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  • Eight Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Gophers

    home-remediesHow to get rid of gophers? There are several home remedies to drive gophers out from your garden and protect your hundreds of dollars worth of plantation. Let’s have a look.

  • Getting Rid of Gophers the Natural Way

    There are several reasons for getting rid of gophers without using poison. It’s an Earth-friendly method of deterring this destructive pest without harming the ground and plants around you. Natural repellents have little, if any, harmful effect on pets and children. Natural methods cause the gophers to leave rather than leaving expired critters requiring pickup and disposal.

    Even though an official verdict has yet to be rendered many gardeners agree that Gopher Spurge is an effective way of controlling gophers and even moles. This biennial ornamental pant is available at most nurseries. The roots have a noxious smell, causing burrowers to move their den to a different location. The plant doesn’t affect goats, although it is toxic to nearly every other type of livestock as well as humans if it is ingested.

    Gopher repellent is a popular way to eliminate gophers. It is conveniently purchased online or at the store. Castor oil granules are popular because they don’t kill gophers. The offensive odor encourages burrowing rodents to take up residence far away from the scent. The granules are easy to apply. Just sprinkle them around the yard even in the parts that haven’t been bothered by gophers. An application of water causes the granules to dissolve quickly and work faster.

    Noise is another natural gopher repellent. Vision is limited, but their hearing is good. Loud noises cause them to move to another area. Getting rid of gophers may be as simple as adding a few pebbles to several aluminum cans, tying them together, and hanging them in areas that will catch the wind and cause them to rattle. Wind chimes are another option. The different echoes of ringing glass and metal are known to send gophers scurrying to another area.

    Repellex is a naturally safe pest control because it is made from plant based materials. It won’t harm children or pets as it contains no pesticides or harmful chemicals. It is a gopher repellent designed to protect your garden and yard from the damage burrowing pests like gophers make.

    In addition to white pepper, cinnamon and garlic, Repellex Mole and Gopher Granular Pall is made with castor oil. A protective coating builds around roots as the gopher repellent is absorbed into the soil. Getting rid of gophers doesn’t get much easier than this. The interruption of their food source causes the rodents to move.

    As mentioned earlier, granules are easy to apply. Apply the repellent once you notice signs that gophers are in the area. Read the precautions and instructions on the packaging when getting rid of gophers the natural way is your primary goal.

  • A Guide to Handling Gophers [Infographic]



    Learn the best way to deal with gophers! Know more about the most effective ways of getting rid of gophers from your lawn. Protect your garden and yard from getting ruined.

  • Force Your Gopher Friends to Move Out!

    safe and efficient

    Gophers are about the size of a squirrel and live underground. They create large underground tunnels that can cover entire meadows if left unchecked. Gopher infestations can be easily spotted by the large dirt mounds they leave at the entrance of their tunnels. Gophers eat earthworms and grubs but will also eat roots, vegetables, legumes, leafy plants, and grains. They also reproduce rapidly. To the dismay of many homeowners, young gophers prefer to use old tunnels, so even after adult gophers leave the area, many times their offspring will return.

    Gophers are known as pests in most areas due to their elaborate tunnel systems and their destruction on vegetation. Often their tunnels are dug in the middle of a yard or landscaping leaving large unsightly mounds of dirt. By tearing through roots and eating crops, they are also known to destroy large amounts of vegetation in a short amount of time. Large crops have been lost and back yards have been destroyed overnight by these furry pests.

    To get rid of gophers, quick action must be taken before they reproduce and dig more tunnels. Preventing gophers from infesting further is the key to successful control. Many solutions to killing these rodents involve anything from blowing up a tunnel to drowning them with water. Not only are these solutions inhumane, but they are likely going to be ineffective. Due to their elaborate tunnel systems, gophers are likely nowhere near the spot you are trying to poison. Gophers are very timid animals and will most likely run deep into their burrows when they sense your presence. If you leave your scent anywhere near a piece of bate, the gopher will not take it.

    This is where Repellex enters the picture. Repellex is an all-natural product that repels gophers and other burrowing animals. You can get rid of gophers by applying Repellex to your lawn or garden. Once your plants take up the hot pepper concentrate in this product, the animal becomes repulsed by the taste and begins finding a new source of food away from the area you have treated.

    Once Repellex has worked to encourage your furry friends to move out, you should remember that gophers are known to return to places where old tunnels exist. Repellex lasts for 4 to 6 weeks, so consider reapplying multiple times after the gophers are gone to ensure that they don’t come back. Don’t be surprised if gopher activity increases during the first 7 days of treatment. This is a sign that the treatment is working, and the gophers are moving out!

  • Protect Your Garden with Natural Gopher Repellent

    Natural Gopher Defense

    If you are suffering from gophers and they are just destroying your yard or having a nice lunch on your garden, than it is time for you to take actions into your own hands. Thankfully, you just need some household items to create a natural gopher repellent. The natural gopher defense is going to help you prevent gophers from eating on your hard and garden, and it is going to allow you to continue growing your garden. Best of all, chance are you already have some of these objects sitting around your house, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about locating some of these items.

    Coffee GroundsCoffee grounds give off an odor that gophers do not like. To use the coffee grounds, sprinkle them around the gopher holes and throughout your yard and garden. You can also recycle your used coffee grounds, so you don't even have to buy additional coffee. This is a great way to recycle what you already have, without spending more money than you need to. Plus, the coffee grounds are excellent forms of fertilizer and is going to help grow your lawn and garden.Dryer SheetsDryer sheets provide a scent that the gophers just don't like. You just need to slide a few sheets into the gopher hole openings and cover the hole with soil. This can also work with moles and other lawn pests that tunnel. Just make sure not to stick your fingers inside the holes because you don't want to risk being bitten.Cat Litter

    If you have a cat, chances are you have a drum of cat litter sitting around that you can use. However, instead of using the regular cat littler, you want to take advantage of the used cat litter. Gophers do not like cats as cats are natural predators. Because of this, if you drop some of the used cat litter into the gopher hole, they are going to want to get away as quickly as possible. This should help send all sorts of pests, including moles, away from your yard and garden, simply because of the cat litter.

    There are several different ways you can create natural gopher repellent for your yard. Best of all, you don't really need to go and buy anything you don't already have, and many times, you can simply recycle items that have already been used so you don't have to purchase anything at all.

  • Say Hello to Gopher Repellent and Goodbye to Gophers

    Natural plant-based repellent

    Gophers, moles and voles are all small animals that can cause an awful lot of damage to your lawn and your garden. Gophers and moles actually feed on grubs and other bugs that love to eat the fleshy roots of your plants, but they unfortunately create devastating tunnels that will ruin your lawn. Sprained ankles from stepping in gopher holes can really put a damper on your outdoor time and your landscaping. Voles, on the other hand, are vegetarians and will not only eat roots, killing your plants and flowers, but they will sometimes pull entire plants underground. You will wake up one morning and find flowers completely missing. All of these burrowing rodents are also infamously difficult to get rid of, but a good gopher repellent will do the trick.

    In some states it is illegal to harm or trap and relocate these animals making getting rid of them even more difficult. You can try to cave in the tunnels and fill in the holes, but they will keep coming back as long as there are food sources in your yard. They will just dig new holes and tunnels, further ruining your lawn. You do not want to overload your yard with lots of toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your children or pets either. Luckily, there is natural gopher repellent. Natural repellents are plant based, with no chemicals or pesticides.

    Repellex® repellent works by injecting unpleasant hot pepper into the root system of your plants, so you don't want to use it in your garden on plants you plan to eat. When gophers or other animals nibble on or come in contact with the roots and surrounding soil, they get quite a spicy surprise. They will eventually vacate your yard and find a yard without hot pepper infiltrating their underground habitat. The best way to get rid of gophers, moles and voles is to remove their food source, which is why they took up residence in the beneath your lawn in the first place. Systemic tablets, sprays and granular repellents are all available. The spray repellent works faster, but the other methods will last longer. All of the repellents contain ingredients like castor oil, garlic, cinnamon and white pepper combined with emulsifying agents to make the repellents even more effective. Get rid of the little destructive pests in your yard quickly and easily in a safe and humane manner.

  • Repellex, the latest Animal Repellent

    Safest and effective animal repellent

    Repellex is the most s out there. There are 8 different categories you can go to depending on which area you need repellex the most. The categories are deer and rabbit, mole and gopher, dog and cat, squirrel, mosquito and tick, landscape plants, fruits and vegetables and finally lawns. These are the different areas you can use this product with.

    You can go to their website which is You can open an account if you like. You can also create a wish list if necessary. You can also add things to your cart when you want to purchase products from them. Ones your ready browsing for what you want to purchase you can go ahead and go to checkout. This is how easy it is to use their website.

    If you have any opinions regarding their products or you simply want to read other people's comments then go to Blog. This is also a way for you to research more about this animal repellent and why it is highly recommended for usage.

    If you want to learn more about it, then you can go to learn. They'll provide you everything you need to know about this innovative and health friendly as well as environmentally friendly product. If you have any questions feel free to contact them or you can go to contact and they will have all their information for you.

    Do not hesitate to give this product a try. It will save you money and time. If you need the most effective repellant out their, then repellex is the answer to your problem. You will never have to worry about getting rid of pests ever again. There is no product like this anywhere. Most of them are either toxic or not effective.

    They have different products depending on which area that you need the most attention. Some of the things they offer are tablets and ready to use spray bottle or a galloon of ready to use. It really depends on how much you need. Whether it deals with plants or even animals. They have all you need to provide better care for them. It is the best they have to offer. Why not give their products a try.

  • Using Plants to Get Rid of Gopher's Before they Destroy Your Land and Gardens

    Great Gopher Repellent Plants

    With over one-hundred types of rodents in the United States you can almost bet that you will encounter meet one or more of these types of rodents. However there is one specific and destructive one and that is the gopher and it will tear up the your property, landscaping, garden, and flowerbeds.Gophers identified by their size of five to nine inches, brown and soft fur, long hard front teeth that are noticeable, really small ears which are hard to see and they have small eyes with short tails. Sound to cute to do so much destructive well that is all that gophers may offer and that is their cute attributes. Otherwise, the gopher is nothing more than a destructive underground rodent.Being that the gopher is a vegetarians you can bet that your yard, garden, and flowerbeds is their meals from their vegetarian appetite. They will eat roots, trees, shrubs, grass, plants, flowers and their roots and other vegetables planted in the garden. Additionally, if you have gophers you will know because you are going to see their impact on your yard and other areas named above.This is why so many people are fighting to rid the gophers as they are responsible for ruining your lawn, killing your trees, destroying gardens and leaving your vegetable and flower gardens empty from the gophers eating them. They will build underground tunnel systems making it difficult to rid your lawn from the gopher. This is why it is important to know how to help yourself get rid of gophers and you can do this by using gopher repellent plants.If you had never heard that plants can help rid your problem with gophers year after year now you know that certain plants help get your yard back as well as all other areas be ruined from the rodents.

    One of the gopher repellent plants to use and believed to work great. This plant is the castor bean plant, ( Ricinus communis). Studies show this is a great way to quickly rid the gopher off your property. Plants that are for the outdoors and have alkaline within it is a good gopher repellent plant. Although, there are plants that carry the alkaline, but make sure it is safe for children and animals. Otherwise you will need to set the plant where it is not reachable; yet used into the holes of the gophers.

    Getting rid of these vegetable, flowers, and plant-eating rodent which leaves mounds of dirt and eating tree barks and roots. Get the castor bean plant at any of the local plant nursery. Although, this seems as the favorite plant to use to get rid of the gophers the other plant many people use is the Gopher Purge ( Euphoria Lathyrus). These two plants are both digested and will rid the gopher from the home. As no more than one gopher will be at work around your gardens and yards it does make it easier by using the plants. You will not see two gophers underground at any given time.

  • Solar Zappers

    RepelleRepRGreat Gopher Repellent

    Solаr mole repellents аlѕo repel othеr rodents lіkе gophers, voles, ground squirrels, аnԁ shrews. It іѕ а humаne option for thoѕе who ԁo not wаnt to kill thе pests, but јuѕt kеeр thеm off thеir property. It іѕ importаnt to remembеr thаt іf уou uѕе thіѕ type of pest control, thе moles аnԁ othеr rodents wіll ѕtіll bе reproducіng аnԁ mаy cаuѕе а problem еlѕеwhеrе on уour property. You wіll wаnt to mаke ѕurе thаt уou hаve еnough ѕolаr mole repellents to kеер thеm аwаy from аll аreаs thаt thеy cаn cаuѕе destruction. Solаr mole repellents аre humаne bеcаuѕе thеy ԁo not kill or іnjure thе troubleѕome rodents аnԁ thеy аre environmentаlly friendly bеcаuѕе thеy uѕе ѕolаr energy. The eаsy to іnstаll repellents аre аn excellent choice to tаke bаck уour yаrd from moles, gophers, voles, аnԁ shrews.

    Solаr Gopher Repellent

    A bаsic ѕolаr mole repellent wіll consіѕt of а stаke, а jаck, аnԁ а bаttery. It works bу uѕіng thе sun to chаrge а bаttery. Once аssembled, thе repellent wіll produce а high pіtched ѕound or vibrаtion іn thе ground еvеrу 30 seconds. The ѕound ԁoesn't bothеr houѕеhold pets, јuѕt unwаnted rodents. The аssembled stаke іѕ thеn іnserted іnto thе ground. Eаch repellent wіll cover аbout 7,500 squаre feet.

    Instаllіng Solаr Mole Repellents

    When іnstаllіng thе repellents to rid уour yаrd of rodents, уou wіll wаnt to fіnd sunny spots ѕo thаt thе repellent wіll bе аble to chаrge eаsily. The bаttery іѕ long lаstіng аnԁ moѕt bаtteries cаn store еnough energy to repel rodents for severаl dаys wіthout rechаrgіng. Grаss аnԁ othеr plаnts аround thе stаkes wіll nееԁ to bе kерt trimmed to prevent overgrowth thаt cаn cаuѕе shаԁows аnԁ іnterfere wіth thе ѕolаr chаrgіng.

    It іѕ recommended thаt уou dig а hole to іnsert thе stаkes іf аny of thе followіng аre present іn thе аreа thеy wіll bе uѕеd іn:

    Hаrd clаy-lіkе ѕoil

    Soаkіng thе аreа wіll mаke іt eаsier to іnstаll thе stаkes or diggіng а hole for thе stаkes. You wіll wаnt thе stаkes to bе low еnough thаt а lаwnmower cаn eаsily cleаr іt іf уou аre іnstаllіng іt whеrе thеre іѕ grаss.

    Lіfespаn of Solаr Mole Repellents

    A ѕolаr gopher repellent cаn lаst uр to а yeаr аnԁ а hаlf. Some lаst longer іn mild environments аnԁ whеn thеy аre removed durіng hаrsh wіnters. The іnternаl Ni-MH bаttery, whеn fully chаrged wіll store еnough energy to power thе repellent for аbout two dаys wіthout nееԁіng to bе rechаrged. It wіll run throughout thе night on thе stored energy. After removаl of thе stаkes, іt mаy tаke rodents uр to thrее weeks to return.

  • What Do Gophers Eat? Are you Missing Vegetables?

    Missing Vegetables?

    What do gophers eat food

    What do gophers eat? Gophers are vegetarians. They will eat your vegetables. Also grasses, farmers' and ranchers alfalfa, trees (especially the decorative greenery that you paid the landscaper to plant), just about anything that grows green. Gophers are cute, cartoon character-type rodents with buck teeth and pop up heads that you occasionally see above the holes that lead to their underground chambers. That's where it gets un-cute.

    Gophers dig extensive networks of underground tunnels that lead to their subterranean bunkers where they take the food they have "liberated" from their hosts and spend most of their time eating and enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at your expense. You never really know where that cute little head will turn up, but the danger is in the holes from which they emerge to forage. The holes are fairly large, large enough to catch a foot or hoof. Gophers are a serious danger for farmers, ranchers or people who have a large animal or two on their property. Legs can be broken from stepping in the gopher holes. The loss of an animal companion, valuable livestock, or just the other problems that arise from the digging and burrowing can be avoided by urging the gopher to relocate to a place where the food supply is more to their liking.

    See What do gophers eat

    Using a chemical deterrent that is safe, natural and will leave no toxic remnant is an essential means to deal with these cute pests. There are violent methods to deal with them but there's collateral damage, shooting is often a problem due to their evasive nature and second sense of danger not to mention stray rounds. Gophers spend most of their time underground consuming their ill-gotten gains and dreaming about getting more so your solution has to be waiting for them to take the bait. Safe non-toxic Repellex is the best choice.

    If you have vegetables, greenery or grow alfalfa and hay or store it nontoxic Repellex will leave no traces for your taste buds or those of your livestock, gophers just don't like it. When the food doesn't taste good, gophers move. If they show up next door, tell the neighbors what you learned, they'll thank you.

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