Mole and Gopher Deterrent

  • 6 Tips for Keeping Pests and Animals away from Your Garden


    A garden is a wonderful thing, whether you choose to raise beautiful flowers and plants or ones that bear edible vegetables and fruit for your dinner table. One thing that can be a major pain for the avid gardener is keeping pests and animals away from your tender plants. There are several options for you to consider, and here are six basic tips for protecting your hard work.

    • Fence - When you are dealing with the neighbor’s dog or wildlife that see your plants as an all you can eat buffet, fencing seems to be the logical choice. First determine who your major offenders are. For rabbits or small dogs, a simple short fence could do fine. If you are dealing with deer, you will likely have to go a good deal higher. Keep in mind a determined deer may push or otherwise subvert your fencing to get to your lovely tomato plants.
    • Flooding Gopher Holes - If you have ever stepped in a soft spot in the yard, you know about moles and gophers. What you may not know is how difficult they can be to get rid of and the damage they can do to your garden. Some gardeners choose to use flooding or poison to rid themselves of these pests, though there are some natural pellets you can utilize.
    • Homemade Mixtures - Are you finding despite your best efforts that rabbits are tearing up your fresh young plants? You can make your own animal repellent with a mixture of water, dish detergent and hot sauce. Rabbits do not like the flavor and will leave your plants alone. Of course, you should know they may become accustomed to the flavor and return to the garden anyway.
    • Sprinklers - When a neighborhood cat is giving you problems, your choices are a bit limited. After all, cats can climb pretty well so the fence will not be much use. One creative way to keep cats out of your yard and garden is by utilizing a motion detector on your sprinkler system. Talk about natural pest control!
    • Cage Your Plants - Squirrels can be a bit of a problem, particularly if you are raising juicy red tomatoes, some of the best natural pest repellants are cats and dogs, but then they can become more of a problem than they solve. Some industrious gardeners prefer to cage their prized plants using chicken wire.
    • Natural Animal Repellent Products - A very good and natural pest repellent is hot pepper juice, but not everyone has copious amounts of it lying around the house. Spicy pepper concentrates will not hurt your plants, but will deter a wide variety of pests including dogs, cats, deer, rabbits and even some insect pests. If you don’t want to constantly deal with messy mixtures or sourcing materials, turn to an all natural animal repellent such as Repellex. This proprietary blend comes in tablets, granules and spray to address all of your gardening and animal repellent problems.
  • The Value of a Mole Repellent

    Amazing Mole Repellent

    Mole prevention is needed to remove small creatures that leave holes and messes around. Moles dig in yards and houses to find insects for food. They have large appetites and a lot of energy. As they roam during the day or night, study their habits and apply an effective repellent.

    Moles build complex tunnels that cause extensive damage. It is easy to spot a molehill that looks unattractive and out of place. A typical mole repellent comes in a liquid or powder. Castor oil is a widely used item. The repellent is spread over the hills and then saturated with a water to make it spread throughout the systems. Saturation is recommended for the greatest effects.

    In addition to chemicals, there are devices that get rid of pests. A solar mole repellent shoots vibrations into the ground that irritate the invaders. The first instinct for the creatures is to escape out of the tunnel. Keep the sounds going in and eventually the moles seek peace somewhere else. The energy-efficient device takes its power from the sun.

    Various natural remedies are available that claim to repel moles. The point is to eradicate the problem without harming the animals or environment. However, only a few natural methods actually work. One method is to set up barriers around the outlying parts of the backyard. The barriers are buried deep enough to ensure that the animals do not reach them. This method is only useful at preventing moles from entering the yard. If a barrier does not work, you could fumigate the area by pumping gas into the tunnel. The work is not entirely effective because the tunnel is usually very long and requires a large supply of gas. Also, the gas could get absorbed into the soil before it reaches the mole.

    Moles are pests because they create giant hills and eat through gardens. One mole can cause serious damage to a garden. One solution is to call the professional services of a mole exterminator. The pros review the extent of the problem and set up traps or spray repellents. However, not all pros use safe, natural chemicals that do not leave messes. Whenever you can, take care of the problem yourself and have total control over the results.

  • Humane Ways to Get Rid of Gophers

    Gophers Gotta Go!

    best on how to get rid of gophers humanelyGophers, despite being small in stature, can cause big problems for homeowners and their yards. Destroying flower beds, vegetable gardens and lawns are just some of the deeds these creatures do. While there are many rodent poisons on the market, many people don't want to use these because they don't want to kill the gophers and they don't want to risk other animals or pets ingesting the poison. Instead, they look for more humane ways to get rid of the pesky critters. Fortunately, several methods are available.The most obvious way to get rid of gophers humanely is to trap them. One can either buy a live animal trap themselves or hire a pest-control or wildlife removal company to do the job. Traps are made so that when the animal walks inside the door closes behind them, thus trapping them. They can then be safely transported to another area and released back into the wild.

    Building a barrier around a yard can discourage gophers. Gophers cannot climb, so building a solid fence that's 1-2 feet high will usually do the trick. Just remember to bury it about a foot deep into the ground to make sure gophers can't get through. Repellents that make the grass and other gopher foods taste bad to them are also effective. All use non-toxic ingredients to make sure gophers have nothing to snack on in a yard or garden. Most can be applied by attaching them to a garden hose and wetting down the problem area.

    amazing way on how to get rid of gophers humanely

    Gophers have very good hearing and are very sensitive to the slightest sounds and vibrations. Installing sonic repellent units in the ground can make gophers want to hang out somewhere else. The vibrations are very low, so while they bother gophers pets such as dogs pay them no mind. These devices can run on batteries or solar power, and can cover areas up to 14,000 square feet. Birdcall units that imitate the sounds of gopher predators such as hawks and owls can also be used. These act on motion detection, so they should be placed where gophers emerge at night.

    Whatever method is chosen when deciding how to get rid of gophers humanely, any of them should lead to a peaceful solution to whatever problem a person is having with the pesky but cute critters.

  • What Do Gophers Eat? Are you Missing Vegetables?

    Missing Vegetables?

    What do gophers eat food

    What do gophers eat? Gophers are vegetarians. They will eat your vegetables. Also grasses, farmers' and ranchers alfalfa, trees (especially the decorative greenery that you paid the landscaper to plant), just about anything that grows green. Gophers are cute, cartoon character-type rodents with buck teeth and pop up heads that you occasionally see above the holes that lead to their underground chambers. That's where it gets un-cute.

    Gophers dig extensive networks of underground tunnels that lead to their subterranean bunkers where they take the food they have "liberated" from their hosts and spend most of their time eating and enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at your expense. You never really know where that cute little head will turn up, but the danger is in the holes from which they emerge to forage. The holes are fairly large, large enough to catch a foot or hoof. Gophers are a serious danger for farmers, ranchers or people who have a large animal or two on their property. Legs can be broken from stepping in the gopher holes. The loss of an animal companion, valuable livestock, or just the other problems that arise from the digging and burrowing can be avoided by urging the gopher to relocate to a place where the food supply is more to their liking.

    See What do gophers eat

    Using a chemical deterrent that is safe, natural and will leave no toxic remnant is an essential means to deal with these cute pests. There are violent methods to deal with them but there's collateral damage, shooting is often a problem due to their evasive nature and second sense of danger not to mention stray rounds. Gophers spend most of their time underground consuming their ill-gotten gains and dreaming about getting more so your solution has to be waiting for them to take the bait. Safe non-toxic Repellex is the best choice.

    If you have vegetables, greenery or grow alfalfa and hay or store it nontoxic Repellex will leave no traces for your taste buds or those of your livestock, gophers just don't like it. When the food doesn't taste good, gophers move. If they show up next door, tell the neighbors what you learned, they'll thank you.

  • Home Remedy Gopher Repellent to Rid Yourself of Gophers and Other Garden Pest

    Get Rid of Gophers and Other Garden Pest Naturally Without Chemicals

    awesome home remedy gopher repellent

    Even animal lovers can't stand when gophers start digging up their landscaping. These furry little buggers, while adorable, can quickly destroy a lawn or garden. Even a single gopher alone can wreck a garden in a weeks time. Dealing with a gopher infestation quickly is essential if you don't want to have to start your garden over from scratch. There are plenty of commercial gopher repellents out there, but they are often filled with harsh chemicals and can hurt the gophers. If you prefer a more natural approach to your garden, then you probably want a home remedy gopher repellent. Lucky for you there are actually quite a few effective gopher repellents that you can make at home that is much more natural than the stuff you would buy at a store.

    Dryer Sheets

    The dryer sheets that many people toss in with their clothes for soft, nice smelling laundry actually make great gopher repellents. Gophers really dislike strong scents like those in dryer sheets. This is an inexpensive, but quite effective solution to your gopher problem. All you have to do is stick a couple of dryer sheets into the gopher holes in your yard and them cover them well with soil. If you don't want to leave the dryer sheets buried in your soil, you can remove them in a couple of weeks after the gophers have moved on.

    great home remedy gopher repellent

    Portable Radio

    This gopher repellant often surprises people, but it really does work. Take a battery powered portable radio and seal it in a Ziploc bag to keep moisture out of it. Leave it on low volume wherever the gophers are causing the most trouble. This will usually clear them out within a couple of days. If they ever come back, just put the radio back out.

    Coffee Grounds

    If you drink coffee, then you already have everything you need to get rid of gophers, and this option will also improve the health of your garden. Simply take the spent coffee grounds from brewing your coffee and put them in the gopher holes and cover them well with soil. Also spread some grounds around all over the garden. They will drive off the gophers and fertilize the soil at the same time so you will not only have a pest free garden, but a beautiful one too.

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