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  • Solutions to Animal Garden Damages [Infographic]

    Solutions to Animal Garden Damages


    Find out easy and natural steps in preventing animal damage on your garden. Check out how you can use natural repellent through this infographic.

  • 7 Tips for Growing Plants in Your Garden

    Amazing Mole Repellent

    Gardening puts us back in touch with nature on a personal level. We protect and care for our plants with the hopes of a bountiful harvest of such rewards as flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. The only way to realize this type of harvest, though, is by knowing the right tips to make it happen. Below are 7 tips to grow plants successfully in your garden.

    1. Select the plants first before the area for the garden. Why is this? All the plants that you place in a given area need a similar amount of sunlight for one thing. For example, corn, beans, and other vegetables need full sun, for the most part, to realize optimum growth so you can place them in the same garden area. Marigolds also enjoy full sun, but host as grow better in shady areas, and this means that you would not place these two plants in the same area.

    2. Locate the garden in the right area of the yard for the plants you plan to grow in it. Analyze how much sun the area gets during the morning and afternoon to ensure that your plants receive sufficient sun for their needs. Ideally, the area should receive the sun during from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Shady areas are fine if they are in the hottest part of the day in the late afternoon, as long as the plants receive enough sun by then each day.

    4. Prepare the garden area by loosening the soil so the plant roots can easily seek out moisture and nutrients. On top of this, the soil needs various amendments to ensure it is rich in nutrients. Take a soil sample to your local extension service and it will test it free for you so you can know which nutrients you need to add to the soil. Nutrients are easy to add with compost or commercial fertilizers. Work either one thoroughly into your soil. The same procedure here works for either traditional or organic gardening. Just make sure the additives are right for an organic garden.

    5. If you plan to start your garden from seed, plant the seeds inside about 6 weeks prior to the last frost in your area. You will need to harden off the seedlings you harvest before transplanting them outside. Flowers, vegetables and even fruit trees come in seedling form in garden centers, and are ready to plant straight in the ground. Seedlings should be healthy or avoid them. Seeds and seedlings both should be certified organic when you select to garden organically.

    6. Group plants together that have similar water and nutrient needs. Caring for your plants will be easier when you do this. Each plant will come with instructions on how deep the individual holes need to be for planting just follow the directions. Water plants once you backfill in the holes.

    7. If you are like most gardeners, you will now have to protect your plants from various pests in your garden, including dogs, cats and squirrels. Luckily, there are natural products that will prevent these animals and others from damaging your plants.

    Visit Repellex for more information on 100% natural Dog and Cat, Squirrel, and other types of animal repellents suitable for gardens, lawns, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Our products will not harm plants, animals or humans. We guarantee satisfaction with all our products, whether they are in granular or liquid form.

  • The Safe and All Natural Garden Repellent

    best gopher repellent around

    The common garden repellents used today are generally made from harsh industrial chemicals or in the case of rodents and other animals, dangerous traps that could end up hurting you. Neither one is guaranteed to be effective and both types can have a negative impact on your health. With Repellex brand repellent you can have a safe alternative that will harm neither you nor your family while keeping garden pests away. There is a product that can keep plant damaging animals away from your fruit and vegetable garden as well as the flowers.

    Small rodents like moles, voles, and gophers can be a plant lover's nightmare. Repellex is the best gopher repellent on the market and easily the most effective. There are a few different types of mole and gopher repellent including spray, granular, and systemic tablets made to help keep these creatures from burrowing in gardens as well as the front lawn. It works additionally by absorbing into the ground and makes plants distasteful to those trying to eat them. This type of natural repellent is great for ornamental plants and flowers.

    Deer, rabbits, cats, and dogs can cause problems among plants as well. Luckily Repellex offers specialized repellents that work to repel them as well. Special mixtures which are specialized for flowers, ornamental bushes, and lawns work especially well. For edible plants, the fruit and vegetable pest control is second to none. It is not always easy to keep out intruding animals but there are solutions that do not have to rely on harsh chemicals or traps. For people who just want to keep their plants safe but not hurt animals, Repellex is the better alternative to other repellents. The goal is to keep them away in the first place. With continual application, this natural way to keep annoying pests out works fine.

    Whether you are looking for the best gopher repellent or another natural form to make sure that deer don't eat up the flower beds, Repellex has the answer to the problem. It doesn't matter if the garden is small or a large field of crops, keeping the pests away is the only way to have a full harvest. Multiple products means multiple solution for getting rid of burrowing rodents, rabbits, stray pets, and deer. Use Repellex as the safe and all natural garden and plant repellent instead of chemicals and traps to keep pests away.

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