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  • How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

    Great rabbit repellent home remedy

    While many people think rabbits are cute, they are not as cute when they’re gobbling up your garden’s flowers of vegetables. Gardeners dread rabbits, and they can quickly become a nuisance. The good news is that you can use multiple techniques, such as rabbit repellent, to keep those rabbits from ruining your garden.

    Make a Chicken Wire Fence

    Many types of fence will not keep the rabbits out, but mesh fencing that has 1-inch holes or smaller, should ensure those rabbits can’t get to the garden. However, you need to keep a few things in mind when making the fence to ensure the rabbits can’t dig under your fence or jump over it.

    • Make sure that the fence is buried 4-6 inches under the ground.
    • Make sure the base of the fence is bent at a 90 degree angle outward underground. This makes it hard for rabbits to burrow under your fence.
    • Ensure your fence is at least two feet tall above the surface, or higher if you have jackrabbits.
    • Raise Garden Beds

    Sometimes raising your garden beds may discourage the rabbits from taking the trouble to get into your garden. However, if you are going to raise your garden beds, you’ll need to raise them at least 18 inches if you want to keep the rabbits away. Raised beds have other benefits too, so it may be worth your time to go this route.

    Using Rabbit Repellents

    Of course, an animal repellent can also be helpful if you just can’t seem to keep those rabbits out of the garden. While you can try your hand at making your own rabbit repellent, many homemade repellents may not provide you with the results that you want. A better option is to purchase repellent that you can use in your garden. Remember, you don’t want to harm the rabbits, but you do want to make sure that they aren’t tearing up and eating up your garden.

    Some rabbit repellent options are long lasting and may last for six months or more. You will also find that some repellents are designed to repel multiple types of animals. For example, it’s easy to find deer and rabbit repellent, making it easy to keep both animals from ruining your garden this year. Just make sure you find a repellent that is safe and backed by a quality company.

  • Bunny Proof; with Natural Rabbit Repellent

    natural rabbit repellent is non-toxic and safe

    Rabbits are belittled mammals and are herbivores that mainly feed on grasses, clover and choice flora. These small and graceful creatures can nevertheless wreak havoc on your garden. Seedlings and young vegetables hardly survive after being attacked by rabbits. These cute bunnies eat tender parts of grown plants making them debilitated. Under such instances, there is no other alternative left to the homeowner than in the controlling of the rabbits to avoid further garden damage, particularly vegetables. Sad really, it should be enjoyable watching bunnies frolicking in your yard. The only thing you can think of is gallantly running out to your garden, placing yourself between the garden and those ferocious wolverines and protecting it with your life!
    Of course, there are several ways you can control the onslaught of the advancing horde. One thing is fencing, chicken wire works well. Have the height reaching about 48 inches tall; (rabbits are well versed at jumping). Rabbits do know how to dig so you may wish to bury at least six to eight inches of the chicken wire into the ground. Unfortunately, by the time you pick yourself off the floor by the sticker shock over the price of fencing, posts and gate then install your new deterrent your back yard will begin to look like a maximum-security prison! You could add guard cats for effect though, (FYI: Cats and rabbits are enemies).
    There are also electronic devices, available but most of them work using an ultrasonic sound and strobe lighting that may or may not scare them away. It may also convince your pets to pack up and move out! Of course, you always have plastic owls, snakes and eagles to try to scare them off although the panic factor just is not there.
    When it comes to repelling rabbits, a good natural rabbit repellent works great and your dogs and cats will stay home and without harm. If you smell the container of one of these products, you may smell a sulfur like smell but once you broadcast, it is normally not detectable by humans. One thing you should remember and that is animals have an exceedingly sensitive sense of smell. Their olfactory glands are much more heightened to smells and odors than humans are. Odor and scents unite and become one of their primary percepts of language while using this basis,


  • Effective Ways to Keep Rabbits Away

    Repellex Products: A Safe, Effective Way To Keep Rabbits Away

    best rabbit repellent home remedy

    Are you looking for a safe, effective rabbit repellent home remedy? Visit There you will find a wide range of excellent rabbit repellent products which will keep rabbits out of your lawn and garden without harming them. Repellex has long been making safe products designed to keep rabbits from doing damage to your property without hurting the cuddly creatures. Rabbits are cute and loveable, but left unchecked hungry wild rabbits can quickly do thousands of dollars of damage to your property and be a real nuisance. Don't resort to desperate measures, just visit

    At you will find a wide selection of ready-to-use products in sizes and prices to suit any budget. Whether you choose the Repellex Systemic Tablets in the 50, 150 or 300 count sizes, their ready-to-use spray or their 32oz, 1 gallon or 2.5 gallon concentrate the result is the same. Your property will be rabbit free for up to 90 days. Repellex works in any kind of weather conditions. In rainy weather it's recommended the spray be used once a month to protect rapidly growing plants. The Repellex Deer and Rabbit Original Formula will form a very effective barrier for pennies a day.


    Great rabbit repellent home remedy

    The ingredients used in the entire line of Repellex products are environmentally safe. They will not harm your vegetables or your flowering plants. They also work well in combination with other products. However mixing them is usually not necessary because Repellex products are incredibly effective at keeping rabbits away from your plants. The Original Deer and Rabbit repellent is made with garlic, sticks to plants and lasts a long time. However it's not recommended for edible plants. The active ingredients in Repellex’s Fruit and Vegetable spray are egg and essential oils. This makes it perfect for edible plants.

    Although rabbits are beautiful, they can also be nuisances. To keep them at bay people have tried numerous products. But most of them are ineffective when faced with wind and rain. The excellent line of Repellex products is not only effective, they are long lasting and offer great value for their price. They can be used in all types of landscapes and climates. They are safe for the environment and the animals they repel and easy to use. For people who are looking for a great way to keep rabbits from being a problem a trip to can provide the solution.

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