how to get rid of moles

  • Facts About Moles [Infographic]

    Know your enemy! Check out the essential things that you need to know about the diggers that spoils your lawn and garden. Learn the proper ways in getting rid of moles by being familiar with them.

  • Natural Repellent for Mole Control

    Safe plant-based ingredients

    Moles and other burrowing animals can cause extensive damage to yards and gardens. Most people experience a level of difficulty when trying to repel these animals. There are a variety of mole repellents available on the market, but some of these repellents contain harsh and toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to children and house hold pets. However, a natural mole repellent is available by Repellex, which is safe for use around children and pets. The ingredients include castor oil, cinnamon, garlic, and white pepper. These ingredients are highly offensive to moles; therefore, they are forced to leave the controlled area. Other offensive plants to moles are Daffodils, Siberian Squill, and Caper Spurge.

    The natural repellent is offered in a variety of methods. There is a ready-to-spray bottle available, which simply connects to your hose. Also, there is a 1 gallon concentrate, granular, or tablet option available. For natural mole repellents to work best, it is suggested to continually use the product in order to cease mole infestation. Generally, a treatment lasts anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. If you are using a spray repellent, the spray adds bitterness to the vegetation which moles dislike. Repellex Mole works well because it absorbs in the soil and forms a protective layer around plants, roots, and other underground food sources. Also, Repellex Mole is the most powerful natural repellent because it uses a high concentration of the active ingredients. The high concentration of ingredients reaches the soil quickly so it works faster than any other product. Spray repellent usually drive moles away to another location, but once the spray wears off, the rodents may return. Therefore, it is recommended to continuously use the spray repellent.

    The natural mole repellent can be used on lawns and landscapes. It is most effective when you see the first signs of infestation or dramatic damage occurs. It is important to note, moles are active all year long. To treat for winter months, apply a treatment in late fall before the ground freezes.

    The best way to rid of mole infestations is the natural way. These animals are not harmful, usually just a nuisance. There is a better alternative than trapping or using toxic chemicals to remove mole infestations. Repellex mole is the best and all natural way to remove mole infestations. Best of all, you do not have to worry about your children and pets being harmed by any toxic chemicals.

  • Get Rid of Moles For a Greener Life

    Safe and Non-Toxic Mole Repellent

    You may not believe this, but a beautiful lawn and gardening offer multiple financial, environment and health benefits. If you can maintain a proper lawn with well-placed trees and scrubs, you would add value to your home. But what since does it make to do all this work and have it destroy with a yard full of small holes dug as a living space for small animals that can cause major damage to your lawn, yard and garden.
    These small animals known as the moles, gopher and voles can cause some structural damage to your yard, especially moles and they are extremely hard to get rid of. Repellex offers a few selection of repellent products to get rid of the nuisance little creatures and take back control of your lawn, yard and gardening. Repellex products are all natural products that were develop by a very particular plant based material and have no type of harmful chemical or pesticides that are harmless to all children. Repellex Systemic Tablets are incredible useful to have, a very effective product and safe. This tablet dissolves itself within the root of the plants delivering a pure substance of hot pepper replacing the plants minerals structure in the molecule. Causing the moles to dislike the taste and relocate to another territory or another area. That is one way to get rid of moles.
    Another way to get rid of moles by Repellex is Granular or Mole and Gopher Spray Repellents. These two different products by Repellex have the same function as the Repellex Systemic Tablets. These few products by Repellex were specifically use for moles preventing this pest from digging anymore-small holes in your lawn, yard or gardening. Although it has the same function as the Repellex Systemic Tablet, Repellex Mole and Gopher Granular prevents the pest from digging up small holes in your yard by absorbing into the soil and forming a hard protective coat around the plants that is in your yard or garden. Using the Repellex spray has a faster process of absorbing quickly within the plants but do not last longer then the Repellex Mole and Gopher Granular, which last a very long time. Taking back control of a healthy beautiful lawn that shows the positive effects of living a greener life when you using Repellex products.
  • Repellex: Magical Mole Repellent

    great natural mole repellent

    The creators of Repellex® have formulated an all natural mole repellent using the combination of an emulsifier, cinnamon oil, and garlic, pepper and castor oils. This formula is humane to any mole, vole or gopher to come into contact with it, as well as being non-toxic to humans, pets, and plants. Several products are available in granular or liquid form depending on long or short term relief from burrowing garden pests.

    Repellex® natural mole repellent works in several ways. The liquid form is fast absorbing when applied to the area effected by voles, moles, or gophers, whereas the granular form is more long lasting. A popular use of both methods is applying the liquid form first to get a quicker fix, and then use the granular form as a follow up treatment to focus on longer lasting effects.

    On a chemical level, Repellex® products are a safe and effective way to detour unwanted attention away from a gardener's valued plants. Systemic Tablets carry concentrated hot pepper to the roots of those plants, which are a common snack for moles. When the moles go to eat these roots, they are deterred by the taste and quickly learn that food is no longer available in that area. Repellex® products are not harmful to the animals because they are made of all natural ingredients and work to make the voles, gophers, and moles move somewhere else in stead of killing them like a trap or poison would.

    A common question is if the repellent is safe to be used around edible plants and areas where pets and children play. Repellex® gopher and mole repellent is made with ingredients that come from nature, and are environmentally safe to use on plants. It is recommended that the liquid form be allowed time to dry to avoid any allergic reactions to ingredients, or coming into the house smelling of garlic and castor oil. Also recommended is caution in spraying the repellent directly onto the leave of plants. This can cause the oils to magnify the light hitting the leaves and effectively "burning" them. There is yet to be a report of the repellents flavoring any foods such as potatoes, but it is advised to use your own better judgment while applying these products to your garden.

  • How to Get Rid of Moles From Your Garden

    ways on how to get rid of moles

    Your garden and lawn are places of your home that you take pride in. If you spend time to make your lawn and garden beautiful you want to make sure that it is in proper shape. Keeping rodents and other insects away can be difficult. If you don't know how to get rid of moles that can become an annoying pest. Your garden is a place of wonder and beauty so getting rid of moles should be an easy task so that you don't have to constantly worry about it.Spending time and effort on your lawn just to have it ruined by mole can be a hard thing to cope with. Once you have planted flowers and made your hardscape amazing all you should be worrying about is the upkeep. Taking the time and effort to remove rodents from the lawn area should be a time consuming burden you should not have to incorporate to your busy schedule.Moles are a thing of the past when you choose to use repellex. With repellex if have your answer on how to get rid of moles. Without this amazing tool it could be hard to remove the awful borrowing animal that you can't always see. The fact that they hide in the ground makes it even harder to repel them. They are messing things up underneath the ground where you can't even see. The roots are your most imperial aspect of your plants, trees and grass. Without perfect roots your lawn and garden will go nowhere.There are many solutions to these difficult animals. Repellex offers solutions for every yard and garden type. You are able to put your mind at ease and no that your Repellex is working hard to get rid of this annoying destructive moles. Repellex offers sprays that are easy to apply to areas when you know a mole has burred in a hole. They offer tablets, pall and concrete. Even if having to use all of these viable tools they will work. They have proven to work for many and will continue to work with the wonderful ingredients that it offers. Get rid of the moles in your yard by using the outstanding products that Repellex provides.You don't have to live in worry and anxiety that the moles in your yard are destroying everything that you have worked so hard to build and bloom. Use Repellex and your prays for your lawn will be answered.
  • How to Get Rid of Moles and Not Lose Any Fingers?

    best on how to get ride of moles

    You probably did not know this, but what you probably do know is that moles (and gophers) are burrowing animals. This means that they will destroy that garden you spent hours working on in the scorching heat. So, I am writing this article all about how to get rid of moles. is a trusted website that sells many budget-friendly products; Such as "Repellex Mole and Gopher 32 oz Ready-to-Spray" this spray should last for approx. four to six weeks and prevents burrowing animals from tearing up your lawn and garden. It only costs $17.99 and covers about 8,000 sq/ft. The website is very visually-appealing and easy to navigate.
    Repellex products also go on a molecular level with innovations like the "Repellex Systemic Tablets 50 count." It delivers a hot pepper concentrate through plant roots at the molecular level, making the plants inedible to animals. Because the compound is at molecular level it won't wash off in rain or degrade in sunlight. It is very potent, yet safe and effective. It is a little more expensive than the spray, it lasts up to a year. Think about it, not having to worry about burrowing animals for a whole year for just $19.99. That's only $1.67 a month if you do the math.
    The science and technology of these products don't stop there. The "Repellex Mole and Gopher 24 lb Granular Pall" is specially formulated to absorb into the soil and form a protective coating around plant roots and other underground food sources. This results in burrowing animals being forced out of the treated area by the powerful repellent. This item costs $49.99 and lasts approx. four to six weeks. It covers 24,000 sq/ ft! And weighs twenty-four pounds. Apply at first signs of infestation.
    Some helpful tips are to apply these products when the ground is NOT frozen. If you apply while the ground is frozen you will not get the desired effects. Also remember that these pests remain active all year long and winter damage may not be visible due to snow. So, apply treatment in late Fall. Also, know that pest activity may increase in the first week of treatment but this just means that it is working! Do not give up the treatments, the animals are just trying to leave!
    In conclusion, if you have a problem with moles and gophers, want to save money, but also receive quality products and service then think about visiting This concludes our journey on how to get rid of moles, I hope it was helpful and beneficial for you. Thank you for your time.
  • How to Eliminate Moles and Save Your Garden

    Best Way to Getting rid of moles garden
    You may have been wondering how to eliminate moles in your property and keep them from coming back. When moles infest a property, most people get frustrated and tired of trying to eliminate them. If you have infestation of moles in your garden or lawn, you need to do something about it. You shouldn't have much difficulty getting rid of moles garden if you follow a proven method. You need to use a method that will get rid of the moles effectively.It's not a good feeling waking up in the morning to see how much damage these nasty things have done to your lawn or garden. Sometimes you feel like you're fighting every day to destroy the infestation and still getting nowhere.Getting rid of moles can be a fruitless chore unless you know how to do it correctly. There is a lot of information out there on getting rid of moles garden. People have used various techniques ranging from smoke bombs to vibrating devices as well as dangerous chemicals to destroy the moles in their lawns andIf you have tried some of these methods and techniques and are still not successful at getting rid of them or you simply don't want to waste your time with ineffective methods, then you should contact a professional. A professional pest control service or exterminator is trained in pest extermination. Exterminators and pest control services have the proper knowledge and skills to do pest extermination properly, moles included.Before you hire a pest exterminator, it's important that you do proper research. Take the time to find a reliable professional who can get the job done right. There are many pest control services available, but you need to do some background check on any exterminator you are considering hiring for the job.

    You can go online and perform this essential research. The Better Business Bureau is a good office that can provide helpful information about any company you want to know about. You can visit their website to find out if the exterminator you are researching is in good standing with this office. Another good source of helpful information review websites. You can visit these sites to read the posts about various extermination services and see if the name of the one you are investigating pops up.

    After completing your research of various exterminators, you can then choose the exterminator or pest control company you want to hire to get rid of moles in your property.

  • The Value of a Mole Repellent

    Amazing Mole Repellent

    Mole prevention is needed to remove small creatures that leave holes and messes around. Moles dig in yards and houses to find insects for food. They have large appetites and a lot of energy. As they roam during the day or night, study their habits and apply an effective repellent.

    Moles build complex tunnels that cause extensive damage. It is easy to spot a molehill that looks unattractive and out of place. A typical mole repellent comes in a liquid or powder. Castor oil is a widely used item. The repellent is spread over the hills and then saturated with a water to make it spread throughout the systems. Saturation is recommended for the greatest effects.

    In addition to chemicals, there are devices that get rid of pests. A solar mole repellent shoots vibrations into the ground that irritate the invaders. The first instinct for the creatures is to escape out of the tunnel. Keep the sounds going in and eventually the moles seek peace somewhere else. The energy-efficient device takes its power from the sun.

    Various natural remedies are available that claim to repel moles. The point is to eradicate the problem without harming the animals or environment. However, only a few natural methods actually work. One method is to set up barriers around the outlying parts of the backyard. The barriers are buried deep enough to ensure that the animals do not reach them. This method is only useful at preventing moles from entering the yard. If a barrier does not work, you could fumigate the area by pumping gas into the tunnel. The work is not entirely effective because the tunnel is usually very long and requires a large supply of gas. Also, the gas could get absorbed into the soil before it reaches the mole.

    Moles are pests because they create giant hills and eat through gardens. One mole can cause serious damage to a garden. One solution is to call the professional services of a mole exterminator. The pros review the extent of the problem and set up traps or spray repellents. However, not all pros use safe, natural chemicals that do not leave messes. Whenever you can, take care of the problem yourself and have total control over the results.

  • How to Get Rid of Moles In Your Yard

    best way to get rid of moles in your yard

    Knowing how to get rid of moles in your yard will benefit the yard's appearance and keep all of the plants in it healthy. Moles can cause damage to yards when they overturn plants and leave unwanted ridges and mounds, where there should be smooth soil or plants. There are different ways to get rid of moles, and many of them can be done with just a few garden supplies and natural ingredients. It always depends on which method is convenient enough for the owner of the yard.The first thing to do, is to figure out which tunnel is active, and which ones are dormant. Treating the entire yard is optional, but it is less time consuming, if only the active holes are treated. When a small hill is present in any part of the yard, that is the way to indicate whether there is a tunnel underneath. So, one way to find the active one, is to pluck a hole in each raised hill. If a hole is plucked into the upper part of a tunnel, and hours or days later, it is plugged up with content, that means it is an active tunnel.
    great ways to get rid of moles in your yardWhen those tunnels are found, the next step is to get rid of the moles inside. The owner can create a mixture of water, castor oil, and liquid detergent, and pour it down the tunnel. Also, fumigants and moth balls drive them away. An example of a fumigant would be a gas cartridge, which is used by simply pushing it down the hole. Traps can also be used to run the moles out of the yard. Choker loop and scissor-jawed traps are used the same way. That technique is practical, as it is a physical trap and not a method that requires waiting. Another straight forward technique is to use a garden hose to spray water into a tunnel for at least 30 minutes, so that they come out the other end of it.Aside from the methods mentioned above, there are other methods out there, but some of them are not proven to be true, and others are even a potential danger to people who walk in the yard. Those hazardous methods include using sharp glass on the soil, and substances such as bleach, with the thought that it would act as a fumigant. Also, purchasing poisonous bait won't work. They usually come in the form of nuts and grains. That isn't effective because moles eat live insects, and will most likely reject the bait. There is bait that are shaped like worms, and those are proven to be more effective since moles will most likely eat them. If the methods that work are distinguished from the ones that don't work, ridding a yard of moles will be an easy task.
  • Moles: Cute Pests

    Best ways to get rid of moles

    Moles are cute, sort of like Saturday morning cartoons. They pop their heads up out of their holes, chewing and whiskering ,just cute little toothy furballs. Very destructive furballs whose tunnels can cut electric lines, cause injury to people and animals, destroy decorative lawns and plantings and cause lots of more trouble. They are real pests. There are ways to get rid of moles: exterminators and repellents.Exterminators work several ways, the mission is to eliminate the moles permanently by killing them so they won't just move and come back later or reproduce and create a colony.
    Exterminators use a variety of methods, some passive: poisons, flooding tunnels, or explosive (igniting a gas and killing by concussion). All are permanent, some can only be done in more isolated areas, some leave behind toxins. There are occasions, especially where the colony is already established and damage to the property is expensive or causing loss of a valuable crop, where extermination is the best answer. This is where the quickest means is the best way to do the job and the area can absorb the process.
    Great ways to get rid of moles
    Exterminators need to carry certifications and licenses, so be sure to verify they are all up to date. Get references and ask questions about what side effects the process might cause, also check if local permits are required from your community.The simplest way is to use a repellent that gets the moles to go elsewhere. No permits or licenses are required and it can be done by the property owner. Natural, non-toxic ingredients are used and no harmful residues are left behind.The only real equipment needed is a sprayer, the water table is safe, plants are unaffected,and non-pest animals are unharmed.For children, just follow the usual safety precautions you would with any chemical or solution.Probably the best result of using a repellent is that no animals, pest or not, is harmed in using it. It just closes the door, raises the rent, evicts the squatters. You can have a clear conscience and know that the moles have gone elsewhere, and you can be a hero by telling all the neighbors how to deal with moles, holes and hungry little pests.

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