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  • How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

    Great rabbit repellent home remedy

    While many people think rabbits are cute, they are not as cute when they’re gobbling up your garden’s flowers of vegetables. Gardeners dread rabbits, and they can quickly become a nuisance. The good news is that you can use multiple techniques, such as rabbit repellent, to keep those rabbits from ruining your garden.

    Make a Chicken Wire Fence

    Many types of fence will not keep the rabbits out, but mesh fencing that has 1-inch holes or smaller, should ensure those rabbits can’t get to the garden. However, you need to keep a few things in mind when making the fence to ensure the rabbits can’t dig under your fence or jump over it.

    • Make sure that the fence is buried 4-6 inches under the ground.
    • Make sure the base of the fence is bent at a 90 degree angle outward underground. This makes it hard for rabbits to burrow under your fence.
    • Ensure your fence is at least two feet tall above the surface, or higher if you have jackrabbits.
    • Raise Garden Beds

    Sometimes raising your garden beds may discourage the rabbits from taking the trouble to get into your garden. However, if you are going to raise your garden beds, you’ll need to raise them at least 18 inches if you want to keep the rabbits away. Raised beds have other benefits too, so it may be worth your time to go this route.

    Using Rabbit Repellents

    Of course, an animal repellent can also be helpful if you just can’t seem to keep those rabbits out of the garden. While you can try your hand at making your own rabbit repellent, many homemade repellents may not provide you with the results that you want. A better option is to purchase repellent that you can use in your garden. Remember, you don’t want to harm the rabbits, but you do want to make sure that they aren’t tearing up and eating up your garden.

    Some rabbit repellent options are long lasting and may last for six months or more. You will also find that some repellents are designed to repel multiple types of animals. For example, it’s easy to find deer and rabbit repellent, making it easy to keep both animals from ruining your garden this year. Just make sure you find a repellent that is safe and backed by a quality company.

  • Turn Up The Heat On Pesky Pests


    great natural rabbit repellent

    Real results for raving rabbits.

    Nothing is worse than spending weeks and weeks in your garden during the beginnings of spring, only to have pesky critters come in and eat all of your hard work, literally. Too bad everyone can't just call in the turtle man to remove those fuzzy beasts without hurting them or all of the results from your hard work. Luckily, for those of us who have to take care of the problem ourselves there is a natural and harmless way to do it. Natural rabbit repellent comes in the form of tablets that you bury in the ground and let it seep into your plants through the root system, thus rendering the plants inedible by pesky rabbits. It has to do with the red pepper in the tablets that make the plant unpalatable for the animal, not poisonous. They simply won't want to mess with your foliage anymore because it doesn't taste good, and they will move on down the street and bother your neighbor. Hey, no worries. You can't share all your secrets, right?

    If you don't want to worry about burying the natural rabbit repellent tablets around your plants, then there are even more harmless ways to take care of the bad little bunnies. You can purchase a ready made concentration that, once sprayed will coat your garden with a scent that will make those critters believe that the plants are predators to them. This is a great way to stop those naughty nibblers in their tracks. I mean, who would walk into a buffet if they thought that they would be on the menu? This also will have them running for the hills and away from your gardens. Don't worry about this being toxic, because it isn't. It's not even harmful to rabbits, they will just think it is.

    Quit fretting over what to do about all those pesky critters eating your greens. The solution is here and it is absolutely harmless to use. Nobody wants to hurt little bunnies, and now you won't have to. You can be just like the turtle man and help rescue your garden, and the little animals in it.

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