Mole and Gopher Repellent

Burrowing animals like moles, gophers, and voles can cause major damage to your yard and garden. These pests are also notoriously difficult to get rid of. Repellex® offers a few different mole, vole, and gopher repellent products to help you take back control of your yard and garden. Our natural gopher and mole repellent products are made from plant based materials and have no harmful chemicals or pesticides so they are safe to use if you have children. However, our repellents are not to be used on edible plants.

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Our signature product is the Repellex® Systemic Tablets that are incredibly effective and safe. Our patented formula is absorbed straight into the plants’ roots delivers a concentrate of hot pepper straight to the plants’ molecular structure. If any pests like moles and gophers eat the roots or plant material, they hate the taste and naturally move on to another yard with plants that taste better. This revolutionary product acts as both a natural gopher, vole, and mole repellent, as well as a deterrent from eating the plants that have been treated. The Repellex® Systemic Tablets are used by both professionals and gardeners to safely and humanely rid gardens and yards of these pests.

We also offer Repellex® granular and spray mole and gopher repellents that work similarly to our Systemic Tablets and are made specifically as deterrents for moles, gophers, and other burrowing pests. Repellex® Mole and Gopher prevents these pests from burrowing by absorbing into the soil and forming a protective coating around the plants in your yard or garden. We offer both granular and spray repellents. The spray absorbs and starts working faster, but the granular product lasts longer. By using all natural active ingredients like castor oil, white pepper, garlic, and cinnamon and emulsifying agents which allow the formula to penetrate into the soil quickly you get an incredibly effective and fast acting gopher and mole repellent that is also safe for children and adults. Our products are also completely humane as they do not kill or harm the animals, and instead repels them from burrowing in your yard, and deters them from eating your plants. Finally a safe, quick, and easy pest control solution!