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  • How to Get Rid of Moles In Your Yard

    best way to get rid of moles in your yard

    Knowing how to get rid of moles in your yard will benefit the yard's appearance and keep all of the plants in it healthy. Moles can cause damage to yards when they overturn plants and leave unwanted ridges and mounds, where there should be smooth soil or plants. There are different ways to get rid of moles, and many of them can be done with just a few garden supplies and natural ingredients. It always depends on which method is convenient enough for the owner of the yard.The first thing to do, is to figure out which tunnel is active, and which ones are dormant. Treating the entire yard is optional, but it is less time consuming, if only the active holes are treated. When a small hill is present in any part of the yard, that is the way to indicate whether there is a tunnel underneath. So, one way to find the active one, is to pluck a hole in each raised hill. If a hole is plucked into the upper part of a tunnel, and hours or days later, it is plugged up with content, that means it is an active tunnel.
    great ways to get rid of moles in your yardWhen those tunnels are found, the next step is to get rid of the moles inside. The owner can create a mixture of water, castor oil, and liquid detergent, and pour it down the tunnel. Also, fumigants and moth balls drive them away. An example of a fumigant would be a gas cartridge, which is used by simply pushing it down the hole. Traps can also be used to run the moles out of the yard. Choker loop and scissor-jawed traps are used the same way. That technique is practical, as it is a physical trap and not a method that requires waiting. Another straight forward technique is to use a garden hose to spray water into a tunnel for at least 30 minutes, so that they come out the other end of it.Aside from the methods mentioned above, there are other methods out there, but some of them are not proven to be true, and others are even a potential danger to people who walk in the yard. Those hazardous methods include using sharp glass on the soil, and substances such as bleach, with the thought that it would act as a fumigant. Also, purchasing poisonous bait won't work. They usually come in the form of nuts and grains. That isn't effective because moles eat live insects, and will most likely reject the bait. There is bait that are shaped like worms, and those are proven to be more effective since moles will most likely eat them. If the methods that work are distinguished from the ones that don't work, ridding a yard of moles will be an easy task.
  • Effective Ways to Keep Rabbits Away

    Repellex Products: A Safe, Effective Way To Keep Rabbits Away

    best rabbit repellent home remedy

    Are you looking for a safe, effective rabbit repellent home remedy? Visit There you will find a wide range of excellent rabbit repellent products which will keep rabbits out of your lawn and garden without harming them. Repellex has long been making safe products designed to keep rabbits from doing damage to your property without hurting the cuddly creatures. Rabbits are cute and loveable, but left unchecked hungry wild rabbits can quickly do thousands of dollars of damage to your property and be a real nuisance. Don't resort to desperate measures, just visit

    At you will find a wide selection of ready-to-use products in sizes and prices to suit any budget. Whether you choose the Repellex Systemic Tablets in the 50, 150 or 300 count sizes, their ready-to-use spray or their 32oz, 1 gallon or 2.5 gallon concentrate the result is the same. Your property will be rabbit free for up to 90 days. Repellex works in any kind of weather conditions. In rainy weather it's recommended the spray be used once a month to protect rapidly growing plants. The Repellex Deer and Rabbit Original Formula will form a very effective barrier for pennies a day.


    Great rabbit repellent home remedy

    The ingredients used in the entire line of Repellex products are environmentally safe. They will not harm your vegetables or your flowering plants. They also work well in combination with other products. However mixing them is usually not necessary because Repellex products are incredibly effective at keeping rabbits away from your plants. The Original Deer and Rabbit repellent is made with garlic, sticks to plants and lasts a long time. However it's not recommended for edible plants. The active ingredients in Repellex’s Fruit and Vegetable spray are egg and essential oils. This makes it perfect for edible plants.

    Although rabbits are beautiful, they can also be nuisances. To keep them at bay people have tried numerous products. But most of them are ineffective when faced with wind and rain. The excellent line of Repellex products is not only effective, they are long lasting and offer great value for their price. They can be used in all types of landscapes and climates. They are safe for the environment and the animals they repel and easy to use. For people who are looking for a great way to keep rabbits from being a problem a trip to can provide the solution.

  • Keep Deer Out of Your Garden This Growing Season With Homemade Deer Repellents

    best homemade Deer repellentWhile deer are undoubtedly majestic animals, they can be a severe problem animal in gardens. Herds of deer will often clear all the vegetables and other edibles off the plants in a garden, and they also eat a variety of ornamental plants. Thankfully, there are a variety of homemade deer repellent recipes that can help you deter deer from choosing your garden for their next meal. There are two types of repellents you can use to stop deer from eating your plants. One is a contact repellent which you apply directly to the plants so that they taste and smell bad to the deer, the other kind are area repellents which deter deer from coming into the area around your garden. These types of repellents can both be used by themselves or in combination depending on your preferences.

    Contact Repellents

    Contact repellents are a combination of ingredients that taste and smell bad to deer and they are sprayed or dribbled directly on the plants that you want to protect. There are almost as many recipes for contact repellent out there as there are deer, and everyone swears that their recipe is the best. Most have a few common ingredients however, and as long as you have a combination of them your repellent will probably be effective.


    Almost all deer repellent recipes call for hot peppers or hot sauce, garlic, and yogurt, egg, or milk. Deer severely dislike hot things like peppers, and this ingredient is probably the key to these recipes working. The hotter you can make the spray without it damaging the plants the better. The garlic, eggs, and milk products are all to make the plants smell unpleasant to the deer. The combination of spice and noxious smell are generally enough to convince the deer to move on to more appetizing food sources.

    Great Homemade Deer Repellent

    Area Repellents

    Area repellents can be made out of a lot of different things. They can be borders of plants that deer don't like planted around the garden, or sprinkling a substance they don't like liberally around your land borders. Many people build physical area repellents like fishing line fences, but these can be dangerous to the deer and are not recommended. Some people with really bad deer problems even pay to have electric fencing installed around their property.

  • Getting Them to Go Away with Electronic Pest Control

    Pests, Pests Go Away!

    best electronic pest control
    For many homeowners, getting rid of pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches and such is a task they want taken care of immediately and with as little effort and mess as possible. Most are reluctant to use poisons due to the risk of pets and small children getting into them. Today many companies offer electronic pest control systems that claim to rid homes and property of pesky critters.

    Most pest systems use a combination of electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies to supposedly rid an area of pests while cleansing the air. Most units simply plug into a wall and look similar to many air fresheners. The idea of these devices is that they are able to disrupt electromagnetic fields and send out ultrasonic sound waves that will disturb pests. These disruptions are supposedly only detected by the intended pests and not household pets such as dogs or cats. The sound waves bounce off walls, floors and furniture to discourage pests, while the electromagnetic field runs through wiring to reach pests hiding within walls, basements and other spots. The claim is that the pests will be made so uncomfortable they will seek other places to live and vacate the premises. While this is going on, the ionic technology sends out beneficial ions to cleanse the air.

    great electronic pest control
    Most units claim to cover areas of 3,000-5,000 square feet, and usually suggest having more than one unit in a residence to ensure total coverage. They use only 1-2 watts of electricity per hour, which is about as much as an average light bulb. Most units are priced between $20-$100 depending on the pests they're supposed to get rid of.

    The question on most consumers minds is do these products actually work? It almost seems too easy to think you can simply plug something into an outlet and all the pests will disappear. The answer to this question is that there is no clear answer to this question. While some research indicates some levels of success, others claim no change in the level of pest control.

    For alternatives to modern technology, Repellex offers natural pest and animal control repellants that is affordable and proven effective.

  • Have A Healthy Garden With Natural Garden Pest Control

    Great natural garden pest control

    Every gardener seeks to have a well-maintained beautiful and pest free garden. If you are a gardener and you begin to notice that your garden is being overrun with pests, there are some simple things you can do to reclaim it. Getting started on the right foot includes using preventative solutions and safe natural pesticides that will help with natural garden pest control and keep a garden flourishing.

    How Do Natural Solutions Work?

    Natural pest control solutions work by using extracts of natural organic materials, such as mint oils, citrus oils, algae and other natural compounds. These materials are not manufactured in factories or labs, which allows them to work safely in gardens. The organic molecules, unlike traditional pest control chemicals, break down completely within the ground and keep it safe for future gardening, active pets and human visitors. Natural solutions are also safer for water sources.

    Garden Pests

    Different types of gardens will attract unique visitors based on what’s available. Pests look at a garden as a food source and home to grow. Being able to stop a population from building up is vital to the success of a garden. Caterpillars, hornworms, spider mites, slugs and beetles are some of the most common pest found in gardens. Once these pests are present in the garden, they will begin to eat away at the plants they are fond of. Plants will begin to show signs of bugs by wilting, changing colors or by exhibiting leaf damage.

    How To Apply Natural Garden Pest Control

    Use common sense when applying any type of pest control product in the garden. Instructions are available with all types of pest control products and need to be properly understood before adding them to the garden. When working with sprays, be sure to apply early in the day or during evening hours for the best results. This prevents the sun from evaporating any of the spray from the garden. Also be sure to spray the underside of plants for maximum effect. If using powders, lightly spray the target area with water to help the powders stick and get proper coverage from top to bottom.

  • Humane Ways to Get Rid of Gophers

    Gophers Gotta Go!

    best on how to get rid of gophers humanelyGophers, despite being small in stature, can cause big problems for homeowners and their yards. Destroying flower beds, vegetable gardens and lawns are just some of the deeds these creatures do. While there are many rodent poisons on the market, many people don't want to use these because they don't want to kill the gophers and they don't want to risk other animals or pets ingesting the poison. Instead, they look for more humane ways to get rid of the pesky critters. Fortunately, several methods are available.The most obvious way to get rid of gophers humanely is to trap them. One can either buy a live animal trap themselves or hire a pest-control or wildlife removal company to do the job. Traps are made so that when the animal walks inside the door closes behind them, thus trapping them. They can then be safely transported to another area and released back into the wild.

    Building a barrier around a yard can discourage gophers. Gophers cannot climb, so building a solid fence that's 1-2 feet high will usually do the trick. Just remember to bury it about a foot deep into the ground to make sure gophers can't get through. Repellents that make the grass and other gopher foods taste bad to them are also effective. All use non-toxic ingredients to make sure gophers have nothing to snack on in a yard or garden. Most can be applied by attaching them to a garden hose and wetting down the problem area.

    amazing way on how to get rid of gophers humanely

    Gophers have very good hearing and are very sensitive to the slightest sounds and vibrations. Installing sonic repellent units in the ground can make gophers want to hang out somewhere else. The vibrations are very low, so while they bother gophers pets such as dogs pay them no mind. These devices can run on batteries or solar power, and can cover areas up to 14,000 square feet. Birdcall units that imitate the sounds of gopher predators such as hawks and owls can also be used. These act on motion detection, so they should be placed where gophers emerge at night.

    Whatever method is chosen when deciding how to get rid of gophers humanely, any of them should lead to a peaceful solution to whatever problem a person is having with the pesky but cute critters.

  • Moles: Cute Pests

    Best ways to get rid of moles

    Moles are cute, sort of like Saturday morning cartoons. They pop their heads up out of their holes, chewing and whiskering ,just cute little toothy furballs. Very destructive furballs whose tunnels can cut electric lines, cause injury to people and animals, destroy decorative lawns and plantings and cause lots of more trouble. They are real pests. There are ways to get rid of moles: exterminators and repellents.Exterminators work several ways, the mission is to eliminate the moles permanently by killing them so they won't just move and come back later or reproduce and create a colony.
    Exterminators use a variety of methods, some passive: poisons, flooding tunnels, or explosive (igniting a gas and killing by concussion). All are permanent, some can only be done in more isolated areas, some leave behind toxins. There are occasions, especially where the colony is already established and damage to the property is expensive or causing loss of a valuable crop, where extermination is the best answer. This is where the quickest means is the best way to do the job and the area can absorb the process.
    Great ways to get rid of moles
    Exterminators need to carry certifications and licenses, so be sure to verify they are all up to date. Get references and ask questions about what side effects the process might cause, also check if local permits are required from your community.The simplest way is to use a repellent that gets the moles to go elsewhere. No permits or licenses are required and it can be done by the property owner. Natural, non-toxic ingredients are used and no harmful residues are left behind.The only real equipment needed is a sprayer, the water table is safe, plants are unaffected,and non-pest animals are unharmed.For children, just follow the usual safety precautions you would with any chemical or solution.Probably the best result of using a repellent is that no animals, pest or not, is harmed in using it. It just closes the door, raises the rent, evicts the squatters. You can have a clear conscience and know that the moles have gone elsewhere, and you can be a hero by telling all the neighbors how to deal with moles, holes and hungry little pests.
  • It Blows, Getting Rid of Moles! Use Electronic Mole Repellents

    Get Rid of Moles Safely!

    Great Electronic Mole Repellent

    Having moles in the yard can be quite a problem. They can quickly destroy an entire lawn, and in addition to those unsightly mole hills, when the moles expose soil by burrowing, this enables weeds to quickly take root. Moles also feed on earthworms that help keep one's lawn healthy. If one has a mole problem in their yard, it can quickly escalate, and it may seem next to impossible to overcome. Chemical treatments are inhumane and can cause other "good" critters to become ill or die.

    Children playing on the lawn may become sick, as well. Many people have resorted to various old wives tales such as smoking moles out or flooding their yards. They quickly discover these methods just do not work.

    It may seem that there is just nothing out there that will work in the fight of moles versus the yard. However, there are some relatively new products on the market that are both humane, cost effective, and safe for the environment. These items are called electronic mole repellents. These work by placing in intervals throughout the yard where moles have been noticed. They emit eletronic high-frequency vibrations that repel moles out of yards. They are very cost efficient, and the only thing that needs to be replaced are batteries every once in a while. The electronic mole repellent devices are very easy to install. Just insert the batteries, and push them into the ground.

    Safe Electronic Mole Repellent

    The best part is they are safe for the environment. The moles are not harmed. They simply will go elsewhere, away from the vibrations they don't like. Once the moles are gone from the yard, simply check the batteries in the repellents to keep the moles from returning. Many brands of electronic repellents have a small battery indicator on the top, so it is simple to know when to change the batteries. Once the yard is mole free, it is easier to mow, plant, and maintain a beautiful yard. The damage a mole has created can be repaired, but only after the moles are completely gone.

    Remember installing an electronic mole repellent is a safe, cost efficient, humane choice in mole removal.


  • Use Repelles Gopher Traps to get Rid of them Once and for All

    Use Repellex And Your Gophers Are Gone

    Great Gopher traps

    Having gophers on your property can be a problem. These 6 to 13 inch long rodents can be devastating for property owners because they burrow between 6 to 18 inches under the ground to make tunnels to sleep, store food or give birth. They leave unsightly mounds of dirt around a property and cause irrigation problems and erosion which can destroy lawns. Gophers also feed on grass, shrubs and trees often eating entire plant roots and all. The can do serious damage in no time at all. But getting rid of gophers can be easy and safe without using gopher traps if you use the products on has a wide range of products that are both effective and environmentally safe. They include Mole and Gopher repellent in a 32 oz. ready-to-spray size and a 1 gallon concentrate. The mole and gopher repellent is also available in granular form in 7 lb. and 24 lb. sizes. They also offer Repellex Systemic Tablets in 50, 150, 300 and 500 count packages. All of these products quickly get rid of gophers without doing any damage to lawns, flowering plants, shrubs and vegetable gardens. These products are not only environmentally safe, effective and fast-acting, they're available at surprisingly low prices.

    Solutions with Gopher trapsApplying the Mole, Vole and Gopher Repellent is easy. Simply spray, shake or place the product on the grass or soil. The active ingredients, garlic and castor oil, quickly soak into the soil and form a natural barrier which dissuades the gophers from digging, feeding, sleeping or giving birth there. Gophers can breed in as little as one year after birth and 60 or more gophers can live on one acre of land. Once you apply Repellex Mole and Gopher repellent the entire family of gophers will quickly leave your property in search of a new place to live.

    One effective way to use the gopher repellent is to spray the liquid and use the granular form for follow up treatments. The liquid absorbs quickly and the granular form lasts a long, long time. Repellex mole and gopher repellent are safe for use around children and pets. However it is important to let the liquid dry so your children and pets do not end up smelling like garlic and castor oil. Do not apply the repellent directly on the plants. In no time flat your gopher problem will be just a memory.

  • What Do Gophers Eat? Are you Missing Vegetables?

    Missing Vegetables?

    What do gophers eat food

    What do gophers eat? Gophers are vegetarians. They will eat your vegetables. Also grasses, farmers' and ranchers alfalfa, trees (especially the decorative greenery that you paid the landscaper to plant), just about anything that grows green. Gophers are cute, cartoon character-type rodents with buck teeth and pop up heads that you occasionally see above the holes that lead to their underground chambers. That's where it gets un-cute.

    Gophers dig extensive networks of underground tunnels that lead to their subterranean bunkers where they take the food they have "liberated" from their hosts and spend most of their time eating and enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at your expense. You never really know where that cute little head will turn up, but the danger is in the holes from which they emerge to forage. The holes are fairly large, large enough to catch a foot or hoof. Gophers are a serious danger for farmers, ranchers or people who have a large animal or two on their property. Legs can be broken from stepping in the gopher holes. The loss of an animal companion, valuable livestock, or just the other problems that arise from the digging and burrowing can be avoided by urging the gopher to relocate to a place where the food supply is more to their liking.

    See What do gophers eat

    Using a chemical deterrent that is safe, natural and will leave no toxic remnant is an essential means to deal with these cute pests. There are violent methods to deal with them but there's collateral damage, shooting is often a problem due to their evasive nature and second sense of danger not to mention stray rounds. Gophers spend most of their time underground consuming their ill-gotten gains and dreaming about getting more so your solution has to be waiting for them to take the bait. Safe non-toxic Repellex is the best choice.

    If you have vegetables, greenery or grow alfalfa and hay or store it nontoxic Repellex will leave no traces for your taste buds or those of your livestock, gophers just don't like it. When the food doesn't taste good, gophers move. If they show up next door, tell the neighbors what you learned, they'll thank you.

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