who work hard to have a beautiful green lawn with healthy looking trees, colorful flowers and a garden with a variety of vegetables. Working hard to make a yard look great at all times shows others that the people who own that yard are proud of their yard by the way they take care of it. When a little critter like a mole invades a yard it is time to take appropriate action without hurting your yard, garden or the mole.

    The mole has no idea that it has invaded your yard and garden and is making problems for you. The only thing the mole is thinking about is making a home for itself. After working so hard in your yard and garden you need to have a way in which to get rid of the mole safely, without hurting your yard or garden. One of the best ways in which to do this is to use a sonic mole repellent system. The sound will move the mole out of your yard without hurting the mole encouraging the mole to go somewhere else to make a home.

    After putting batteries into the sonic device and putting it down into the ground, the sound will continue to keep other moles from coming into your yard and will not ruin the beauty of your yard and will not harm children or any pets that the family may have. The sonic mole repellent system is down in the ground far enough that mowing the yard, weeding the garden or playing in the yard is not hampered in anyway.

    The sonic system looks like a large flat head nail with a sharp point at the other end. It is easy to put down into the ground where the sonic sounds will travel a short distance. Some people will put the sonic system in different areas of the yard and garden. The sonic system is not costly so it is very easy to buy several sonic systems to be able to protect more of the yard and garden. The sonic device can be found in many stores in the garden and yard section with all the other organic and green devices to keep your yard free from moles.

  • Make Camping A Little less Scary For Little Ones

    best rabbit repellent home remedy

    Camping is one of the time honored family traditions and many families really cannot wait until the day comes when they can introduce their children to the love of camping. The great outdoors is filled with fun, surprises, wildlife and nature at its finest. This is why camping needs to be a little better coordinated when little ones are thrown in the mix as one wants to make sure that all important first camping adventure is one that is not scary and thus makes the child ready for more good times in the great outdoors.

    One of the issues small children have with camping, and especially overnight trips, is the potential for unwanted animals to show up and thus be a potential threat to a small child who is very new to the outdoors. This may seem a bit silly as those critters live in the areas where one typically goes for camping, however, an unwanted deer or other animal really can scare a child and no parent wants that to be the first camping memory the child has!

    This is one of the reasons why the use of an animal repellent can be a huge help when gearing up for such a trip. You can make sure to have the right product packed and ready to go and thus you can help to stave off such incidents and really get out and have some good family fun. There is no greater joy than being able to introduce and instill a love of the outdoors in your children.

    The one extra item you really should pack when getting prepared for such an adventure is animal repellent. You want to be prepared for anything and everything that could happen and this is one of those products that can help keep surprise visitors such as animals at bay and away. This is one of those key packing list items for full day trips, overnight adventures and even longer length vacations. The right gear, equipment and items packed for a camping getaway really can make the trip all the more enjoyable for everyone and the potential for small animals to invade your space is one that should be considered so no little one has any fear during the trip.

  • Getting Them to Go Away with Electronic Pest Control

    Pests, Pests Go Away!

    best electronic pest control
    For many homeowners, getting rid of pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches and such is a task they want taken care of immediately and with as little effort and mess as possible. Most are reluctant to use poisons due to the risk of pets and small children getting into them. Today many companies offer electronic pest control systems that claim to rid homes and property of pesky critters.

    Most pest systems use a combination of electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies to supposedly rid an area of pests while cleansing the air. Most units simply plug into a wall and look similar to many air fresheners. The idea of these devices is that they are able to disrupt electromagnetic fields and send out ultrasonic sound waves that will disturb pests. These disruptions are supposedly only detected by the intended pests and not household pets such as dogs or cats. The sound waves bounce off walls, floors and furniture to discourage pests, while the electromagnetic field runs through wiring to reach pests hiding within walls, basements and other spots. The claim is that the pests will be made so uncomfortable they will seek other places to live and vacate the premises. While this is going on, the ionic technology sends out beneficial ions to cleanse the air.

    great electronic pest control
    Most units claim to cover areas of 3,000-5,000 square feet, and usually suggest having more than one unit in a residence to ensure total coverage. They use only 1-2 watts of electricity per hour, which is about as much as an average light bulb. Most units are priced between $20-$100 depending on the pests they're supposed to get rid of.

    The question on most consumers minds is do these products actually work? It almost seems too easy to think you can simply plug something into an outlet and all the pests will disappear. The answer to this question is that there is no clear answer to this question. While some research indicates some levels of success, others claim no change in the level of pest control.

    For alternatives to modern technology, Repellex offers natural pest and animal control repellants that is affordable and proven effective.

  • Use Repelles Gopher Traps to get Rid of them Once and for All

    Use Repellex And Your Gophers Are Gone

    Great Gopher traps

    Having gophers on your property can be a problem. These 6 to 13 inch long rodents can be devastating for property owners because they burrow between 6 to 18 inches under the ground to make tunnels to sleep, store food or give birth. They leave unsightly mounds of dirt around a property and cause irrigation problems and erosion which can destroy lawns. Gophers also feed on grass, shrubs and trees often eating entire plant roots and all. The can do serious damage in no time at all. But getting rid of gophers can be easy and safe without using gopher traps if you use the products on has a wide range of products that are both effective and environmentally safe. They include Mole and Gopher repellent in a 32 oz. ready-to-spray size and a 1 gallon concentrate. The mole and gopher repellent is also available in granular form in 7 lb. and 24 lb. sizes. They also offer Repellex Systemic Tablets in 50, 150, 300 and 500 count packages. All of these products quickly get rid of gophers without doing any damage to lawns, flowering plants, shrubs and vegetable gardens. These products are not only environmentally safe, effective and fast-acting, they're available at surprisingly low prices.

    Solutions with Gopher trapsApplying the Mole, Vole and Gopher Repellent is easy. Simply spray, shake or place the product on the grass or soil. The active ingredients, garlic and castor oil, quickly soak into the soil and form a natural barrier which dissuades the gophers from digging, feeding, sleeping or giving birth there. Gophers can breed in as little as one year after birth and 60 or more gophers can live on one acre of land. Once you apply Repellex Mole and Gopher repellent the entire family of gophers will quickly leave your property in search of a new place to live.

    One effective way to use the gopher repellent is to spray the liquid and use the granular form for follow up treatments. The liquid absorbs quickly and the granular form lasts a long, long time. Repellex mole and gopher repellent are safe for use around children and pets. However it is important to let the liquid dry so your children and pets do not end up smelling like garlic and castor oil. Do not apply the repellent directly on the plants. In no time flat your gopher problem will be just a memory.

  • Technology at its Best: Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    Man and Technology vs Deer and Hunger

    Great Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    Damage of crops, shrubs, and ornamental trees due to deer ranges in the millions of dollars every year. As people move from the cities into the suburbs and rural areas, they displace the deer and plant expensive shrubs where deer used to eat. Hunting laws, quotas, and discharge laws make it difficult to thin the herd. What can a person do to keep deer away from their yard and their shrubs? What can a farmer do to keep their crops from being destroyed by deer? One of the more humane ways of protecting the shrubs and crops from deer damage is with an ultrasonic deer deterrent.

    These pest repellents are available thru local home repair stores and also online. They operate by emitting ultrasonic sound waves in order to annoy or scare off deer and other wildlife that might destroy your plants. If the repellent is operating on 120cAC, they operate constantly. Many can also be run on battery, but then they would operate using a motion detector in order to save the battery.
    There are advantages to using the ultrasonic deer deterrent. There are no harmful chemicals being sprayed to hurt the environment. They can be used to protect edible plants, where many sprays cannot. Protective fencing can be unsightly and get complaints from your neighbors. Encouraging more hunting in the area can result in accidents, complaints from neighbors and may not adequately thin the herd.

    Helpful Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    There are some drawbacks to this remedy. The ultrasonic waves will only cover a limited area, so if the area you are trying to protect is large, multiple overlapping ultrasonic deer deterrents will have to be used. If you want them operating constantly, you will also need a power source for each repellent. Although they emit an ultrasonic sound wave that is not supposed to be heard by humans, some people have reported hearing an annoying noise. They may also disturb your pets. Your dog or cat may not want to come into that area, or it may disturb them while they are in that area.

    Whether they protect your shrubs, trees and crops is also undetermined. Different reviews show that some people have success with keeping the deer away and others are disappointed. Sound waves may be blocked by structures, trees and lawn ornaments. Deer may be hungry and just ignore or get used to the annoying sounds. The ultrasonic deer deterrent may also emit stronger sound waves when plugged into 120vAC, so they may not be as efficient when working off batteries.

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