Deer and Rabbit Repellent

If you are looking for a safe and natural rabbit and/or deer deterrent you have come to the right place. Repellex® has a few rabbit and deer repellent products to choose from. Our state of the art formulas are made from natural ingredients that do not harm or kill animals and are safe for the environment. Repellex® offers simply the best deer and rabbit repellent products you can possible find because they are so effective.
Systemic Tablets are a great rabbit and deer deterrent unlike anything you have ever heard of. Our patented formula delivers a concentrate of hot pepper straight to the plants’ roots that is absorbed at a molecular level. As deer, rabbits, and other pests try to eat the plants, they are deterred because of the unexpected bad taste. This natural deer and rabbit deterrent teaches pests that your plants are not edible so they stay out of your yard, knowing that there is nothing for them to eat. The best part is there are no messy mixes or stinky sprays to worry about, just easy to use tablets that do all the work for you!

We also have Repellex® rabbit and deer repellent spray, which is a great compliment to Systemic Tablets, or as a stand alone deterrent. Use this to protect ornamentals during the up-take stage when the systemic formula is moving into the plant and/or when the plant is dormant. Repellex spray is also effective as a standalone topical repellent. It is made from dried bloodmeal, and its predator-like scent keeps deer and other animals away from the treated area. Garlic and essential oils make plants taste bad to animals, adding a second barrier of protection against browsing. This Repellex® formula is naturally sticky and lasts up to 3 months. Use on non-edible plants only.