Natural Deer Deterrents

  • How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

    how to keep deer from eating plants now

    Deer are graceful, beautiful animals who are a delight to watch – but it’s far from a delight to see them destroying your garden! Deer can be voracious eaters and especially if you live in a rural or semi-rural area, they’re always around. At certain times of the year, deer may be nightly visitors; and if this is your situation, you’re probably wondering just how to keep deer out of your garden.

    How do you keep deer out of the garden?

    There are a variety of ways to deter deer, ranging from physical barriers to natural animal repellents like Repellex. Fencing is effective, but can be very costly and difficult to install yourself. You’ll also need to have a fence which is at least six feet tall (and preferably eight) to make sure that deer stay out. Depending on the terrain where you have your garden or local zoning ordinances where you live, you may not even be able to build a fence.

    Have Your Dog Protect The Garden

    If you have a dog, they may be able to help you keep deer away from your garden. However, this assumes that your dog won’t wander off if left outside overnight and that you don’t also have coyotes, bears or other predators who could pose a threat to your family pet. If your dog is on the lazier side and isn’t inclined to chase deer, then this probably isn’t a good option even during the day.

    Try Deer Resistant Plants

    Certain plants are less attractive to deer, such as verbena, marigold and heliotrope. That doesn’t mean that deer won’t eat these plants, but they’ll wait until they’re very hungry to do so. Think of them as a natural deer repellent, although not necessarily a completely effective one.

    Commercial Deer Repellents

    Ultimately, natural animal repellent products are the way to go. They’re less expensive and far more effective than just about anything else you could do to protect your garden from hungry deer. They’re long lasting, safe for your plants, pets and yourself. Some work by having a smell which deer don’t like (they have much more sensitive noses than we do), but the most effective are systemic deer repellents which use capsaicin, the natural compound which makes chili peppers hot to make your plants too spicy for deer to want to eat.

  • Unwanted Critters Be Gone!

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    Repellex garden repellent is a completely safe, natural deer deterrent. It can be used to also repel other garden pests such as rabbits, moles, gophers, dogs, cats, squirrels, mosquitoes and ticks.

    Repellex products are made for use on landscape plants, fruits and vegetables and lawns. Repellex comes available in several different forms for ornamental plants including: granular form, liquid concentrate form, liquid spray form and systemic tablet form.

    The natural deer deterrent is available in granular or liquid spray forms for use on fruits and vegetables and offers an array of different sizes and prices available for the products, depending on what type of pest that you’re looking to repel and how long you want to repel them.

    For fruits and vegetables, there are Repellex products available to warn off deer, rabbit, dogs and squirrels.

    Ornamental plant products that are available repel dogs, cats and squirrels. Repellex offers turf products to repel cats and dogs, moles and gophers and is available in granular and liquid spray forms, as well as, liquid concentrate form.

    However, in order to keep deer out of your garden Repellex offers three different products that act as repellants.

    First is Repellex’s main product, which is a systemic tablet. The systemic tablet distributes the concentrated product’s hot pepper solution to the plants and is taken in by the plant’s roots on a molecular plane.

    Repellex systemic tablets are effective for up to a year for plants that will not be consumed. However, Repellex systemic tablets are not for use on plants that will be consumed.

    The second option that Repellex offers to keep deer out of your garden, which also works for rabbits, is the company’s rabbit and deer repellent spray. The spray is comprised of garlic, dried blood meal and cinnamon, as well as, other all-natural components. ‘The spray lasts for up to 90 days because it is also comprised of natural bonding agents.

    The third option that Repellex offers to repel deer from the garden is their fruit and vegetable spray. The spray is comprised of an intense mix of natural plant extracts and putrescent eggs and is also mixed with natural bonding agents that are safe enough to use during harvest time. The spray keeps deer and other animals from eating the plants in your garden. It also repels insects.

    Repellex products are safe to use and non-harmful, so it is OK to use them where children and their pets play, particularly in yards and gardens. Repellex is all-natural, meaning that no pesticides or harmful chemicals and poisons are used to create it.

    Repellex systemic tablets can also be used to repel moles. When using the Repellex systemic tablets moles become disgusted by the taste that the tablets leave on the plants that they feed on, so they vacate the area to find a more suitable plant for feeding purposes.

    A second option is Repellex’s mole and gopher repellant, which keeps the moles and gophers from digging holes in your yard and burrowing themselves deep inside them. The repellant soaks into the soil and creates a preventative repellant coating that encompasses the plants that are growing in your garden. The mole and gopher repellent comes available in both granular and liquid spray form.

    Repellex recommends using the spray first and then the granular form as a way of making the results last longer. The Repellex products do not endanger animals and are completely safe. They not only keep moles from digging holes in your yard, but also deter them away from the yard.

    Repellex also offers the same products to repel gophers and voles.

  • Every Gardeners Enemy

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    Every gardener dreams of having the perfect vegetable garden to harvest at the end of summer. All of a sudden they look out their window to view their perfect tomatoes hanging precariously and there is a deer standing smack dab in the middle of the beautiful plants. The deer are a gardener’s enemy in these tough circumstances and not even a fence will keep them away when they want a nibble of the colorful little fruits. A gardener may run out shaking their fist at the deer and it will scare it away for the time being, but the damage was already done. Their crop has been trampled in spots where the deer made itself at home. The deer had an excellent little meal of tomatoes and sugar snap peas and smashed a cantaloupe in the process. At times like this the best deer deterrent would have been from that the gardener had found while searching the internet last night. The gardener realizes she could have saved her crop that had been made of a meal if she had not depended on a fence alone. The gardener does not waste any more time and immediately goes online and buys the deer deterrent she needs and orders it to be delivered immediately. She may not be able to spray her vegetables until tomorrow so she will have to be on deer patrol until she receives her precious repellent spray.

    This could happen to any gardener anytime and anywhere. Every gardener has to watch their gardens as if they were protecting gold. There are millions of bugs and animals that are ready to invade every garden available to them. Repellent is not hard to find online but the best place to look is at The company offers many natural and safe deterrents to keep any type of pest at bay. They offer the absolute best deer deterrent that is on the market that is 100% guaranteed to work. The deer repellent that is available comes in tablets and sprays that may be used by itself or together on vegetable and fruits. Everything that they have to offer is all natural and this is an excellent plus considering it will be spray on edibles. If a gardener is worried that the repellent may harm the animals then they will be satisfied completely with the product because it is not harmful to animals either. What makes this repellent so unique is that it leaves a bad taste to the pests and animals. It sends a hot pepper taste straight to the root of the plant after the product is applied. This is what keeps the bugs and animals away, they do not want to eat anything that is hot to them. The spray with the dried bloodmeal in it will leave an odor to deter the pests and animals. It gives off an odor that these scavengers do not like. By using the repellent a gardener will have a beautiful crop to harvest for the entire season.

  • Keep Deer Away Without Headlights: Repellex Deer Deterrent

    Safe and natural repellent spray

    Deer can be some of the most beautiful, graceful creatures to wander through your yard. That is, of course, when they aren't wreaking havoc on your garden. Whether you're growing apples, figs, tomatoes or almost any other food, deer want in on your feast. There are plenty of ways to keep deer from your garden, and most of them are costly, labor heavy and possibly harmful to these graceful animals. If you're looking for a natural deer deterrent, then you've come to the right place.


    Some people spray their fruit with unnatural chemicals to keep animals away, but these chemicals can be harmful to both animals and humans. Pesticides and similar chemicals can seep into your food and harm you or your family when you eat your harvest, even if you thoroughly rinse your fruits and vegetables. Pesticides, over time, can cause serious deficiencies in your health. After all, it is poison intended to harm anything that consumes it, and we want to keep deer away, not kill them. Other people try physical deterrent such as fences. Sounds like a simple solution, right? Deer have been known to jump fences up to twelve feet high, and installing a fence high enough to keep deer away can take a serious toll on both your wallet and your free time.

    So what can you do to keep the deer away from your food without hurting your family, yourself or your bank account? Repellex offers a deer deterrent that works in a whole different way. Repellex is the natural way to keep deer from your crops. It gives off a smell which naturally deters deer and other animals without harming them, your family or the environment. Repellex is a completely natural formula which works in a way that will go completely unnoticed by you and your guests - unlike a twelve foot fence. Repellex gives off a weak scent, which you will be able to smell straight out of the bottle, but once it is sprayed, will be undetectable by humans. Animals such as deer have an extremely strong sense of smell which, by instinct, lets them know what areas are safe or unsafe. The smell given off by Repellex is a smell which, to deer, means that a predator is near by, and that will make them stay far away.

    So ditch the un-natural, un-safe, un-cost-effective deterrents and keep your garden safe the natural way.

  • Repellex Those Pesky Deer Away Today

    great way on how to keep deer out of your garden

    The summer is here and you have spent the better part of your days planting flowers and shrubs and mowing your lawn. Your seeds are sowen and plants are growing and producing lots of fresh vetables. Time for you to sit back and enjoy your garden. But wait, here come the deer. Now the question is how to keep deer out of your garden?

    Repellex is safe and easy to use with all natural ingredients such as garlic and other essential oils so it will not harm you or the deer. The deer will take a nibble but get a bad taste in their mouth rather than the usual delicious taste of vegetation they are use to. This will discourage the deer and make them believe that there is nothing edible to eat and leave you with a flourishing yard and garden to enjoy.

    Also available are repellents with predator scents that are only detected by deer. This will then keep the deer away from the area. These products will not damage any of your ornaments, or plants, nor will they do any harm to you or the deer themselves. These products are a great solution on how to keep deer out of your garden and yard.

    There is no mess, no stress, just simple and easy to use formulas of your choice. Premixed sprays are used for coating the leaves and wood of your trees and shrubs that last for ninety days of protecting your plants. Tablets are absorbed through the roots of your plants that will protect through the whole of the growing season. All the products come with easy to follow instructions. Specially formulated sprays for vegetables and fruits are available that will keep your produce safe for you to eat. The formulas will not be washed off by rain or effected by sunlight so there is no need to reapply until the time required on the bottle.

    If you are looking for a safe, easy and natural way for keeping pesky deer away from your shrubbery, flowers and vegetables, repellex is the brand for you. Repellex those pesky deer away today.

  • Safe and effective deer deterrent

    Great Homemade Deer Deterrent

    Any homeowner who has a garden knows that pests can be a real problem and also dealing with the issue of deer eating many of the plants that these animals consider to be edible. The solution to this all to common problem is an online purchase of a deer deterrent spray concentrate that can be made into a homemade spray, by simply applying this homemade deer deterrent spray onto flowering plants and garden vegetables to create a natural film which deer find completely inedible. After one application of this spray deterrent a garden will be protected from both deer and rabbits that will simply move on elsewhere.The Repellex company has created a line of spray concentrates that can be purchase over the Internet at affordable prices to homeowners. The spray concentrates are available in 32 ounce, 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon containers depending on the size and scale of the garden. To create the homemade deer deterrent spray all the homeowner needs to do is follow the mixing directions on the label of the concentrate container. The mixture can be poured into any reusable garden sprayer for the application to garden plants. The results are immediate after one spray application.In certain residential areas that border wooded areas that are known animal habitats, homeowners who have gardens are vulnerable to having unwanted visits by animals. Deer have often been considered garden pests, because they can eat not only plants on the ground but on bushes as well. The idea of using a safe, yet effective deer deterrent that will not harm children or pets would be valuable advice to homeowners that have gardens.Repellex has created a reputation for safe and effective home garden protection products that are derived from natural ingredients found in plants that certain animals will not eat in the wild. If a homeowner is experiencing a problem with either deer or rabbits eating flowers or any other garden plant, the simple solution would be to apply the Repellex concentrate deterrent spray to the plants in the effected garden to help keep animals away in order for the garden to recover.
  • Deers May be Cute....But They Don't Make Great Dinner Guests

    Great Deer Deterrent

    The summertime season brings with it the chance to spend time outdoors. This is when people tend to grill out for dinner, eat outside on the patio and simply soak in the warmth of the summer sun and even the beauty that sunset brings. Though many people have backyards and areas that are not directly up against a wooded area; deer can creep in to areas as they tend to get pushed around simply through the general issue of seeking food and constantly being on the move. This is one reason why using a deer deterrent can be useful as you do not want those cute and furry critter making a surprise appearance at one of your outdoor events. Even one rogue deer strolling up to the porch while you and your family eats dinner can be bothersome and actually a little scary to boot.The one way you can help to make sure that wildlife, such as deer, steer clear of your yard is through the use of products such as a deer deterrent. This is because it is specifically designed to have a smell that is offensive to deer and thus when their sensitive noses pick up on that scent they will stay away and thus you will not have to contend with those unwanted and unwelcome visitors. Though one may think it is nice to see deer in the yard simply roaming about; it really is not a great way to spend a quiet night outside with good friends, good food and good weather. Deer can be pesky at times and when you know how best to keep them at bay you will find you never have to worry about whether one will randomly show up or not.Deer are wonders of nature, however, as with all other wildlife they are wild animals and really need to be kept away from certain places and areas as they can prove to be a problem. You want to use the best ways and means of making sure that if you want deer to stay away you have the right products on hand to help in that mission.
  • How to Keep Deer From Eating Plants: One Woman's Desperate Dilemma

    Dine-and-Dashing Deer Destroy My Daisies

    how to keep deer from eating plants nowEver since I was a little girl growing up in rural Arkansas, I've been an avid gardener. From herbs to spices, annuals to perennials, I'd spend many a summer's eve with my trusty hook and hoe tilling the fertile canvas of God's green Earth. After meeting the love of my life I saw a change in address, moving north to upstate New York. This change in climate offered many new challenges to my venerable green thumb; the frigid, temperamental New England winters, the incorrigibly rocky New York landscape, and as you would expect in any wilderness landscape, many unwelcome guests. The labyrinthine forests surrounding my property played host to myriad garden foes, namely insects, rabbits, yes, deer. What had once been a testament to nature's pulchritude had become a modern black death for the denizens of my flowerbed.I tried simply shooing them away, waving them down shrieking expletives like an ambulatory scarecrow. This proved fruitless however, as they'd simply return and resume their sacking of Carthage on my sunflower patch, sometimes within the hour. The thought ruminated within me interminably: "How to keep deer from eating plants". Despite their utter destruction of my garden, I could never resort to poisoning a living creature, thereby leaving poisons off the table, and setting traps just seems cruel and inhumane.It's also been suggested that I should simply switch to planting flowers deer don't like to eat, but that would just be dealing with the symptoms, as opposed to attacking the problem of deer pillaging my garden with malice of forethought head on. A friend I met at a local seed store tipped me off to a line of nature repellents. These repellents can come in either spray, or tablet form and are both natural and safe, so they won't hurt the deer coming around looking for their free meal - or my precious petunias. These natural repellents give me peace of mind, and give my garden the freedom to flourish. I can wholeheartedly recommend these natural repellents to any gardener, novice or expert, whose garden is plagued by a few unwanted guests looking for a free meal.
  • Technology at its Best: Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    Man and Technology vs Deer and Hunger

    Great Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    Damage of crops, shrubs, and ornamental trees due to deer ranges in the millions of dollars every year. As people move from the cities into the suburbs and rural areas, they displace the deer and plant expensive shrubs where deer used to eat. Hunting laws, quotas, and discharge laws make it difficult to thin the herd. What can a person do to keep deer away from their yard and their shrubs? What can a farmer do to keep their crops from being destroyed by deer? One of the more humane ways of protecting the shrubs and crops from deer damage is with an ultrasonic deer deterrent.

    These pest repellents are available thru local home repair stores and also online. They operate by emitting ultrasonic sound waves in order to annoy or scare off deer and other wildlife that might destroy your plants. If the repellent is operating on 120cAC, they operate constantly. Many can also be run on battery, but then they would operate using a motion detector in order to save the battery.
    There are advantages to using the ultrasonic deer deterrent. There are no harmful chemicals being sprayed to hurt the environment. They can be used to protect edible plants, where many sprays cannot. Protective fencing can be unsightly and get complaints from your neighbors. Encouraging more hunting in the area can result in accidents, complaints from neighbors and may not adequately thin the herd.

    Helpful Ultrasonic Deer Deterrent

    There are some drawbacks to this remedy. The ultrasonic waves will only cover a limited area, so if the area you are trying to protect is large, multiple overlapping ultrasonic deer deterrents will have to be used. If you want them operating constantly, you will also need a power source for each repellent. Although they emit an ultrasonic sound wave that is not supposed to be heard by humans, some people have reported hearing an annoying noise. They may also disturb your pets. Your dog or cat may not want to come into that area, or it may disturb them while they are in that area.

    Whether they protect your shrubs, trees and crops is also undetermined. Different reviews show that some people have success with keeping the deer away and others are disappointed. Sound waves may be blocked by structures, trees and lawn ornaments. Deer may be hungry and just ignore or get used to the annoying sounds. The ultrasonic deer deterrent may also emit stronger sound waves when plugged into 120vAC, so they may not be as efficient when working off batteries.

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