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  • 5 Ways to Keep Deer out of Your Garden

    Deer are without a doubt some of Mother Nature’s most interesting creatures. Aside from that they are also one of the most wide spread animals in North America. No matter what part of the country you live in it is likely that you are going to see some whitetail or black tail deer. While it may be true that seeing these majestic wild animals can be thrilling but how do you keep them out of your garden? The good news is that there are natural things that you can do to keep them out.

    • The first thing that should be looked at when trying to keep deer out of your yard is quite simple. Plant a natural barrier of perennials that will keep the deer out, such as strongly scented herbs like garlic, chives, mint and lavender.
    • Another viable option is employing the use of hot pepper spray, use hot chilis or create a “pepper spray” if you will and coat plants that you have a hard time keeping the deer from eating. Don’t worry though, since you are using natural ingredients it will not harm the animals. If they do eat it, they will be fine but they will experience the unpleasant sensation of a burning mouth.
    • Let your dog mark the area around your garden. Dogs are a natural predator for deer. Allowing your dog to mark the areas around your garden will make the deer think that there is a predator in the area. This will go a very long way towards keeping the deer out.
    • Do NOT feed the deer, a lot of people think it is nice to put corn or deer feed out. This is very counterproductive, when you put feed out for the deer you are encouraging them to come into your yard. If you ever run out or decide to stop feeding them, they are going to make a beeline for your garden.
    • The “buck” stops here! The last method we want to take a look at is the use of natural pest control products meant for deer. Products like Repellex ready to use deer and rabbit repellent will be extremely effective at keeping deer out of your garden. These products are all natural and they are safe to have around pets and children. They use nothing but natural repellents such as bloodmeal that give the illusion of a predator in the area, they also use essential oils to give the plants an unpleasant smell and taste to the deer.

    There is nothing you can do that is cut and dry for keeping deer out of the garden. The fact is that deer are living animals and different things are going to work better or worse depending on the area that you live in. The best thing to do is try different things and see what works best for the deer in your area.

  • Five Natural Remedies for Spring Pests

    five-natural-remedies-for-spring-pests Check out this helpful information about five safe and effective natural remedies that will help you get rid of spring pests in your garden.
  • Protect Your Garden with Natural Gopher Repellent

    Natural Gopher Defense

    If you are suffering from gophers and they are just destroying your yard or having a nice lunch on your garden, than it is time for you to take actions into your own hands. Thankfully, you just need some household items to create a natural gopher repellent. The natural gopher defense is going to help you prevent gophers from eating on your hard and garden, and it is going to allow you to continue growing your garden. Best of all, chance are you already have some of these objects sitting around your house, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about locating some of these items.

    Coffee GroundsCoffee grounds give off an odor that gophers do not like. To use the coffee grounds, sprinkle them around the gopher holes and throughout your yard and garden. You can also recycle your used coffee grounds, so you don't even have to buy additional coffee. This is a great way to recycle what you already have, without spending more money than you need to. Plus, the coffee grounds are excellent forms of fertilizer and is going to help grow your lawn and garden.Dryer SheetsDryer sheets provide a scent that the gophers just don't like. You just need to slide a few sheets into the gopher hole openings and cover the hole with soil. This can also work with moles and other lawn pests that tunnel. Just make sure not to stick your fingers inside the holes because you don't want to risk being bitten.Cat Litter

    If you have a cat, chances are you have a drum of cat litter sitting around that you can use. However, instead of using the regular cat littler, you want to take advantage of the used cat litter. Gophers do not like cats as cats are natural predators. Because of this, if you drop some of the used cat litter into the gopher hole, they are going to want to get away as quickly as possible. This should help send all sorts of pests, including moles, away from your yard and garden, simply because of the cat litter.

    There are several different ways you can create natural gopher repellent for your yard. Best of all, you don't really need to go and buy anything you don't already have, and many times, you can simply recycle items that have already been used so you don't have to purchase anything at all.

  • Repellex - The Natural Animal Repellent to Take Away All Your Outside Worries

    Repellent for various Animals

    Repellex is a complete line of repellents that are natural and safe to use around your home. This natural animal repellent can help you keep animals from eating in your garden, destroying your landscaping, or causing damage to the lawn.

    Repellex Deer and Rabbit is a safe and natural product that deters these animals from eating and destroying your plants. The ingredients won’t kill or harm the animal, simply make the vegetation unappealing to them. It is also safe for the environment.

    Repellex Mole and Gopher stops these small animals from causing damage to your yard by burrowing into it. Normally these types of pests are hard to get rid of. This natural animal repellent is made of plant based products with no pesticides or chemicals. Although it is safe around children, do not use it on edible plant varieties.

    Most annoying in the yard are the dogs, cats, and squirrels. They can dig up lawns, eat produce from the garden, and take over bird feeders. Repellex carries many products designed to turn these smaller animals away without harming them.

    Along with products designed for problems with specific animals, Repellex offers ones made for landscaping. Repellex Systemic Tablets deposit a hot pepper concentration to plant roots. It makes the plants inedible to many common pests. It is not affected by the rain or sun as the protection comes from inside the plant itself. One treatment can last the entire season. The pepper extract is natural and safe to use on any non-edible plants.

    The product to use on your edible plants would be the Repellex Fruits and Vegetables. These protect edible plants by creating a protective layer over leaves and wood surfaces. It is effective against insects and animals by using a plant extract and putrescent egg combination. Because it is safe and natural, it can be applied throughout the season. It deters unwanted pests, while leaving the fruit and vegetables safe for you and your family.

    Repellex comes in a variety of products. They offer granules, liquid concentrates, liquid sprays, and systemic tablets. Each product within the line is designed to target certain pests or types of plants. Choose which one works best for your personal needs and garden area.

  • Moles, Getting Rid of the Little Diggers

    Safe Mole Repellent
    Moles are quite small harmless little nocturnal mammals with acute hearing and smell. What they do to lawns, flowerbeds and gardens is what makes them pests. Moles move right under the surface of your lawn making tunnels causing the sod above them to bank up creating long, terribly looking trails and can destroy a lawn in a matter of days. After all, a mole can travel up to 18 feet a night.
    Moles are carnivores eating worms and grubs but popular opinion states that they eat flower and garden bulbs and vegetables destroying gardens; not true.
    A problem with vegetation dying off is not because of moles. However, because moles moved into your lawn there is a good chance that voles moved in. Voles are herbivores and they use mole tunnels so moles can be accused of being an accomplice to the crime!
    Now the question remains, how to get rid of moles in yard? Once you get rid of the moles the voles will leave also, but what attracted the moles to come burrowing into your lawn in the first place? That would be because of an overabundance of worms and grubs. The answer to that would be to have a general product to kill grubs dispersed over your lawn and the grubs and worms are killed off.
    The only problem is that now your lawn is saturated and poisoned by insecticide. Not exactly a great lawn to let little Timmy play in!
    There are other methods such as hunting them at night as they follow the worms up out of the ground, hitting them with a shovel when they embark from their tunnels. That seems like a lot of work though.
    There are traps that you can set made specifically for moles. They are placed on top of a tunnel and when the mole passes through again it pushed upward triggering the trap causing spikes to thrust downward into the tunnel. They do work, becoming more of a guessing game as to which tunnel is in use.
    How to get rid of moles in yard can be also dealt with by repellents. A repellant is just that, making the environment undesirable for the pest you are trying to remove from your lawn or garden. There are repellents for most unwanted pests such as deer, rabbits, dogs and cats but they have one for moles too.
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  • Say Hello to Gopher Repellent and Goodbye to Gophers

    Natural plant-based repellent

    Gophers, moles and voles are all small animals that can cause an awful lot of damage to your lawn and your garden. Gophers and moles actually feed on grubs and other bugs that love to eat the fleshy roots of your plants, but they unfortunately create devastating tunnels that will ruin your lawn. Sprained ankles from stepping in gopher holes can really put a damper on your outdoor time and your landscaping. Voles, on the other hand, are vegetarians and will not only eat roots, killing your plants and flowers, but they will sometimes pull entire plants underground. You will wake up one morning and find flowers completely missing. All of these burrowing rodents are also infamously difficult to get rid of, but a good gopher repellent will do the trick.

    In some states it is illegal to harm or trap and relocate these animals making getting rid of them even more difficult. You can try to cave in the tunnels and fill in the holes, but they will keep coming back as long as there are food sources in your yard. They will just dig new holes and tunnels, further ruining your lawn. You do not want to overload your yard with lots of toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your children or pets either. Luckily, there is natural gopher repellent. Natural repellents are plant based, with no chemicals or pesticides.

    Repellex® repellent works by injecting unpleasant hot pepper into the root system of your plants, so you don't want to use it in your garden on plants you plan to eat. When gophers or other animals nibble on or come in contact with the roots and surrounding soil, they get quite a spicy surprise. They will eventually vacate your yard and find a yard without hot pepper infiltrating their underground habitat. The best way to get rid of gophers, moles and voles is to remove their food source, which is why they took up residence in the beneath your lawn in the first place. Systemic tablets, sprays and granular repellents are all available. The spray repellent works faster, but the other methods will last longer. All of the repellents contain ingredients like castor oil, garlic, cinnamon and white pepper combined with emulsifying agents to make the repellents even more effective. Get rid of the little destructive pests in your yard quickly and easily in a safe and humane manner.

  • Moles, and the family dog


    ways on how to get rid of moles that is safe for dogs
    Getting rid of moles in a way that is safe for dogs

    If you’ve ever known anyone with a mole problem, you have probably heard many horror stories about how “once they came, they never left”. Or that if you have a dog you can’t get rid of moles because it will hurt your dogs. It is true that left untreated, a mole infestation will very quickly grow. However, there are many natural approaches to getting rid of these vermin that will not harm the family pets. If handled correctly there is hope! You can get rid of them. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money on pricey exterminators to do it.

    Identify the problem

    First, you want to make sure that the problem truly is moles. Often time’s, moles can be confused with voles (Also known as field mice). They do look similar, but the difference between the two is the diet. While voles are likely responsible for the loss of fruits and veggies (If you have a lot of potatoes missing then you may in fact be dealing with voles) Moles do not eat vegetation. No, they are meat eaters. They love a nice hearty feast of grubs, earthworms, and bugs. Earthworms play a big part in the growing of vegetation so if the problem gets out of hand your crops will show it.

    Eliminate the Problem

    So now you know that you are definitely dealing with moles. It’s time to take action. Of course we want to be sure the dogs are not hurt by this treatment so a mostly natural approach works best. Getting rid of moles in a way that is safe for dogs is possible. To make it you start by mixing ½ cup dishwashing liquid, ½ cup castor oil, 2 Tablespoons cayenne pepper, and 1 cup of warm water in a spray bottle. Bring this outside, along with the hose. Find any tunnels, these are usually quite long and can branch out in several directions. Spray the mixture into any openings and over any tunnel areas you can find. Use the hose to flood any openings you find, and force lots of your castor oil liquid inside. When the mole goes into the tunnel, it will get covered in your mix. The dishsoap will cause the castor oil and cayenne pepper to stick to the vermin’s skin, causing burning and itching. The vermin will quickly go away from the offending area to avoid further contact. If your dogs happen to roll in this it may cause them to itch as well (though it won’t be bad) you can bathe them and wash any of the remaining mixture off of them and causing the itching to stop.

    It can be easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with vermin but by using this approach they will leave. If after the first treatment you still notice them then you should re-treat as necessary. Good luck!

  • Repellex: Magical Mole Repellent

    great natural mole repellent

    The creators of Repellex® have formulated an all natural mole repellent using the combination of an emulsifier, cinnamon oil, and garlic, pepper and castor oils. This formula is humane to any mole, vole or gopher to come into contact with it, as well as being non-toxic to humans, pets, and plants. Several products are available in granular or liquid form depending on long or short term relief from burrowing garden pests.

    Repellex® natural mole repellent works in several ways. The liquid form is fast absorbing when applied to the area effected by voles, moles, or gophers, whereas the granular form is more long lasting. A popular use of both methods is applying the liquid form first to get a quicker fix, and then use the granular form as a follow up treatment to focus on longer lasting effects.

    On a chemical level, Repellex® products are a safe and effective way to detour unwanted attention away from a gardener's valued plants. Systemic Tablets carry concentrated hot pepper to the roots of those plants, which are a common snack for moles. When the moles go to eat these roots, they are deterred by the taste and quickly learn that food is no longer available in that area. Repellex® products are not harmful to the animals because they are made of all natural ingredients and work to make the voles, gophers, and moles move somewhere else in stead of killing them like a trap or poison would.

    A common question is if the repellent is safe to be used around edible plants and areas where pets and children play. Repellex® gopher and mole repellent is made with ingredients that come from nature, and are environmentally safe to use on plants. It is recommended that the liquid form be allowed time to dry to avoid any allergic reactions to ingredients, or coming into the house smelling of garlic and castor oil. Also recommended is caution in spraying the repellent directly onto the leave of plants. This can cause the oils to magnify the light hitting the leaves and effectively "burning" them. There is yet to be a report of the repellents flavoring any foods such as potatoes, but it is advised to use your own better judgment while applying these products to your garden.

  • Turn Up The Heat On Pesky Pests


    great natural rabbit repellent

    Real results for raving rabbits.

    Nothing is worse than spending weeks and weeks in your garden during the beginnings of spring, only to have pesky critters come in and eat all of your hard work, literally. Too bad everyone can't just call in the turtle man to remove those fuzzy beasts without hurting them or all of the results from your hard work. Luckily, for those of us who have to take care of the problem ourselves there is a natural and harmless way to do it. Natural rabbit repellent comes in the form of tablets that you bury in the ground and let it seep into your plants through the root system, thus rendering the plants inedible by pesky rabbits. It has to do with the red pepper in the tablets that make the plant unpalatable for the animal, not poisonous. They simply won't want to mess with your foliage anymore because it doesn't taste good, and they will move on down the street and bother your neighbor. Hey, no worries. You can't share all your secrets, right?

    If you don't want to worry about burying the natural rabbit repellent tablets around your plants, then there are even more harmless ways to take care of the bad little bunnies. You can purchase a ready made concentration that, once sprayed will coat your garden with a scent that will make those critters believe that the plants are predators to them. This is a great way to stop those naughty nibblers in their tracks. I mean, who would walk into a buffet if they thought that they would be on the menu? This also will have them running for the hills and away from your gardens. Don't worry about this being toxic, because it isn't. It's not even harmful to rabbits, they will just think it is.

    Quit fretting over what to do about all those pesky critters eating your greens. The solution is here and it is absolutely harmless to use. Nobody wants to hurt little bunnies, and now you won't have to. You can be just like the turtle man and help rescue your garden, and the little animals in it.

  • Vex Those Vexasious Varments!

    awesome home remedy gopher repellent

    A Natural Reppelent
    Moles, gophers,and Voles oh my! Those pesky, vexasious critters can put a huge dent in your lawn, vegetable garden and flower garden. Suddently seeing huge mounds of soil in your yard or garden? Those would be gophers or moles; voles are much smaller but will demolish your vegetables and fruits like the big boys.Using a home remedy gopher repellent can put your mind at ease, when it comes to your kids and pets. You don't want to take a risk of the kids or pets getting ill from those chemical reppellents. Repellex is a safe and natural pest control option for you and your family.
    Reppellent Usage

    Burrowing animals, moles, gophers and voles can be ferociously hard to get rid of. There are solutions from Repellex, which don't use harsh chemicals or pesticides and are safe. Take back your garden and yard with several variety's of our home remedy gopher repellent. This reppellent is made from plant based materials so your children are safe from chemical side effects of other pesticeds or reppellents.

    You can use this reppellent as long as you spray it directly on the plants and leaves. Be sure to read and follow directions for use exactly for your garden. There are liquid and granular forms of this reppellent. Decide which is best for you; both items are equally as powerful. The only difference is the liquid absorbs faster than the granular. Always l;et liquid dry completely before allowing you kids or pets to play where you applied the reppellent. You may want to start with the liquid and do follow- ups with granular.

    The p.h. level of the liquid and the granular reppellent is between 5.5 and 7.5; so it's fairly neutral which is great for your any type of soil. There are no worries about your gopher repellent adding too much acid to your soil, which can make some plants slightly willty.

    Getting rid of these varments can be tricky is you don't what to use. So go with the safe home remedy reppellent you know will do the trick. Take your yard back, grab that hammock and start relaxing in the sun!

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