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  • Facts About Moles [Infographic]

    Know your enemy! Check out the essential things that you need to know about the diggers that spoils your lawn and garden. Learn the proper ways in getting rid of moles by being familiar with them.

  • How to Get Rid Of Moles in Yard Naturally and Keep Them Out

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    Moles in the yard are an annoyance. They can dig and rut up a yard in minutes. Many homeowners who want to know how to get rid of moles in yard naturally and humanely. There are many ways of keeping moles from invading your yard without murdering the poor creatures.

    There are chemical ways of keeping moles out of your yard and some even kill the moles. You can gas up their underground home with toxic fumes and many other noxious methods that poison the ground and the air, and yes, even kill the moles. You could flood their holes and try to drown them out. Drowning them out really is not effective, they will be back when the water subsides.

    Like a stray cat, if it does not have easy access to food, it will leave. The same concept applies to moles. Moles live where their food supply is. Moles eat grubs, flies and beetles. There are many natural insect remedies to get rid of their food source, thus forcing the moles to move on.

    There are also traps that are inserted into a mole hole to physically catch them to be moved elsewhere. Of course, there are also death traps that do not harm the environment, but do harm the mole. Either way, these are effective at getting rid of moles.

    Another answer to how to get rid of moles in yard naturally is to use a garden powder repellent. Natural powders are available at inexpensive prices that will repel moles from your yard and garden. While it is true moles are rather cute, most homeowners do not want them invading their yard. Dealing with the problem does not have to be lethal for you or the mole. Take simple, natural steps to get moles out of your yard and keep them out.

    An almost free method of driving moles out of your space is to simply put a few onion slices into the mound as soon as you see it. Onions have a strong scent that moles do not like. Some who have used this method report it working for a couple of years. When the moles begin to return, simply place onion slices in their mound and you are good for another couple of years.

    Moles are a major headache for a homeowner, especially those that are passionate about a nice healthy yard. It is not difficult to get rid of them naturally without hurting the mole or the environment.

  • Using a Natural Mole Repellent rids a Yard of Moles the Natural Way

    Long-lasting Mole Repellent

    One of the major problems facing gardeners and those taking pride in their yards is how to get rid of moles and gophers in a natural, humane way. The use of pesticides and chemicals. particularly around home grown fruits and vegetables often scares committed gardeners who fear the consequences for themselves, other humans and family pets. By finding and using a humane natural mole repellent like Repellex the problem of moles and other burrowing animals, such as gophers can be eliminated.Unlike other animal repellents Repellex is made from all natural ingredients that do not kill the invading animals, but instead make any plants sprayed with the natural mole repellent taste bad. Repellex Mole and Gopher Repellent is made up of natural ingredients, including cinnamon, white pepper and garlic that simply alter the taste of roots of plants being eaten by the moles. A simple spray of Repellex around the plants in a garden or yard is a safe, effective way of expelling moles from a yard or garden.The best aspect of Repellex is the fact the repellent is safe for use around adults and children; when spraying a yard or garden with chemicals designed to kill gophers and other burrowing animals most people are fearful of the harm these chemicals can do to household pets and human beings. Repellex can be trusted by any gardener not to harm humans as the ingredients are not poisonous and are designed to simply encourage the burrowing animals to seek out a new home away from the garden or yard treated with Repellex.Amongst the available products are versions of the mole and gopher repellent in both spray and granule form that both work effectively; for those gardeners with a gopher or mole problem that wish to see fast effects the spray version is a faster acting treatment. Anybody who cares about their yard and wishes to have a long lasting treatment against moles and gophers should also consider the granule version of Repellex that takes a little longer to start working, but is longer lasting than the spray version of the repellent. Significantly cheaper than employing a professional pest control company to try and remove burrowing pests Repellex forms a protective shield beneath the soil to keep lawns and plants safe from the problems of burrowing animals.
  • Moles, Getting Rid of the Little Diggers

    Safe Mole Repellent
    Moles are quite small harmless little nocturnal mammals with acute hearing and smell. What they do to lawns, flowerbeds and gardens is what makes them pests. Moles move right under the surface of your lawn making tunnels causing the sod above them to bank up creating long, terribly looking trails and can destroy a lawn in a matter of days. After all, a mole can travel up to 18 feet a night.
    Moles are carnivores eating worms and grubs but popular opinion states that they eat flower and garden bulbs and vegetables destroying gardens; not true.
    A problem with vegetation dying off is not because of moles. However, because moles moved into your lawn there is a good chance that voles moved in. Voles are herbivores and they use mole tunnels so moles can be accused of being an accomplice to the crime!
    Now the question remains, how to get rid of moles in yard? Once you get rid of the moles the voles will leave also, but what attracted the moles to come burrowing into your lawn in the first place? That would be because of an overabundance of worms and grubs. The answer to that would be to have a general product to kill grubs dispersed over your lawn and the grubs and worms are killed off.
    The only problem is that now your lawn is saturated and poisoned by insecticide. Not exactly a great lawn to let little Timmy play in!
    There are other methods such as hunting them at night as they follow the worms up out of the ground, hitting them with a shovel when they embark from their tunnels. That seems like a lot of work though.
    There are traps that you can set made specifically for moles. They are placed on top of a tunnel and when the mole passes through again it pushed upward triggering the trap causing spikes to thrust downward into the tunnel. They do work, becoming more of a guessing game as to which tunnel is in use.
    How to get rid of moles in yard can be also dealt with by repellents. A repellant is just that, making the environment undesirable for the pest you are trying to remove from your lawn or garden. There are repellents for most unwanted pests such as deer, rabbits, dogs and cats but they have one for moles too.
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  • Ways on How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

    ways on how to get rid of moles in your yard

    Moles are found infrequently in a garden, but the harm it makes in the aftermath is noticeable. Insectivores have poor vision and it lives in subterranean burrows. Moles are card carrying insectivores enjoying a lawn's buffet of grubs, ants, and earthworms. A property can be destroyed by a family of moles quite fast. One mole can dig up to 15 feet per hour.

    An adult male is a gray or brownish color. The length is from 6 to 8 inches long. Moles does not sleep and will penetrate under the freezing line in the winter. Insectivores reproduce each spring, giving birth three to five hairless small infants.

    Get rid of the evildoers

    How to get rid of moles in your yard that are hard to remove once it lives in the garden. Use an insecticide to remove the food source, but in addition it kills earthworms. Moles are trapped in Have-a-Heart traps. It releases about 1,000 miles away, however this is hard because someone has to use an insect or slug as a lure.

    Get rid of your grubs once the temperature reaches 55 degrees releasing valuable nematodes into the yard. These teeny predators will damage unwanted pests: flea larvae, grubs, and June bugs. Water it into the lawn immediately following sunset, and the nematodes will get rid of those grubs in the garden in a couple weeks. Castor oil sends moles to the neighbor's yard. Most garden centers carry ready-made castor oil repellant products in granular and spray form.

    Mix castor oil repellent with two tablespoons of the oil filled with one gallon of lukewarm water and add a couple of drops of dishwashing detergent. Stir and sprinkle constantly on the area that is infested. Apply when the weather and yard are dry. Repeat a day or two later, if it rains heavily. If not, reapply once per month until no more tunnels are noticeable.

    Whenever someone plants spring bulbs to protect tulip and crocus bulbs, fill the holes with sharp rocks. To avoid harm to small trees, ensure that someone trims the grass close against the trunk to remove moles hiding places. It is valuable particularly to do this before winter sets in. How to get rid of m oles in your yard is to protect a garden from all burrowing animals, sink the fence two feet into the earth.

  • Quick Way to Learn to get Rid of Moles

    best way to learn how to get rid of moles

    Moles can be a huge hassle and can wreak havoc on your yard so it is obviously important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it can be a little bit difficult in some cases unless you know the right methods, hopefully this article will help you get rid of your mole problem and keep them from ever coming back.

    The most common method used is probably what you should try first, so head down to any hardware store and see what kind of mole killing poisons they have available. Many of these are effective if you can actually get the poison into a spot where the mole will encounter it but unfortunately in many cases this just isn't enough. Obviously if you want to learn to get rid of moles then you are probably going to need something a little better than some simple poison.

    Another common method that has become pretty popular with professional exterminator is simply trapping the moles and taking them out of the affected area. This takes a little bit of work and some specialized traps but if you want to learn to get rid of moles the right way and be successful every time then this is the absolute best method to choose. It isn't terribly difficult and once you've gotten the hang of it you are sure to be successful, the hardest part is deciding what to actually do with the moles once you've captured them. If you are planning on releasing them alive then make sure you are at least a few miles away from their original home so they're not likely to return to the hole.

    A third method that is also quite effective is actually one of the oldest methods as well. It is very time consuming though so if you are impatient it might not be the best solution. Wait in your yard with two shovels and listen for the sound of the moles moving underneath the ground. Once you hear them you should be able to actually spot where they are digging underground. Using a shovel or two you should be able to trap the mole in place and then kill it underground so it can't get away.

  • Few Methods Of Getting Rid Of Moles

    Best way of Getting Rid of Moles

    Moles can really be a nuisance that seems to terrorize your garden or backyard. They can be very difficult to get rid of that some people think that the only way to get rid of them is by hiring a professional. Fortunately, with new technology and DIY mole removal kits, getting rid of moles by yourself is very possible. Moles are naturally timid creatures that are rarely seen by the disgruntled homeowners. What are always visible are the unsightly molehills that they produce.

    Since you rarely see the moles, the first signs of infestation are usually the presence of molehills that they produce. These molehills are usually made up of loose soil that is very unsightly. On top of that, the loose soil provides perfect breeding grounds for unwanted weeds. This article will focus on a few ways it comes to getting rid of moles.

    The first method though removing moles on your back yard or garden is through fumigation. Earthworms are a major part of a moles’ diet. Moles love to stay in areas if it is rich on earthworms. If you choose the method of fumigation, then you need to smoke the holes with a Biofume, which is mostly made of castor oil. The castor oil coats the tunnel that prevents the moles from feeling and smelling the earthworms around their tunnels. The moles would then think that there are no earthworms in the area that leads them to leave to go find a better area. The method is safe and does not kill the earthworms, which are also beneficial for the local garden ecosystem.

    Another method of eliminating moles is through the use of sonic repellents. The idea behind this on our repellents is that it transmits a burst of sonic vibration that frightens the moles. Moles are timid in nature, and are frightened very easily. If the vibration keeps frightening them, they will most likely leave fearing for their lives in search for a better area. However, there is one thing that you need to know if you are thinking using sonic repellents. Sonic repellents are best used on gardens and backyards with solid soil structures. This is because solid soil structures are ideal when it comes to transmitting the vibrations.

    A third method of removing moles is through trapping them. It may sound traditional, but it still does work especially with the new kinds of traps. If you choose this method of forget the bridge of your pests, then it is best that the use claw traps rather than mole tunnel traps.

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