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  • How to Keep Deer Out of Garden--Repulse Them with Repellex

    easy-to-use and pre-measured tablets

    Gardeners everywhere love transforming a plot of soil into an expanse of colorful foliage and flowers. Wildlife attracted to the garden serve to heighten the planter’s enjoyment. But some of nature’s inhabitants, like white-tailed deer, can destroy a gardener’s hard work in short order.

    The population of white-tailed deer in the United States is approximately 30 million, and their range extends well beyond woodland areas into the suburbs. Many common plants appeal to deer. Once they find a good source of food in your garden, they will likely come back again and again to forage for more. Just a few visits are enough to decimate your lovely plot. Unfortunately, fences rarely help, as deer are excellent jumpers, determined to find a good meal.

    Deer must be dissuaded from consuming the plants you have so lovingly tended. Repellex is the answer to how to keep deer out of garden. Repellex deer deterrents are formulated with natural ingredients that are completely safe for animals and the environment. Whether you choose to use systemic tablets, ready-to-use sprays or spray concentrate, you will find success in protecting your plants and flowers.

    Repellex tablets contain a hot pepper concentrate that is delivered to the roots of your plants and absorbed at the molecular level. The result is a bad taste distributed evenly throughout the plant. When deer take a bite, they learn your plants aren’t edible and they stay away.

    The tablets are easy to use. Simply place them in the soil around your plants and water. The effects will not wash off and one treatment will last through the entire growing season.

    Repellex spray contains dried blood meal that releases a predator-like scent as a natural repellent to grazing deer. In addition, the spray contains garlic and essential oils, two flavors deer find offensive. So deer are doubly-deterred through their senses of smell and of taste.

    Repellex spray can be purchased ready-to-use or as a concentrate. Application is simple. Spray evenly on your plants and the natural adhesives in the product will cause it to stick to leaves and woody surfaces, forming a protective coat that lasts approximately three months.

    Repellex sprays are effective when used independently. However, they also complement the tablets by providing a second barrier during times when the systemic tablets are not as effective—specifically during the up-take stage and when the plant is dormant.

    The problem of how to keep deer out of garden is finally solved. Use Repellex tablets and sprays, and white-tailed deer will seek tastier morsels elsewhere.

  • Getting creative to get rid of pesky backyard moles

    get rid of moles

    Any homeowner who has had an infestation of moles in their backyard knows that these critters can be downright destructive. They can take a beautiful lawn from lush to lumpy in a very short period of time. Once you have moles in your yard or garden what is a homeowner to do? For many people moles are an irritation but for those who invest a great deal of time and/or money in the beauty of their lawn or a well manicured garden, moles can be a costly interference.

    There are several options to evaluate when a homeowner wants to evaluate how to get rid of moles in yard. One of the most obvious options is to get a cat or dog. Having a pet that patrols your yard is one option for eliminating or minimizing the effects of moles. This is obviously not an option for every family.

    Another option that is currently used is traps, either above or below ground. Traps can be successful but it is necessary to clear the trap each time a mole is caught. It also requires placement and maintenance. Similarly a barrier method can be attempted. A metal or wire barrier can be sunk one foot below the surface surrounding a garden to keep the moles out. This does require a fair amount of work.

    Many homeowners attempt to use various chemical options to get rid of moles in their yard. Unfortunately this will rarely get rid of them for good. By treating their yard with chemicals (often insecticides) they will kill insects that are necessary for their soil. It also has not been shown to be effective for eliminating a mole infestation.

    Plant Based Repellants like Repellex are made from plant-based materials and are safer for the homeowners and their family. They are formulated from castor oil, white pepper, garlic, and cinnamon, making this a safe option for families. The safe ingredients in the Repellex pellets are absorbed into the plants root system and becomes part of its molecular structure. Because the pellets are hot pepper based the moles or other burrowing critters will be deterred by the taste and move to a non-treated yard. So not only will the critters move on to another yard they will stay away.

    There are obviously several options for homeowners wondering evaluate how to get rid of moles in yard. Be it a pet, barrier, trap, chemical or organic option, not each solution will work for every family. In order to avoid costly traps, an abundance of work or caring for a new pet, a plant based repellant might be the answer.

  • How to Get Rid Of Moles in Yard Naturally and Keep Them Out

    For greater coverage and less bulk repllent grandular powder

    Moles in the yard are an annoyance. They can dig and rut up a yard in minutes. Many homeowners who want to know how to get rid of moles in yard naturally and humanely. There are many ways of keeping moles from invading your yard without murdering the poor creatures.

    There are chemical ways of keeping moles out of your yard and some even kill the moles. You can gas up their underground home with toxic fumes and many other noxious methods that poison the ground and the air, and yes, even kill the moles. You could flood their holes and try to drown them out. Drowning them out really is not effective, they will be back when the water subsides.

    Like a stray cat, if it does not have easy access to food, it will leave. The same concept applies to moles. Moles live where their food supply is. Moles eat grubs, flies and beetles. There are many natural insect remedies to get rid of their food source, thus forcing the moles to move on.

    There are also traps that are inserted into a mole hole to physically catch them to be moved elsewhere. Of course, there are also death traps that do not harm the environment, but do harm the mole. Either way, these are effective at getting rid of moles.

    Another answer to how to get rid of moles in yard naturally is to use a garden powder repellent. Natural powders are available at inexpensive prices that will repel moles from your yard and garden. While it is true moles are rather cute, most homeowners do not want them invading their yard. Dealing with the problem does not have to be lethal for you or the mole. Take simple, natural steps to get moles out of your yard and keep them out.

    An almost free method of driving moles out of your space is to simply put a few onion slices into the mound as soon as you see it. Onions have a strong scent that moles do not like. Some who have used this method report it working for a couple of years. When the moles begin to return, simply place onion slices in their mound and you are good for another couple of years.

    Moles are a major headache for a homeowner, especially those that are passionate about a nice healthy yard. It is not difficult to get rid of them naturally without hurting the mole or the environment.

  • Repellex Repellents Get Rid of Moles

    Quick and easy application
    Homeowners make the quest to get rid of moles a priority. Burrowing moles do more than just damage the appearance of lawns and landscape beds. The burrowing can uproot and kill the expensive plants, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

    Moles, however, are difficult to remove, and many of the methods suggested are repulsive and cruel. Most people prefer to use humane methods that are safe for pets and children.

    Repellex repellents are easy to use and are made of all natural, plant-based materials with no harmful chemicals or poisons.

    Repellex Mole and Gopher 32 oz. Ready to Spray, Repellex Mole and Gopher 1 Gallon Concentrate, Repellex Mole and Gopher 7 lb. Granular, and Repellex 24 lb. Granular Pail contain castor oil, cinnamon, garlic, and white pepper. Repellex Mole and Gopher 32 oz Ready to Spray attaches directly to a garden hose while Repellex Mole and Gopher 1 Gallon Concentrate is applied to lawns and landscape beds, but not edible plants, through a garden sprayer or lawn sprinkler. Broadcast Repellex's granular products over lawns and landscape beds, but, again, not edible plants, with a lawn spreader. Water the lawn and landscape beds after spreading, or allow rain or ground moisture to activate the treatment. These products last 4 to 6 weeks and can be applied whenever the ground is not frozen. It is best to apply them at the first sign of moles. Because moles remain active all year and simply burrow deeper in the winter, apply a treatment in late fall before the ground freezes. These products are absorbed by the soil and create a protective coating around the roots of plants and other underground food sources. With the reduction in available food, moles leave. The departure may be accompanied by an increase in activity during the first seven days of treatment.

    Repellex Systemic Tablets protect trees, shrubs, foliage plants, and flowers, but, once more, they are not for use with edible plants. The tablets contain capsaicin, the compound that makes hot peppers hot. The plants absorb the capsaicin and within 1 week to 1 month, they take on that hot pepper heat, repelling moles. The treatment lasts for up to 1 year. When planting, place the tablets 2 to 3 inches from the root crown and push them 1 to 3 inches below the surface. Use one tablet for every foot of plant height and width. Place the tablets around established plants whenever new growth appears, but not when the plant is dormant or the ground is frozen or waterlogged. Depending on the size of the plant, absorption may take from 1 week to 1 month.

    Get rid of moles safely and easily with Repellex's all natural repellants.

  • How to get rid of moles in your yard the easy way

    Mole Repellent made from plant based materials

    Moles are all of eight inches long and top the scales at a whopping six ounces, but they can do a lot of damage in a yard if left to run wild. Despite their small size, they are very fast. They have the capability of digging 18 feet per hour. It does not take long for a happy mole family to turn your yard into an underground tunnel system. There are several ideas on how to get rid of moles in yard.

    The first thing on the list of how to get rid of moles in yard is reduce the number of worms in your yard. Moles eat worms and the reason they are attracted to your yard is for the worms. Worms are attracted to water. This is why you always see worms on the sidewalk after a heavy rain. If you over water your yard or if there has been a lot of rain recently, it is a sure bet that you have a large worm population in the yard. Chances are moles have already invaded the yard or they soon will.
    There are other methods for getting rid of moles that are used such as bleach, moth balls, and pickle juice. There are also mole killing poisons and some people even resort to explosives. Most of these ways seldom work and usually end up doing more damage to the landscape than they do at getting rid of the moles. Most of these ways are also not safe for the environment or for the animals that you do want in your yard. There are mole traps which is a more humane way to get rid of the moles however than you are still faced with the problem if getting rid of the live mole.

    Moles are tricky little creatures. Just when you think you may have gotten rid of them, they come back. Moles will leave a yard for weeks at a time to find more food but they do not stay away. They will be back to visit. One of the best ways to get rid of your mole friends is to use Repellex mole repellents. What these repellents do is introduce a pepper flavor into the root system of everything growing in your yard. Moles do not like their greens peppered and they quickly learn that your plants are not good to eat, thus they leave.

  • Get Rid of Moles For a Greener Life

    Safe and Non-Toxic Mole Repellent

    You may not believe this, but a beautiful lawn and gardening offer multiple financial, environment and health benefits. If you can maintain a proper lawn with well-placed trees and scrubs, you would add value to your home. But what since does it make to do all this work and have it destroy with a yard full of small holes dug as a living space for small animals that can cause major damage to your lawn, yard and garden.
    These small animals known as the moles, gopher and voles can cause some structural damage to your yard, especially moles and they are extremely hard to get rid of. Repellex offers a few selection of repellent products to get rid of the nuisance little creatures and take back control of your lawn, yard and gardening. Repellex products are all natural products that were develop by a very particular plant based material and have no type of harmful chemical or pesticides that are harmless to all children. Repellex Systemic Tablets are incredible useful to have, a very effective product and safe. This tablet dissolves itself within the root of the plants delivering a pure substance of hot pepper replacing the plants minerals structure in the molecule. Causing the moles to dislike the taste and relocate to another territory or another area. That is one way to get rid of moles.
    Another way to get rid of moles by Repellex is Granular or Mole and Gopher Spray Repellents. These two different products by Repellex have the same function as the Repellex Systemic Tablets. These few products by Repellex were specifically use for moles preventing this pest from digging anymore-small holes in your lawn, yard or gardening. Although it has the same function as the Repellex Systemic Tablet, Repellex Mole and Gopher Granular prevents the pest from digging up small holes in your yard by absorbing into the soil and forming a hard protective coat around the plants that is in your yard or garden. Using the Repellex spray has a faster process of absorbing quickly within the plants but do not last longer then the Repellex Mole and Gopher Granular, which last a very long time. Taking back control of a healthy beautiful lawn that shows the positive effects of living a greener life when you using Repellex products.
  • Bunny Proof; with Natural Rabbit Repellent

    natural rabbit repellent is non-toxic and safe

    Rabbits are belittled mammals and are herbivores that mainly feed on grasses, clover and choice flora. These small and graceful creatures can nevertheless wreak havoc on your garden. Seedlings and young vegetables hardly survive after being attacked by rabbits. These cute bunnies eat tender parts of grown plants making them debilitated. Under such instances, there is no other alternative left to the homeowner than in the controlling of the rabbits to avoid further garden damage, particularly vegetables. Sad really, it should be enjoyable watching bunnies frolicking in your yard. The only thing you can think of is gallantly running out to your garden, placing yourself between the garden and those ferocious wolverines and protecting it with your life!
    Of course, there are several ways you can control the onslaught of the advancing horde. One thing is fencing, chicken wire works well. Have the height reaching about 48 inches tall; (rabbits are well versed at jumping). Rabbits do know how to dig so you may wish to bury at least six to eight inches of the chicken wire into the ground. Unfortunately, by the time you pick yourself off the floor by the sticker shock over the price of fencing, posts and gate then install your new deterrent your back yard will begin to look like a maximum-security prison! You could add guard cats for effect though, (FYI: Cats and rabbits are enemies).
    There are also electronic devices, available but most of them work using an ultrasonic sound and strobe lighting that may or may not scare them away. It may also convince your pets to pack up and move out! Of course, you always have plastic owls, snakes and eagles to try to scare them off although the panic factor just is not there.
    When it comes to repelling rabbits, a good natural rabbit repellent works great and your dogs and cats will stay home and without harm. If you smell the container of one of these products, you may smell a sulfur like smell but once you broadcast, it is normally not detectable by humans. One thing you should remember and that is animals have an exceedingly sensitive sense of smell. Their olfactory glands are much more heightened to smells and odors than humans are. Odor and scents unite and become one of their primary percepts of language while using this basis,


  • Using a Natural Mole Repellent rids a Yard of Moles the Natural Way

    Long-lasting Mole Repellent

    One of the major problems facing gardeners and those taking pride in their yards is how to get rid of moles and gophers in a natural, humane way. The use of pesticides and chemicals. particularly around home grown fruits and vegetables often scares committed gardeners who fear the consequences for themselves, other humans and family pets. By finding and using a humane natural mole repellent like Repellex the problem of moles and other burrowing animals, such as gophers can be eliminated.Unlike other animal repellents Repellex is made from all natural ingredients that do not kill the invading animals, but instead make any plants sprayed with the natural mole repellent taste bad. Repellex Mole and Gopher Repellent is made up of natural ingredients, including cinnamon, white pepper and garlic that simply alter the taste of roots of plants being eaten by the moles. A simple spray of Repellex around the plants in a garden or yard is a safe, effective way of expelling moles from a yard or garden.The best aspect of Repellex is the fact the repellent is safe for use around adults and children; when spraying a yard or garden with chemicals designed to kill gophers and other burrowing animals most people are fearful of the harm these chemicals can do to household pets and human beings. Repellex can be trusted by any gardener not to harm humans as the ingredients are not poisonous and are designed to simply encourage the burrowing animals to seek out a new home away from the garden or yard treated with Repellex.Amongst the available products are versions of the mole and gopher repellent in both spray and granule form that both work effectively; for those gardeners with a gopher or mole problem that wish to see fast effects the spray version is a faster acting treatment. Anybody who cares about their yard and wishes to have a long lasting treatment against moles and gophers should also consider the granule version of Repellex that takes a little longer to start working, but is longer lasting than the spray version of the repellent. Significantly cheaper than employing a professional pest control company to try and remove burrowing pests Repellex forms a protective shield beneath the soil to keep lawns and plants safe from the problems of burrowing animals.
  • Protect Your Garden with Natural Gopher Repellent

    Natural Gopher Defense

    If you are suffering from gophers and they are just destroying your yard or having a nice lunch on your garden, than it is time for you to take actions into your own hands. Thankfully, you just need some household items to create a natural gopher repellent. The natural gopher defense is going to help you prevent gophers from eating on your hard and garden, and it is going to allow you to continue growing your garden. Best of all, chance are you already have some of these objects sitting around your house, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about locating some of these items.

    Coffee GroundsCoffee grounds give off an odor that gophers do not like. To use the coffee grounds, sprinkle them around the gopher holes and throughout your yard and garden. You can also recycle your used coffee grounds, so you don't even have to buy additional coffee. This is a great way to recycle what you already have, without spending more money than you need to. Plus, the coffee grounds are excellent forms of fertilizer and is going to help grow your lawn and garden.Dryer SheetsDryer sheets provide a scent that the gophers just don't like. You just need to slide a few sheets into the gopher hole openings and cover the hole with soil. This can also work with moles and other lawn pests that tunnel. Just make sure not to stick your fingers inside the holes because you don't want to risk being bitten.Cat Litter

    If you have a cat, chances are you have a drum of cat litter sitting around that you can use. However, instead of using the regular cat littler, you want to take advantage of the used cat litter. Gophers do not like cats as cats are natural predators. Because of this, if you drop some of the used cat litter into the gopher hole, they are going to want to get away as quickly as possible. This should help send all sorts of pests, including moles, away from your yard and garden, simply because of the cat litter.

    There are several different ways you can create natural gopher repellent for your yard. Best of all, you don't really need to go and buy anything you don't already have, and many times, you can simply recycle items that have already been used so you don't have to purchase anything at all.

  • Repellex - The Natural Animal Repellent to Take Away All Your Outside Worries

    Repellent for various Animals

    Repellex is a complete line of repellents that are natural and safe to use around your home. This natural animal repellent can help you keep animals from eating in your garden, destroying your landscaping, or causing damage to the lawn.

    Repellex Deer and Rabbit is a safe and natural product that deters these animals from eating and destroying your plants. The ingredients won’t kill or harm the animal, simply make the vegetation unappealing to them. It is also safe for the environment.

    Repellex Mole and Gopher stops these small animals from causing damage to your yard by burrowing into it. Normally these types of pests are hard to get rid of. This natural animal repellent is made of plant based products with no pesticides or chemicals. Although it is safe around children, do not use it on edible plant varieties.

    Most annoying in the yard are the dogs, cats, and squirrels. They can dig up lawns, eat produce from the garden, and take over bird feeders. Repellex carries many products designed to turn these smaller animals away without harming them.

    Along with products designed for problems with specific animals, Repellex offers ones made for landscaping. Repellex Systemic Tablets deposit a hot pepper concentration to plant roots. It makes the plants inedible to many common pests. It is not affected by the rain or sun as the protection comes from inside the plant itself. One treatment can last the entire season. The pepper extract is natural and safe to use on any non-edible plants.

    The product to use on your edible plants would be the Repellex Fruits and Vegetables. These protect edible plants by creating a protective layer over leaves and wood surfaces. It is effective against insects and animals by using a plant extract and putrescent egg combination. Because it is safe and natural, it can be applied throughout the season. It deters unwanted pests, while leaving the fruit and vegetables safe for you and your family.

    Repellex comes in a variety of products. They offer granules, liquid concentrates, liquid sprays, and systemic tablets. Each product within the line is designed to target certain pests or types of plants. Choose which one works best for your personal needs and garden area.

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