About Repellex

We believe the sound solution to organic pest control is to create a balance of organisms in your yard or garden. Creating this balance means relying on products that minimize harm to pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Repellex® is a company dedicated to providing the safest eco-friendly solutions to the problem of pests in your garden or yard. We pursue our dedication by creating a wide range of products that will repel pests without introducing toxic materials into your surroundings. Repellex® carries only the highest quality, environmentally friendly natural products, and our natural pest repellent products are effective because they are designed to address specific issues in your setting.

Repellex® Keeps Helpful Animals Off Your Garden Without Harming Them

After you have spent hours nurturing your plants and looking forward to bringing fruits and flowers indoors, you find that the rabbits and deer beat you to it. Even your pets can create problems in your lawn or garden. They dig up your lawn, claim and “mark” areas in your garden, and sometimes chew on plants.

Our company understands that while you want to prevent animals from destroying your lawn and gardens, you don't want them harmed; you just want to keep them away. This is why our primary strategy with Repellex® products is to simply give your plants and your turf an odor and taste that will be repulsive to marauding critters. We have specific products to target cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, moles, or gophers.

For example, if you have gophers creating unsightly holes in your turf, take a look a look at how our gopher repellent zeroes in on your problem. Like other Repellex® products, our gopher repellent contains no pesticides or harmful chemicals. The gophers will stay away, but your children can play safely in the yard.

Repellex® Controls Pests without Endangering Your Environment

Because Repellex® is committed to safeguarding the environment; our company has created products from plant-based formulas instead of herbicides and pesticides made from toxic ingredients. We want to help you maintain your garden without you worrying that your children or your pets will be harmed.

A case in point is our squirrel repellent; its triple-action formula uses natural, nontoxic ingredients to produce nasal irritants, and odor and taste deterrents. After a few forays, they will learn that your garden is not a place they want to visit. The good news is, just like our gopher repellent, this product is safe for birds, and even prevents mold if sprayed on birdseed.

Repellex® Protects Your Plants Safely

Our company understands that your yard and your garden should be there for your enjoyment, not your enslavement. With the Repellex® Systemic Tablets you can say goodbye to the tedious task of removing pests daily from your plants. A product that delivers hot pepper concentrates on the surface of plants at the molecular level via the plants' roots. With this revolutionary cellular level treatment, the entire plant is rendered undesirable to pests for the entire growing season. This patented formula from natural pepper extract has no foul smell and isn't messy.

At Repellex® we pride ourselves on providing you with safe and effective interventions that will put an end to the headaches brought by animals and other pests that wander into your garden. No more worries about introducing toxins into your environment when you try to get rid of pesky pests and malicious animals. With our natural pest repellents, such as the gopher repellent product, you get something that work and work safely!